Top 10 Truck Bed Bike Racks In 2022

Cycling is among the best methods to experience nature while keeping social and active, but unfortunately, majority of top trails call for a drive being there. Fortunately for you, you have purchased a truck and have a bed ideal for hauling your whatever and bikes else you can think of, but what is the fastest way to transport your bikes in your truck bed? In this post, we will check out the ten Best Truck Bed Bike Racks to fit your truck perfectly.

Truck beds are a great tool for transporting items, and particularly so for bikes. The natural strength of its is its capability along with its many mounting spots. This list is going to go through a number of choices to point towards the very best ruck bed bike rack that right for you.

Thule 501 Insta-Gater Truck Bed Bike Rack

Nevertheless, the rack comes with the potential to cover itself in the long haul. It has a good deal of safety which can decrease costly damage and maintenance repair bills.

This’s a single bike carrier which can fit some bike weighing up to fifty lbs and sporting rims from twenty to twenty nine inches in diameter. Provided it is a wheel mount version, you do not need to eliminate the front wheel, just ensure the tire on it’s not broader than three in and secure it working with the Thule proprietary Quick Load system.

There is no drilling or perhaps bolting necessary mounting it with your truck bed. All that you have to accomplish is place the carrier on a truck bed. Make certain the rubber tabs are between the tailgate and also the bed itself and shut the tailgate. That is it. Nevertheless, in case you would like to prevent the five-finger-discount people, you may like to purchase a lockable tailgate. As for anti theft functions on the rack itself, there is a lock to secure the bike into the carrier, therefore you are secure on that aspect.

Should you have to transport more than a single bike, it is very good to know that you are able to fit as much as 3 Insta-Gaters on tailgates with a minimum of fifty one inches in width.

Nevertheless, you have to have note that this particular bike rack won’t fit in on the pickup of yours in case you’ve over the rail bed liners. Once again, this rack isn’t suitable if you’ve a tandem or a recumbent. Nevertheless, in case you’ve a roll n lock bed covering which enables the Thule rack to sit down on the bed lip with no interference well then you are able to still utilize this rack!

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Hollywod Racks T970 Bicycle Fork Block, Fits 9 mm Skewer, Black


Hollywood One-Bicycle Fork Block allows a bicyclist to securely transport a bike in a van or a truck or to securely store a bike just about anywhere, including on a wall. It has a 9 mm skewer that firmly grips a bike’s fork and a heavy-duty base that bolts to any solid surface. Measures 7.30-inch length by 3.20-inch width by 3.60-inch height.

The Hollywood Racks T970 Fork Block will be the master of versatility. Because of its practical and simple design, it can function as an interior automobile rack, floor mount, wall mount, pickup truck bed bike racks mount, whatever jingles your jollies. It is ridiculously simple to install, and also easier to adjust.


Furthermore, it comes pre-assembled, so all you have to accomplish is correct it to whatever surface you want. Speaking of fixing, the entire arrangement is quite weighty duty; from the skewer, through the frame, as well as on the bolts utilized to keep it down to any flat surface you’ve readily available.

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Thule Bed Rider XTR

Thule is on the list of main players in the pickup truck bed bike racks market, so the Bed Rider XTR is absolutely up on the game. The rack is made of aluminum, with a telescopic bar at its center. In turn, the bar features smooth rubber feet which hold onto the side rails of the pickup truck of yours, which totally removes the necessity for drilling holes.

Put simply, it is meant to move from bed rail to sleep rail in the back of the automobile of yours. Remember, although, that the rack isn’t suitable with over-the-rail bed liners. Additionally, you also get three Thule One key lock cylinders with the order of yours, so you are able to quickly secure the bike into the carrier, after which the carrier itself with the truck. The maximum load is 2 bikes or aproximatelly seventy pounds. You are able to mount more bikes in case you find the Thule locking bed rider add on block (sold separately).

The rack is 53.2 inches wide by 7.8 x 2.8 inches. What this means is it’s exceptionally simple to store when not used. Obviously, the reality it locks in the position might be sufficient to persuade you it never ever has to be eliminated! It weighs only 9.6 pounds making it so easy to manipulate and it will not affect the fuel economy of yours if left in the truck of yours.

