The 4+ Best Bike Rack For Minivan 2021: [Ultimate Buyers Guide]

Minivans are terrific household vehicles. They are trustworthy and have a lot of space. Sure, you can most likely fit a bike or 2 in the trunk however you will not have the ability to fit anything else.

The very best way to combat this is a getting a bike rack. They’re practical, quickly set up, and conserve area in your vehicle.

There’s a big choice out there, and I wish to assist limit your list.

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If you remain in a rush the very best bike rack for a minivan is the RockyMounts Monorail 2-Bike Platform I extremely suggest checking it out on Amazon.


1. RockyMounts Monorail 2-Bike Platform

The RockyMounts Monorail is the ideal bike rack for your minivan. You can use up to 2 bikes each weighing 60 pounds. if you require to bring an extra bike it can broaden to fit a 3rd bike with an addon!
Your bikes are connected by the front wheel just. Since it will be difficult for your bike frame to get harmed, this is terrific.

I understand camping journeys are frustrating enough without needing to play Tetris with a safety seat and equipment in the trunk. This bike rack will provide you a much-needed wiggle space inside the automobile.

While some racks may just bring conventional bikes, the RockyMounts Monorail can bring most ladies, kids, and even fat-tire bikes.

When trying to find a bike rack, you need to keep the benefit in mind, and this one certainly fits the costs!

As soon as you dump your bikes you can enter your trunk without needing to take your bike rack off your Minivan.

One disadvantage is the reality that you’re restricted to simply 3 bike max. With 3 bikes on the rack, the weight the rack can hold is less. While some bike racks enable you to bring 5 bikes.

One consumer stated on their journey they drove 85 miles per hour without any wobble from the rack.

In general, this rack is ideal and trustworthy for any journey you’re about to take!


Can hold up to 2 bikes at 60 pounds each.
The style lets you gain access to your cars and truck trunk without uninstalling the entire thing.
Wheels are connected to the bike rack instead of the bike frame.


Restricted on the number of bikes you can bring.

Look at it on Amazon.

2. Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0

While many racks are large and heavy, the Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0 was created for convenience in mind.

It’s made from aluminum and weighs just 45.6 pounds, however, it can bring as many as 2 bikes. It conserves your gas and muscle power because it’s lighter than many bike racks.

It’s likewise readily available in 2 sizes (1.25″ and 2.0″) 3 metal colors pearl and silver, gray and black, and gray and orange to assist you to discover the very best suitable for your automobile.

Adding on the easy-to-use objective, the Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0 uses a foot help that lets you lower the rack without utilizing your hands.

The brand-new style offers more area in between bikes and in between bikes and the car, so there is no damage to either.

A great deal of problems with bike racks is rubbing in between bikes or bikes scraping on their automobiles, however, the Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0 would assist with this issue.

One drawback to this rack is that it’s a set two-bike provider, so those trying to find a larger bike rack must simply move onto the next evaluation.

Because some of the parts were faulty or the directions appeared complicated, another thing to think about is that clients declare that the assembly was a little challenging.

It might be a little tough for those not utilized to putting together bike racks, however, there is a lot of aid online. There’s a video on the business’s site if you require detail.

A mountain master, the Sherpa will get your bikes and gear to any destination in style. This rack accommodates almost any sized bike by the wheels so you don’t have to worry about scratching your paint job. It’s light enough to take on and off the car with ease but looks good enough that you’ll want to leave it on all year. Tilts down for easy vehicle access and folds up quickly for storage. External cable lock and hitch pin included. Front and rear tire ratchets make loading and unloading a breeze. Hand-tight cam system – no need for additional tools.



Made from light aluminum, simple bring.
Foot help to decrease the rack hands-free.
Readily available in 2 receiver sizes and 3 colors.


The locking system might be defective.
Difficult assembly due to frequently malfunctioning parts.


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3. SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack

The SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack, weighing just 6 pounds and is genuinely distinct. It’s made up of 3 strong vacuum cups, connected to the roofing of your automobile, and a wheel strap to protect 1 bike as much as 45 pounds.

By strong suction cups, I imply 210 pounds of pull strength per cup.

Consider pull strength as the quantity of force you require to remove the suction cup from a surface area. With 210 pounds of pull-strength per cup, a great deal of individuals more than happy with this bike rack’s security pledge.

