The Top 5+ Bike Racks For Caravans Guide

If you are not a professional cyclist, transferring your bike over a long distance may be daunting. It is even more difficult for those who own caravans. Did you know you can use a rack which will allow you to carry your bike on your caravan? It may be challenging for you to get the right bike rack for your caravan.

This why this guide has put together a list of 5 bike racks for caravans available in the market to help you as you consider purchasing.

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Fiamma Carry Bike XL A bike carrier for caravans

The Fiamma carry bike is a high standard bike rack that can carry a maximum load weighing 35kgs. It can safely carry two bikes and slide horizontally to allow easy positioning of the bikes. The bike rack can also pivot forward for you to easily access the storage compartment. Unlike most bike racks, installation is east and does not need drilling. It is fitted with two strong straps for firmly and securely fix the bike.

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  • Does not require drilling
  • It can safely carry two bikes
  • Fitted with strips that firmly fixes the bike
  • It can slide horizontally for easier positioning of the bikes.


  • Not suitable for A frame caravans

Fischer 18092 Dachlift Bicycle Carrier for 2 Bicycles


People who are looking for the most appropriate way to transport their bikes, this is the answer. This bike rack suitable for transporting two bikes safely over a long distance. It is fitted with a handle that simplifies your loading process. It is designed with a wall bracket that promotes easy bike storage. Other than holding your bikes firmly, it is painted with high quality paint that is not easily scratched.



  • It holds your bikes firmly and securely.
  • Fitted with a handle for easy loading
  • It can steadily transport two bikes over a long distance
  • Painted with paint that is not scratched easily


  • It is not suitable for all roof bars.

Thule Xpress 2-Bike

Thule Xpress is a new design that is ideal for transporting two bikes. This bike rack is easy to store and use. It can safely carry a load with a maximum weight of 30kgs. Unlike other common bike racks, this rack can lock the carrier to your caravan with a padlock. Also, using accessory 538, this bike rack can lock the bike safely to a carrier.

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  • Ideal for transporting two bikes.
  • It carries a load weighing 30kgs
  • Safely locks your bike to a carrier.
  • The carrier can be locked to your caravan



  • It is hard to get the locks in place.

Thule 532002, Freeride Car Bike Carrier 532, Roof Rack Bike Carrier, Silver

It is a beautifully designed bike rack with an alluring silver color. It is engineered a feature that allows you to lock your bikes together. Also, you can easily lock the bike rack to your load carrier. It easily fits oval bike frames measuring 65x80mm and circular frames measuring 22 to 77 mm. It is designed with an inbuilt torque that ensures your bike is firmly held. Installation of this rack is easy as well as mounting on a bike. If you want a less noisy rack, this is the option to go for.

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  • Allows you to easily lock your bikes together
  • Accommodates oval framed bikes
  • The bike rack can be locked to a carrier
  • Accommodates circular framed bikes


  • Does not fit most roof bars.

Thule Backpac 973 Bike Carrier Rear-Mounted

The Thule Backpac 973 is a unique bike rack that can easily fold flat for easy handling and storage. It carries two bikes but it can carry up to four bikes when fitted with an adopter. Bikes are transported at a height that does not obscure the registration plate and lights. Unlike other common racks, this rack can carry a load with a maximum weight of 60kgs. It accommodates bikes with frames measuring 22 to 80 mm. it is easy to install and mount on bikes.

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  • It can safely transport 4 bikes.
  • This rack carries a maximum weight of 60kgs
  • It is easy to install and to mount on bikes.
  • Fits firmly without interfering with the registration plates and lights.


  • The bolts that hold the wheel rails are sometimes very tight
  • Bike racks are an easier way to transport bikes. 

There are several options in the market that suits and fits your caravan perfectly. This guide has sampled some of the best and high standard bike racks that are available in the market.