While we are on the topic of bikes, it is essential to be aware that this’s a fork mount carrier. You are going to need to grab the front wheel off. If you’ve a sizable hub, like a 135mm then this particular rack won’t have the ability to support the bike of yours. Another essential thing to note is the fact that the rack isn’t compatible with either recumbent bikes or tandem bikes, but it is going to fit most bike types. Granted, you will still require a thru axle adapter, that’s sold individually.


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Inno Velo Gripper Truck Bed Bike Rack

Inno Velo Gripper Truck Bed Bike Rack for Standard Pickup Truck

For all those interested to locate something which is going to help them haul their bike(s) working with a pickup, without sacrificing cargo space; the Inno Velo Gripper truck bed bike racks are a great choice. This rack is extremely affordable space wise, as it mounts in your truck’s bedside rail with no holes or resources involved.

What you will get are 2 mounts (for connecting to the vehicle) with ratcheting slots and a few of D rings (on every mount) in case you choose to utilize the mounts for adding tie down straps. This implies that you are able to easily keep these fitted all of the time to secure the bike of yours and still maintain the vital cargo space in the truck of yours.

In all honesty, this’s not actually a whole rack as it is a pair (yes, the listed price is designed for a pair) of grippers. There is zero need to get inside the pickup truck to mount either them or maybe the motorcycle. You are able to equally well mount them the moment and overlook them. Just make sure you tighten up the top bolt every so often, since they may loosen up on account of vibrations.

It’s well worth noting that these’re exceptionally versatile. In addition to providing a safe mount for the bicycle of yours they may be utilized to secure heavy loads and stop them from sliding around your truck bed. This will make the INNO RT201 an appealing choice.

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Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage SportsRack BedRack,Black

Pickup trucks are great for hauling most everything and do it better than most other vehicles. That is until you want to haul several bikes and keep them secure. Heininger has provided the way. The Advantage SportsRack BedRack is easy to assemble and install solution to storing and hauling bikes in the bed of your pickup. Able to hold up to 4 bikes, the BedRack can be left in your truck bed making it easy for anyone who can roll their bikes into the bed to be able to haul them easily.

Able to hold up to 4 bikes, the BedRack can be left in your truck bed making it easy for anyone who can roll their bikes into the bed to be able to haul them easily. Bikes stay fully assembled and your receiver hitch remains available to be used by something else.

The Advantage BedRack Truck Bike Rack allows you to get off the trail and back on the road fast and conveniently. Most bicycles have long since come with quick-release hubs for removing tires, but removing tires is an extra step in transporting bikes, and what do you do with tires once removed? Forget the extra steps and storage questions. With the Advantage BedRack, you can leave your tires on. Just roll the rear tire of your bikes into place and secure them with the adjustable securing bar and you are ready to roll. Another great advantage of the bedrock is that, unlike some other bike carriers, it does not require the use of your trailer hitch. This allows you to transport up to four bikes while keeping your trailer hitch-free for hauling your other trailer toys. Additionally, owners can remove the BedRack from their truck bed at any time to provide a lightweight, but sturdy standalone bike rack.

The Advantage BedRack Truck Bike Carrier fits both full size and compact size truck beds, securing fully assembled bikes with rim sizes ranging up to 28″, quickly and easily for transport at a moments notice. This rack extends from 54.5″ to 66.5″ laterally without a spacer and extends from 60.5″ to 72.5″ with a full-size spacer (spacer included). And installation could not be easier. The bike rack secures along the inner walls of your truck bed utilizing adjustable rubberized lateral stabilizers that simply twist into place with wingnut-type screws, all included. No drilling is required and no tools are needed. In addition, nonskid/slip feet along its bottom edge mean that the Advantage BedRack works equally well with or without bed liners, again without the possibility of scratching your vehicle. Finally, with an eye towards the security of items in an open truck bed, the Advantage BedRack comes with a 72″ lockable cable (lock not included) to help secure bikes. Simply run the cable through the BedRack and bikes, and secure it to your vehicle at available points along the inner and upper walls of the bed and you can be assured with confidence that the rack and bikes are always secure.

The Heininger Advantage BedRack Truck Bike Carrier is a rugged, yet ultra easy-to-use truck-based bicycle rack that makes transport of any kind of bicycle(s) simpler than ever before. Designed for use with up to four bikes of the varying rim/wheel size, the BedRack expands and contracts for use with virtually any truck available and features fast tool-free installation and breakdown which makes it suitable for use by anyone. Additional features include: nonskid/slip contacts at the sides and bottom, and included 72″ cable lock, a design that doesn’t impact trailer hitch availability, the ability to use the rack away from your truck, and more.