There is likewise a sign on the cups that will inform when you require to “reset” the cups to make sure complete suction. Quickly enough, this simply needs a push pump button.

Another excellent aspect of the SeaSucker Talon is that it’s suitable with any lorry instead of tow bar racks or trunk racks.

It is likewise very travel-friendly. It can suit a bike bag or carry-on whenever you require it on the go. This is likewise helpful for taking a trip through low clearance bridges or forests with low canopies.

A glaring downside might be that there is no anti-theft locking system for the rack itself (or your bike, as a result).

When not in usage, you would have to buy your own lock or take apart the rack.

Some individuals have actually likewise grumbled about the suction cups harming the overcoat on their cars and trucks’ paint.

While this may not be as huge of an issue with old cars and trucks as it is with brand-new automobiles, it’s substantial enough to think about before purchasing this rack.


Suitable with any automobile.
Easy setup and usage with a push-button and release flap.
Strong vacuum cups (2 hundred and 10 pounds pull-strength per cup).


No locking system for anti-theft.
The rear suction cup was quickly harmed.

About this item

  • Holds one bicycle, up to 45 lbs
  • Made for rooftop, trunk, or hatchback attachment
  • One heavy-duty fork mount for 9 mm dropouts
  • Three 6 inch SeaSucker vacuum cups on body (210 lb pull-strength rated each)
  • Attaches to metal, glass, or fiberglass surfaces
  • 1/2 Inch thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) body for strength and durability

One of the most beautiful bike racks in the world? We certainly think so. This road-bike-specific rack is machined out of solid aluminum so that each part fits with precision. Anodized in various colours (currently available: black, silver, aqua blue, and gold). This rack is designed for sports cars and convertibles – cars that don’t have a lot of open space to attach a rack (but feel * to use this rack on any car). Minimum footprint: approx. 18″x12″


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4. Overdrive Sport 2 Hitch Bike Rack 

The Overdrive Sport 2 is a sturdy hitch design bike rack weighing 49.9 pounds that can hold either 2 or 4 bikes (depending upon your size option) as much as 60 pounds each.

This bike rack includes 3 locks for included security, and it folds when not in use, conserving area behind your cars and truck, and supplying access to your trunk.

This bike rack is protected and long-lasting, and likewise uses a restricted lifetime guarantee for certain scenarios.

Compared to some other bike racks, this top-quality bike rack is important for sturdy bikes. Some users even declared they kept bikes that weighed approximately 70 pounds without any issue when the optimum weight is topped at 60 pounds.

The evaluations are typically favorable, this bike rack appears to have an inefficient and challenging lock system when users save several bikes.

This is a concern if you prepare to leave your bikes ignored for extended periods of time or if you do not own any cable television locks yourself.

Another problem is that the plastic parts are prone to breaking, however, this is where the minimal lifetime guarantee may be found convenient for users.


Sturdy bikes acquire sixty pounds (some reported seventy pounds) each bike.
When not in usage, rack folds.
3 locks for security.


When saving numerous bikes, tricky/ineffective lock system.
Plastic parts are susceptible to breaking.

Overdrive Sport 2-Bike Hitch Rack

 The mechanism utilizes a system to eliminate slack between the receiver and the rack, keeping your bikes sturdy and safe.

Patented lever used to fold up rack when not carrying bikes and to tilt down the rack for rear cargo access.

 Padded clamps to hold bikes in place and 5″ wide heavy duty wheel holders are all adjustable to fit most bikes. Installation is easy with most parts already pre-assembled. For 2″ hitches only (Not recommended to use a 1 ¼” – 2″ hitch adapter).

 Power coated steel tubing will hold bikes up to 60 lbs each. Includes key for locking hitch pin (spare included) and locking knob to secure bikes safely. Rear reflector included for enhanced visibility.

At Overdrive, we stand by the quality and design of our Bike Rack products. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers a wide variety of mishaps and performance guarantees.

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5. Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack 

The Thule Apex XT is an easy-install hitch design bike rack weighing 33.9 pounds and can hold up to 4 bikes at an optimum of 35 pounds each.

The brand-new style highlights anti-rattle and anti-wobble functions, suggesting your bikes will not bounce or sway up and down when you’re on the roadway. This restricts damage to the bikes and possible damage to your automobile.

The platform itself is likewise arched, which appears like it makes it much easier for users to install their automobiles onto the rack.

