Best Bike Rack Covers For Large Bike

So if you are active on your bike, we know that your bike has a high value to you. Both in the pocket and an emotional too. So when it comes to storing your bike, we can sometimes think its easy as pie.

But, sometimes when you start out on the road, you can come to realise you need to cover your bike up. Especially if you are a regular and looking for solutions can be tricky. 

Now you need to know what cover would best suit your vehicle, and also your rack type? What bike cover do you need for fast long drives. And last but not least, does it even look good? (instead of the image of a bin bag being dragged behind you as you drive)

Your bike chain, elections and cogs are so important to the proper functioning of a healthy bike, and they really need to be protected against all the dirt, moisture and insects you will encounter on the road.

So with all that in mind we have taken the time to list some bike covers for you that could very well be exactly what you are looking for.

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Firstly Formosa is the option that is made for one or two bikes, it is also the more affordable solution from this list, its under $50 and with that you can get a lot for your money. 

This is a heavy duty bike cover and it fits standard and also extended wheelbase bikes. The Formosa works well for vans trucks trailers, SUVS, and RV.  

So its a great all rounder.

This cover has a very simple installation that will take less than a minute, it has simple straps on its top, you just need to tie down the cover and it works no matter what direction your bikes are facing. With enough straps and zipper included this reduces the annoying flapping in the wind.

Best point: It has great safety features and is a great low budget option.

Biggest ‘con’: You may want a higher quality overall, and spend a bigger budget.

Suitable for: 1 or 2 Bikes

Price: $47 (€40)  (available on Amazon)


Next up is the Hideout bike transport package, this includes anything that you would need to get you two bikes safely on the back of your vehicle. With this kit it consists of the reliable BikeTree storage mount. The mount is strongly positioned inside the quality BossHog Cargo Carrier. 

The system with this bike carrer eliminates big bike motion, basically keeping your bike very safe. It stops them hitting each other when going over potholes and other obstacles you may encounter on the road 

Best point: This is a top quality product and will last you years. Its strong reliable and a great choice.

Biggest ‘con’: It is on the more pricey end, and due to this, make sure you use it enough to get value out of it.

Price: on Amazon

Without the BossHog Cargo Carrier – $271 (€234)

With the BossHog Cargo Carrier – $597 (€516)


In our opinion this is the best looking cover on the list by far, its stylish and looking like it comes from the future, very cool.

This VELOSOCK full cover is  suitable for road bikes, MTB bikes, and triathlon bikes, because it has 3 different models you can choose from.

Its fabric is very high quality and makes a fantastic barrier from all of the things that a long road can throw at it, and it can still come away looking great. This high quality material will cover all of your bike, due to its elasticity. And the other big benefit of it being so tightly fitted is that will stop any flapping and dragging.

Puttng this takes less than 30 secs and its probably the easiest and quickest on this list.

Best point: Best looking, and quickest to put on.

Biggest ‘con’: It is for 1 bike

Price: $199 ( (€165)


Now for the well known Thule option, this is always a solid choice. As with any Thule option you can rest assured its made of quality sturdy materials.

Its cover is simple to install, because of well designed steel hooks and cords which all mean its simple to put over.

Best ‘pro’: High quality materials, and a great brand

Biggest ‘con’: You may want something more stylish


For 2-3 bikes – $91 (€79)

For 4 bikes – $112 (€97)


This protector is like a shield, covering your bikes from the elements. The material is great quality, it has many different sizes and shapes to fit all styles of bike. Its also another affordable option under $100.

Best point:  This is a good choice if you want a simple option, that is easy to put on. And personally i like its style.

Biggest ‘con’: Well i would say it offers less protection compared to the all covering options on this list

Price: $95 (€83)


Another simple but effective solution, this option will cover your bike frame will little hassle and again at a low price.

This is a simple design and it fits all standard sized bikes. Its material is thick and sturdy which will protect your bike from the elements.

Its quite stylish. And has padding on its sides to protect your bike from banging into the rack.

Best positive: Again another simple and effective option

Biggest ‘con’: If you are looking for more protection, you may want another option.

Price: $59 (€51)


Last on our list is the Skinz protective cover, which is the highest costing one on the list. But we believe you get what you pay for, its the most durable and its fantastic for long distance journeys. 

This is made from high quality waterproof materials, this luxury option i would say is the best option for keeping your bike safe and clean from the elements on the long journeys.

The picture speaks for its self, its a large bulky safe option which will let you cover multiple bikes in quality.

Best point: A top quality cover, which is easily the strongest option on this list.

Biggest ‘con’: This is an option that is quite pricey, so as i mentioned before if you are to purchase this cover make sure you use it often to get your moneys worth out of it.


For 1-2 bikes – $514 (€444)  

For 3-4 bikes – $597 (€516)  

I hope you found our list valuable, please check out our other guides on the best bike racks for 2020. We have combed through the best bike racks for all sorts of cars/vans and trucks.

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