Best Secure Bike Shed Review

A secure bike shed are a must-have for anyone who has a bike that is expensive, and you have run out of room inside your home.

So we have looked over the market for the best plastic and metal secure bike sheds for you. 

So sit back and read though our buyers guide.

Keter Store-It Out Ultra Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Bike Shed, Beige and Brown, 177 x 113 x 134 cm


  • Ideal outdoor storage solution for garden tools and equipment, BBQ and accessories, bicycles and x2 360 Litre or three 120 Litre wheelie bins
  • Elegant wood affect panels with a piston-assisted lid and wide opening doors and a 2000 Litre capacity
  • Opens from the top or the front with main door bolt for secure closure
  • Made of durable maintenance and fade-free plastic with steel reinforcement
  • Assembled external dimensions: 177 x 113 x 134 cm (L x W x H); internal dimensions: 164 x 97 x 127 cm (L x W x H)

The store-it-out ultra offers XX-Large storage for your garden. With a 2000 Litre capacity, it can accommodate garden tools and equipment, mowers, furniture, even four bicycles (two adult’s, two children’s). Alternatively, it can accommodate two 360 Litre or three 120 Litre wheelie bins, keeping them out of sight.

Providing dry and ventilated storage outdoors, it features a piston-assisted lid and two wide opening doors for easy access to contents. There are also two lid-lifter chains to facilitate hands-free opening of wheelie bins stored inside. The ultra’s durable design is weather resistant and virtually maintenance and fade-free. Just an occasional light wash is all that is required to keep it looking recent. A heavy duty floor and door bolt complete the unit. It is suitable for location all around the garden, on the patio, against a wall or fence or elsewhere on the grass.

The ultra is part of Keter’s store-it-out family. Choose the size that is suitable for your storage requirements and garden space, using the comparison chart lower down this page.

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Suncast The Stow-Away Horizontal Shed, 70 cu. ft capacity – BMS4700 model

 If you are searching for maintenance totally free storage in a small area for two or perhaps three affordable bikes then the Suncast Horizontal Stow Away is a wonderful option [Amazon]!

Storage space can be a problem, let the Suncast Glidetop Horizontal Shed be your solution. This medium sized 5. 4 ft. x 3. 2 ft. shed offers a spacious capacity of 70 cu. ft. and features wide double doors with a hinged lid, allowing you to move and store oversized items with ease. With a sleek, low-profile design, it is the ideal compact storage space for trash cans, bikes, mowers and patio furniture. The outdoor storage shed is constructed of blow molded resin that is both durable and strong. Resin is easy to clean and will not rust or rot, for an attractive and professional-looking space that will last a lifetime.


  • Storage Shed dimensions: Exterior – 5 ft. 10-1/2 in. W x 3 ft. 8-1/4 in. D x 4 ft. 4 in. H. Interior – 5 ft. 5-1/2 in. W x 3 ft. 2-1/2 in. D x 4 ft. 1-1/2 in. H. Door opening measure – 63-1/2 in. W x 46-1/2 in. H. Weight: 125 lbs.
  • A beautiful shed to store and protect your garbage cans, lawn and garden tools, snow blowers, bicycles, and more
  • Multi-walled polypropylene resin panels engineered for long stability. Heavy-duty floor designed to withstand abuse, supporting your lawn mower or other heavy equipment. Three door locking system and padlock hasp for superior security
  • Hinged lid technology provides seamless, corner-to-corner access to your every belonging, while three door locking system and padlock hasp for superior security.

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Suncast 6′ x 4′ Glidetop Storage Shed

Suncast 6' x 4' Glidetop

If your storing four regularly used bikes, that is a huge deal. Each bike can just be rolled in as well as out without interfering with it is neighbors.

And this shed is broad adequate to store four bikes next to one another just love that! So you receive access that is easy to each bicycle immediately.

There’s a slide leading roof that glides backwards which means you can really walk the bikes of yours in and from the shed.

And do not care about the weight of you and the bikes of yours. It has received a heavy duty floor that is designed to help lawn mowers.

Right now there are gaps in the door as well as the top handles that will have a padlocks (not included). So it could be locked in 2 places. But these gaps are in clear plastic so they are not really secure. But since clear plastic bends when attacked they need to at any rate prevent the opportunist thieves.

Thus, in case you’ve three or maybe four bikes, or maybe even in case you simply have a few of bicycles, then this’s a fantastically sensible, low maintenance and also very affordable [Amazon] way to keep them.