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Pipeline Racks Truck Bed Bike Rack

The extremely succinctly named Pipeline Racks – These truck bed bike racks are a great option for just about any pickup owner with the pickup truck bed with a minimum of 58.4 inches wide at the cab, on account of the size of the rack itself. This might feel somewhat restricted, although rack much more than compensates for it with the level of balance it brings on the table (or, rather, bed).

Like with many truck bed bike racks, there is simply no drilling or perhaps bolting interested in securing it with the car – the mass of the industrial frame by itself will handle that. It weighs a fair thirty seven pounds.

In order to secure it with the bed, do the straps and ensure they’re fastened tight and we mean tight. There is a little assembly required before installation, though the entire process can help you move well under an hour.

It’s well worth noting that this particular rack can’t accommodate a bicycle with full fenders. It’s likewise not designed with children’s bikes under consideration. Nevertheless, it is able to accommodate nearly all children’s bikes and shall be helpful as they trade in place for bigger bikes.

There is enough place for 2 bikes with this unique model. Based on where and how you drive, you are able to expect anything from superb to performance that is proper. For the majority of roads, it must be not any problem, though you are able to count on a little wobbling on bumpy and winding roads. It should accommodate any wheels type so long as the tire width does not go under.75 or more than 2.8 inches.

If you’ve five individuals in the family of yours then it’s worth noting there’s a mode the just like this which can handle five bikes.

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Top Line UG2500-2 Uni-Grip Truck Bed Bike Rack for 2 Bike Carrier

Top Line’s Unigrip Truck Bed Bike Rack is an amazing system that holds up to four bikes in the back of your truck without drilling or front wheel removal.


It’s possibly a relief to recognize that this particular bike rack doesn’t require you to drill your truck bed. Everything you will need is a chance to access the bottom part and the top of the foundation rail. You will also get the supplier to give a neat link to some pdf for directions about the bicycle rack. A basic clamp secures over the bed rail on one side of the pickup of yours. It’s essential to make use of the gasket supplied before fitting the clamp; this is going to ensure your bed rail is not scratched.

From this, you fasten a quick bar that pivots; enabling you to secure it with the frame or maybe seat post of the motorcycle of yours. An eye on the attached mount permits you to run a security fastener through the motorcycle or maybe bikes and fasten it with the rack mount.

The locking cable is included. You might in addition love to learn that several vehicles require a spacer when fitting the clamp. This’s supplied along with a summary of the vehicles that require it.

A nice little added with this particular bike rack will be the nylon strap. This secures the front wheel of the bike of yours, preventing it from going while in transit. This’s a fantastic bike rack and versatile though it doesn’t secure for your truck bed. You will have to monitor the bikes of yours; they’re locked with the frame but the frame isn’t locked to anything!

A last point which may be worth checking before you commit to this particular bike rack is the fact that in a number of trucks the clamp won’t fit over the foundation rail. In order to help make the bike rack fit you will have to drill a hole in the foundation rail. A clear plastic cap is furnished to cover the gap when not used.

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Swagman PICKUP Bike Rack

Swagman is a more developed and revered name inside the bike rack and accessory business. They’re recognized to be durable and provide value for cash. These adaptable truck bed bike racks are not any different!

The fantastic point about these truck bed bike racks is it does not are like a single! It’s fundamentally an adjustable bar that is created to fit the breadth of the truck bed of yours, regardless of how small or big it’s. You ought to be ready to fit this rack in only 2 minutes!

The bar has rubber-mounted ends. They’re there to defend the color on the pickup of yours whenever you slot the bicycle rack into place.

Just correct the breadth of the bar on the dimensions of the truck of yours to slip the bike rack. There’s a quick-release handle making the adjustment simple. The ends of the bar after that slot over the bed rail of yours. These clunk into place and also can certainly be locked to make sure they’re not eliminated by a third party.

This particular bar must fit just about all trucks as it changes to the size offered.

To secure them, you will need an Allen key which is supplied. You will additionally have to have the Swagman tool. This lets you correct the 2 fork locks positioned on the bar. There’s a fork lock per bike; a maximum of 2 bikes could be accommodated on this specific rack.

