The Best Bike Racks That Fit SUVS Guide

The Top Bike Racks That Fit SUVS

Getting a bike rack to fit your SUV an sometimes be a challenge. SUVS are bigger and are shaped differently than smaller normal sized cars. 

With this in mind we have gone out and looked for some of those racks that are perfect for SUVS and can be used for more than one bike at a time.

When looking for a bike rack, there are many things you need to think about including the size of the bikes, the location you want to put the rack, how many bikes you need to take etc.

To get started we have sorted out some of the multi bike, bike racks for you below. Lets get started.

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Listed below are some of the more popular bike rack suvs available at Amazon. They are separated by how the bike rack attaches to the vehicle. Allen Sports has the most bike rack models available on Amazon. Also offering models are Hollywood, QWERF, Tyger, Goplus, Leader Accessories, MAXXHAUL, Saris Bones, IKURAM, FIERYRED, Retrospec Lennox, CyclingDeal, Thule, Venzo, and LuminTrail.


As you can see, there are a lot of different models offered, with a wide array of styles and approaches to building a bike rack. Prices range from $45 to $360. Models vary from accommodating only a single bike, to 5-bike units.


Hitch Mount 

Allen Sports lists the most variety of bike racks for attaching via the hitch mount (2″ or 1 1/4″ diameter). Also, Allen Sports lists the most popular bike rack suvs offered at Amazon, with 4,144 ratings on their 4-bike model (2″ hitch only). This is a good-looking model; simple in design and looks sturdily built. It has earned 4 1/2 stars and sells for $140. It can be seen at Amazon here.


Allen Sports also offers 2- bike racks which fit either the 1 1/4″ or 2″ receiver hitches. It has the same simple design as the 4-bike rack, and also sells for $140 (deluxe locking model). This model has 2,051 ratings and has earned 4 stars at Amazon


IKURAM offers a similar looking rack to the Allen Sports models. It carries 3 bikes and has earned 4 stars at Amazon on 122 ratings. This bike rack suvs fits the 2″ receiver hitch only, and sells for $96. It can be seen at Amazon here.


Trunk Mount

Allen Sports also offers the most popular (at Amazon) trunk-mounted bike rack suvs. It’s most popular model accommodates 2 bikes and sells for $100. It has earned 4 stars on 1,181 ratings. It is a sold, substantial-looking model. Variations of this model accommodate 3 or 4 bikes. The 2-bike model can be seen at Amazon here.


FIERYRED offers a 3-bike unit for trunk mounting. It looks like a decent model, accommodating a wide variety of rear-ends on SUV’s (no spare tire mounted on the trunk lid). Maximum load is 128 pounds. It is priced at $62 and can be seen here.


Saris Bones offers a unit which looks a bit different and is substantially built. Considerable thought has gone into the design of this rack. It accommodates up to 4 bicycles, and has earned a 4 stars rating at Amazon on 72 ratings. It sells for $230 and can be seen here.


Roof Mount

Venzo offers a roof-mounted bike rack which it says can accommodate 2 bikes. It is a little different looking approach to mounting a bike on the roof, but apparently attaches to existing rails mounted there. The price for this model is $280. No stars have been earned on this model, and no reviews either. This model of bike rack suvs can be seen here at Amazon.

Clip ON FRONT WHEEL TIRE: No more clamping on delicate edges, for example, carbon bicycles! By clasping on front tire and tying over the back wheel, the bicycle holder makes sure about the bicycle securely and solidly. Max Load: 15kg or 35 lbs.

Similarity: Fit most cross bars: Min.thickness: 20mm, Max Thickness 35mm. Max Width: 100mm. Brace is air molded and flawless to air cross bars. FIT 24″ to 29″ RIM: The movable cinch permits any wheels from 24″ to 29″, and tire width max 2.3″.

ALUMINUM BAR: Built with top notch aluminum and solidified steel and fortified plastics for imperviousness to rust and stretchable UV safe bicycle holder. Elastic CLAMP: Which secures your tire and wheel consummately while moving.

LOCKABLE: Lock your bicycle to the bicycle rack, and lock the bicycle rack to the cross bar. It accompanies all types, fits all edge size street bicycles, BMX bicycles, kids Bikes and trail blazing bicycles.


CyclingDeal offers a single bike rack made to fit existing crossbars on SUV roofs, and can be seen here. This model has earned 4 stars on 208 ratings and sells for $50 on Amazon. 

  • LIGHT & STRONG ALUMINUM – This beautiful bike rack is made of finest 6063 aluminum. It’s light, strong , stunning finish and never rust. Max bike load weight is 30kg or 66 lbs total for 2 bikes
  • EASY INSTALL TAKE OFF – Very easy to install on the car roof crossbars. It fits most aero or square crossbars, Max. thickness: 30mm or 1.18″ , Max Width: 110mm or 4.3”. Simply clamp the metal brackets on the crossbars, no tools needed. The bracket position could be fully adjusted to fit the different distance of the car crossbars.
  • FIT MOST BIKES – Keeps wheels on the bike ensures that all bikes could be quickly secured on the rack.Maximum rim deep 50mm, Maximum downtube and seat tube perimeter 19cm/7.48inch