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BillyOh Oxford Plastic Shed with Floor | Outdoor Plastic Storage Box | Small Garden Storage Unit | 7ft x 3ft – Dark Grey

This is a really secure option for you, the UK made billyoh bike shed.


  • FLOOR INCLUDED: Comes complete with a floor for added convenience and security of your shed.
  • DURABLE: Sturdy plastic build, no maintenance required. Lockable double doors for added security.
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: Easy to follow instructions are included, for a simple hassle-free assembly.
  • IDEAL STORAGE: Good size storage unit with plenty of space for garden tools, bikes and other equipment.

Ideal Garden Storage

The BillyOh Oxford Plastic Storage box is a great, compact storage solution which is ideal for any garden. Measuring 7×3, with a height of 1.49m (4ft11), the Oxford is large enough for general garden storage, whilst being compact enough to not take up too much garden space. With a stylish dark grey finish, the shed would look great in any garden.

Durable and Low Maintenance

A key positive to owning a plastic storage box is that they require no maintenance after installation, providing a hassle-free storage solution. Plastic storage does not suffer from rust, rot or mildrew, as is the case with metal or Wooden sheds, and is ideal for those who want a shed which they can put up and use without the need for regular maintenance. With the Oxford Storage box, you can have a storage box which is no maintenance, easy to assemble and reliable for years to come.

Floor Included

The Oxford Plastic Storage Box comes with a floor included, as standard. Made out of Moulded Plastic, the floor provides a stable base on the inside of the shed, helping to keep objects stored inside dry and clean. The floor also provides a solid underfoot when you are inside and the storage box can be placed on any level garden surface.

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iihala (UK Stock) Metal Garden Bike Shed Outdoor Waterproof and Windproof Tool Storage Pent House

This is a great option if you are after a secure bike shed, it’s a really nice grey color which we think looks sleek and stylish.

  • The bike shed is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel with an anti-rusting and anti-corrosion finish in black.
  • Two doors and a pent roof maximize your access to the cabin.
  • Its robust framework enables the cabin to stand still in inclement weather.
  • By adding a padlock to the lockable door bolt, you can assure the security of your properties.
  • An easy to assemble bicycle cabin is your solution to keeping muddy bikes away from the inside of your house and getting them home.Note: That we are unable to deliver to Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Scottish Islands, And other overseas islands in the UK

An easy to assemble bicycle cabin is your solution to keeping muddy bikes away from the inside of your house and getting them home. The storage cabin is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel with an anti-rusting and anti-corrosion finish in black. Two doors and a pent roof maximize your access to the cabin. Its robust framework enables the cabin to stand still in inclement weather. By adding a padlock to the lockable door bolt, you can assure the security of your properties.

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Benefits of plastic bike racks

Plastic-made motorcycle sheds are about convenience. They are simple to create. They are simple to keep. And since they are very light, they are simple to move if you wish to change the location of theirs in the garden of yours or perhaps drive them to a brand new garden!

I believe it is the lower maintenance that actually appeals to individuals though. They do not rust. They do not rot. They are resistant to insects and rodents and other critter you are able to imagine. And they are waterproof.

And so after they are set up, almost all you have to accomplish is provide them with a wash with warm soapy water again and now, and that is it.

Cleaning a plastic shed
A wash again and now is the sole maintenance you have to do!

Compare this to cork sheds which require annual maintenance to have them in shape that is good. Or perhaps metal bike sheds that are susceptible to rust if you do not take care of them.

Unlike several of the older clear plastic sheds, those produced from contemporary resins and also vinyls are not as likely to be brittle and break or fade in the sunshine.

Even though in the past they had been hard to customise, nowadays, there are models you are able to paint as well as saw just love wooden sheds!

Security smart it is a mixed bag. Generally, “out of the box”, including the most elementary plastic bike shed will likely be safer when compared to a fundamental cork motorcycle shed.

This’s simply because the hinges often be concealed as well as the clear plastic walls will twist rather compared to rest in case someone tries to make the way of theirs in.

However nearly all plastic sheds are hard to customize, therefore (unlike cork sheds), it is hard to make them safer than they currently are.

That takes us on to…

Disadvantages of Plastic Bike Sheds Despite duplicating the design of traditional cork sheds, plastic-made shed are usually less visually appealing. They can frequently appear fake and cheap! Or even like over sized children’s toy furniture.

It is difficult to put the finger of mine on precisely what the issue is. But in general, they do not normally contribute to the attractiveness of the area which they are in!

You cannot customize most plastic-made sheds. You cannot paint them. And also you cannot easily add shelves as well as hooks on the inside.