When you’ve placed the fork blocks in the proper job you can slide the bike into the pickup truck and make use of the quick-release skewers to link it with the fork blocks. Swagman chose the fork style mount to make sure the motorcycle of yours is as sound as you possibly can while in transit.

The fantastic thing about this approach is the fact that after you have installed the rack you never need tools to fit the bikes of yours, they just lock into position.

The rack is made of steel and Swagman offers a lifetime warranty. Obviously, you have to take care of the bar. In case you harm the color on it next you will expose the metal and this also will rust after a while.

It does not matter whether you have got a bed liner or perhaps not, this particular rack will fit and you won’t ever have to eliminate the wheels from the motorcycle. The rack itself weighs only 12 pounds and yes it is going to support bikes as much as 35 pounds; this must be enough for many bikes.


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Saris Racks Kool Rack

Haul your bikes or secure cargo. Before you lose it secure it with the Kool Rack. Its Hydraulic pump with pressure limiting valve protects you van or truck bed while pivoting feet and rubber pads grip any surface. Because you have more to lose that just cargo. – Features: – Haul your bikes or secure cargo – Raised fork mount fits van and track beds from 50in up to 74in – Pivoting feel and ultra high friction rubber pads grip any surface even bed liners – A hydraulic pump gives you a snug fit while a pressure-limiting valve protects your vehicles walls – No drilling required – One size fits all – Includes two bikes mounts – Additional single bike add-on available separately (TRK01) – Can also be used with Saris Wheel Holder (WHL1) and Locking Skewer (923)

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Rage Powersports Apex TBBC-4 4-Bike Pickup Truck Bed Bicycle Rack


  • Transport 1-4 bicycles easily in the back of a pickup truck
  • Fits truck beds from 52.75″ to 73″ wide
  • Foam padding protects bicycle spokes and gearing
  • No-tool assembly; assembles with pin clip connections
  • Durable, powder-coated steel construction


The 4-Bike Pickup Truck Bed Bicycle Rack is designed to transport 1-4 bicycles in the back of a pickup truck bed measuring between 52.75″to 73″ wide. Features 2″ diameter foam pads to protect bicycle spokes and gearing. Uses pin clip connections for easy, fast assembly and does not require tools. Made with quality steel tube construction, finished in a smooth black . It’s highly recommended to secure bicycles together, to the rack, and the pickup truck bed with cargo tie-down straps (not included).

Regardless of the very long title, this’s a bicycle rack acceptable of consideration for the truck yours. It is able to accommodate between 1 and four bikes making it the ideal option for the household. It’s crucial that you be aware that this’s among the pickup truck bed bike racks that may just be worn whether the truck bed of yours is between 52.75 inches & seventy-three inches wide. This can cover most trucks but examine before you purchase! It does not matter whether the pickup of yours has a liner or perhaps not; the rack will work nicely in either circumstance.

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Truck Bed Bike Rack Buyers’ Guide:
Owning pickup truck bed bike racks is a useful as well as important demand. Nevertheless, you cannot just pick the one which looks coolest. There are many things to consider when purchasing the rack:

The Budget of yours
The cost of a bicycle rack is able to differ based on the dimensions of it, the design, as well as the manufacturer. While you really want the perfect rack for the truck of yours it’s likewise essential to think about what budget you truly have extra to spend.

In case you’ve your heart set for a rack which is above the budget of yours then you definitely have to think about if it’s truly worth borrowing to obtain- Positive Many Meanings – it. Something to think about is the fact that in terminology of price, the trunk mounted bike rack is ordinarily the cheapest. The alternative is waiting and have it if you are able to afford it.

Do not forget about you want a rack which is going to fit in the truck bed of yours and keep your truck bed bike racks securely; you must be ready to accomplish this interior nearly every budget.

How frequently You will Use It
This point should actually be looked at whenever you look at the budget of yours. If you’re looking to buy a rack as an one off next you truly ought to be looking to get the least expensive one that is going to do the task. You may also discover it’s far better to lease or borrow one.

Nevertheless, if you’ll be making use of your bike rack every weekend then you definitely need to pick one that’s durable. It’s likewise essential to think about whether you will be making the rack in the truck of yours all of the time. In case you will not be then you definitely want a rack which may be easily fitted as well as removed between uses.