The brand-new style has more area in between the bikes and in between the bikes and the lorry, restricting contact in between either.

The rack’s “Hold Fast Cradles” function holds your bikes in place and uses a cushion when the car remains in movement.

When you’re not utilizing the rack, (and just when it’s not in use), you can fold the rack to access your trunk with ease.

The rack likewise offers an incorporated cable television lock system that protects your bikes from the rack. When not in usage, this cable television lock can be saved in the rack itself.

The 4-bike max is really enticing, however, you may require an adapter for nontraditional bikes like kids or ladies’ bikes.

Users likewise report needing to eliminate a particular bolt to uninstall the rack each time, however, I have not to face this concern.

  • Premium hanging hitch bike rack for 2 bikes
  • Superior bike stability and fit with anti-sway cradles
  • Integrated cable lock keeps bike safe and secure (locking knob secures rack to vehicle)
  • Quickly attach and secure bikes with a ratcheting cradle strap
  • Bike arms fold down when not in use
  • Rack tilts down for rear of vehicle access
  • Ideal for a wide variety of bike sizes/frame styles

Premium hanging hitch bike rack providing superior bike protection and multiple size options to fit the needs of two people or an entire family. *If you have a bicycle with a non-conventional frame, such as a woman’s, child’s, or full-suspension bike, you may need a frame adapter to carry your bike on a hanging-style rear mount bike rack Thule frame adapter: 982XT*


Cushion avoids contact in between bikes and in between lorries and bikes.
Rattling and wobbling avoidance.
Lifetime guarantee provided.


Adapter required for nontraditional bikes (ladies or kids’ bikes).
Should get rid of particular item bolt to uninstall rack whenever.


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How to Shop for the Best Minivan Bike Rack:

Owl Vans Vertical bike rack system Sprinter 2019 to present

What are the various kinds of bike racks?

Omitting truck and freight box racks, there are 3 primary kinds of bike racks.

Roofing system: These racks are set up on the roofing of your automobile. They assist in saving area, however raising the bike as much as the roofing might be challenging for some. If you are physically positive and/or you require a car area, consider this rack.
tow bar: These are connected to the “tow bar” or the bar on the bottom of your vehicle. This is the same method a trailer would be connected to the bottom of your cars and truck. The bikes are then quickly saved on bars/platforms.
Trunk: Using straps and other assistance bars, you keep bikes outside the automobile supported on your trunk. These in some cases limitation access to your cars and truck, so consider how frequently you’ll require to open your trunk.

You may wish to have a look at this brief video on how to set up a bike rack on big automobiles to get a concept of what to search for.

Are bike racks safe?

Usually speaking, bike racks are safe. Yes, bikes have actually fallen off the roofing system and trunk racks, however, if they are set up properly, bike racks present no risk to the motorist or any person else on the road.

If you’re uncertain of how to set up a bike rack, please seek advice from an expert.

There are other safety measures you can take, like purchasing a defense movie where the rack or bike touches your automobile, installing your bikes appropriately, and making certain all the rack parts are intact prior to setting up.

How to select the ideal bike rack for your minivan.

Confirm if you have a trailer towbar on your car. This will assist limit your options.

If you do, then excellent, you can check out all 3 kinds of bike racks. If you do not, it’s constantly a choice to set up one, and there are resources online on how to securely set up a trailer towbar.

Second, consider your way of life and situations. This is where you can define functions and styles.

A roofing or tow bar rack may be most practical if you have a huge household and conserving area is your greatest issue.

Are you going on a long journey to the mountains? What are roadway conditions like?

This may make your car height too high if you set up a roofing rack and shop your bikes vertically on a minivan. This implies driving under bridges with low clearance could be unsafe.

Driving on narrow mountain roadways on a minivan likewise suggests you have to think about if you desire a bike rack that has a “swinging” rack (a versatile rack that moves your bikes to the left or right like a lever) to make sure you do not strike trees/mountainsides/other automobiles.

Third, ask yourself if you desire a no-frills bike rack or one that’s multipurpose. Expense aside, it’s worth having a look at racks that function as standing bike racks.

When not utilizing the bike rack, this may be beneficial for individuals who desire to access their trunks.

A crucial thing to keep in mind is to ensure the bike rack works with your automobile. I’ve examined 5 various bike racks and here is my input.