It’s essential to be practical about this step; an intent to ride routinely isn’t the same as performing it. You might find it preferable to buy a low budget alternative until you’re sure that you are going to use the rack every day.

Number Of Bikes You Carry
The majority of the pickup truck bed bike racks on this list could be tailored to take a lot more bikes. This might be a crucial element, depending on just how frequently you go driving and who you choose.

The apparent part is if you choose a buddy then you definitely need to have the ability to handle 2 bikes. Nevertheless, what if another person would like to come along or maybe you wish to take the family out in the weekend? At times the best choice when contemplating multiple bikes could be a hitch rack. To ensure you’ve plenty of space for all of the bikes you have to consider exactly what the maximum number is apt to be before you buy the new rack of yours.

Several of these truck bed motorcycle racks lock into the rear of the truck of yours. This causes it to be hard to take the rack. Others just secure the bikes on the rack; creating the possibility for somebody to steal your rack as well as bike like an entire. You can also find the ones that provide no locking features and people who offer to lock to the truck of yours as well as the capability to lock the bikes of yours in position.

There’s no wrong or right answer about the security features of the rack of yours. The decision of yours is going to need to be depending on how frequently you’re more likely to leave the bikes of yours unattended. When this’s a regular occurrence subsequently a locking bike rack is crucial to stay away from some problems.

Nevertheless, do not overlook that the truck of yours is going to need to remain someplace pretty isolated for a thief to have your bicycles or rack. This may summarize wherever you go cycling!

If the rack of yours does not use a locking system then it’s feasible to lock them to the truck of yours with a cable if needed.

You have most likely heard about most, if not all the makers on this summary of the ten greatest truck bed bicycle racks. Identified manufacturers generally have a great reputation already.

Nevertheless, in case you choose to purchase a unique style then it’s essential to review the standing of the manufacturer. You have to understand you’re buying a quality product. Social networking and online forums could be a fantastic way to get feedback from people that are actual who have bought the bike rack you’re considering.

It’s essential to be mindful that not every comment is going to be positive. Nevertheless, including the very best businesses can’t ensure every customer is satisfied. Giving the vast majority of people are satisfied you then are able to assume the manufacturer is safe and genuine to use.

Could The Rack Be Used For Other Functions
Many pickup truck bed bike racks are made to be utilized to haul bikes; thus the name! Nevertheless, this’s not necessarily the truth! A rack that could be used for various other things is apt to be a far more attractive proposition.

This’s almost certainly to affect the bar style truck bed motorcycle racks which secure in your bed lining and also use pressure to remain in position. In ways that are many, they’re merely an assistance bar that can easily be utilized to hold things in place throughout transit.

You have to think about whether you want a rack which doubles as a load holder. It is going to mean you have to hold the rack in the pickup truck. As we have previously discussed this brings the own set of its of problems re security!

Once again, you will need to consider how frequently the rack is going to be used for various other functions. Next determine if this’s a valuable reason to choose a certain one.

Storage When Not In Use
The bar bike racks use up hardly any space. They are able to effortlessly be stored in the truck of yours or a corner of the garage of yours. Nevertheless, several of the opposite pickup truck bed bike racks are relatively larger. For instance, the Apex Rage Powersports TBBC 4 is a fixed printer that consumes a significant part of the pickup bed of yours.

When this rack isn’t in the truck you will have to consider where you’re likely to store it. When you do not have room subsequently this won’t be the rack for you. It’s not best to plan to get it in the truck all of the moment; there’s sure to be a period whenever you have to have it out. You will be worried if you’ve nowhere to set it!

Naturally, if space isn’t a problem then you do not have to stress about this step!

Choosing excellent truck bed bike racks is usually an overwhelming process. You will find hundreds on the market and also you do not wish to need to keep replacing them!

This guidebook is meant to enable you to think concerning what’s essential in the bike rack of yours before you choose one. These’re the very best ones still on the market; there’s sure to be one designed to suit the needs of yours!

Do not be swayed by the people your friends use; the requirements of theirs will vary from yours. Consider thoroughly the different factors. You then may be sure that you’ve chosen the very best rack for the own needs of yours.

You are able to then be confident that it’s money wisely spent. You’ve a bike rack which is going to last you for a long time.