And this also means it is likewise hard to make a plastic shed safer than it probably is by adding more security features.

Destroyed plastic shed
Plastic sheds are usually less sturdy compared to the additional types

The super lightweight ones could be a little flimsy also. So a very significant snowfall may buckle the roof. And a very windy storm may blow the wall space in!

And in case they are subjected to hot, direct sunlight for long stretches, several of them may become very soft and begin to bend!

Additionally, just love metal sheds, they are able to be vulnerable to condensation if they are not correctly ventilated. This’s truly essential in a bike shed as dampness is able to harm bike frames along with components.

Plastic-made Bike Shed Buying Tips
So keeping in mind the pros and cons of plastic sheds, just how can you ensure you get a great one which minimises the drawbacks as well as best suits the circumstances of yours?

Effectively, as always, it’s mainly down to money! You are able to stay away from several of the most typical problems with plastic sheds by not purchasing an extremely inexpensive, flimsy one!

Thus, look for clear plastic sheds with inner steel supports for added structural strength. Nearly all of them is going to have supports in the top. But supports in the wall space add additional strength. These will guard it against strong winds as well as heavy snow.

Search for plastics with UV safety to lessen fading and also cracking. Make certain the shed of yours has ventilation grills to minimize moisture build up within. And twin walls will additionally help reduce internal condensation also.

Duotech bike shed
Sheds produced from Duotech plastic are higher quality

If you are prepared to invest a bit more cash, then search for a plastic bike shed produced from Duotech. This (new) substance is created to keep the benefits of clear plastic while introducing the strengths of timber.

Sheds produced from Duotech is stronger than some other clear plastic sheds. And also the wood as surface means you are able to paint as well as cut as well as drill into Duotech sheds. Therefore customisation becomes achievable!

Panana Garden Storage Shed Bike Metal Pent Tool Shed House Galvanized Steel Storage Chest

  • Material: Hot dipped galvanised steel
  • Two doors and a pent roof maximise your accessibility to the cabin
  • All metal components made from premium hot dipped galvanised high tensile steel. Highly fire resistant.
  • By adding a pad lock to the lockable door bolt, you can assure the security of your properties.
  • Self Assembly is required.

This is a more heavy-duty-looking bike shed, it is VERY secure though, and you will have peace of mind when having your prize possessions stored away in here.

An easy to assemble bicycle cabin is your solution of keeping muddy bike away from the inside of your house and getting them a home.
The storage cabin is made of hot-dipped galvanised steel with an anti-rusting and anti-corrosion finish in black.
Its robust framework enables the cabin to stand still in inclement weather.

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Duramax Aluminium 10 x 8 Garden Storage Shed | All-Weather Durable and Waterproof Outdoor Shed | Store Bikes, Tools, BBQ | Includes Skylight, Foundation, Window on Side and Lockable Double Doors

If you are after a secure bike shed, but one also you can use for lots of other things then this may be your choice. 

We picked this option as an extra one for you to regard.

You can use it as a general shed but it’s smart to secure with lockable double doors.

Ideal outdoor storage solution – Cover all your storage needs with the Aluminium 10 x 8 ft all-weather outdoor storage shed. This shed has the ideal size to keep your gardening tools, bikes, BBQ, exercise equipment, auto repair accessories, and other belongings dry and secure

Versatile and stylish storage shed – Combining outstanding performance with a look, this horizontal storage shed will look in your backyard; it will stand out as the ideal addition to your home. This large garden shed features 1 window, Foundation kit, Slotted Air Ventilation, and Wide double doors with lock handle and keys

100 Percent maintenance-free – Forget about painting your bike storage shed periodically, this garden shed is made of durable, maintenance-free materials is a stylish and practical addition to your property; this heavy-duty building will never rust, dent, rot, or mildew

Product Description

Duramax introduces its innovative aluminium sheds which are available in 3 different sizes so to provide an amble and secure space for your lawn and garden tools.

These all aluminium storage sheds are available in 8 x 6 ft, 10 x 6 ft and 10 x 8 ft and they will not rust, rot or mildew, last a lifetime and are maintenance-free.

The ALU sheds open their interior to sunlight with a top window that runs the width of the shed. Their redesigned tall and wide double doors optimize the full use of the storage volume and provides ample access as well as a secure way of locking.

The Duramax aluminium sheds features reinforced groove, strength resistance to corrosion and strong dent resistant walls that ensures longevity. Its 19 Degree and 30 Degree roof design provide easy water run-off.

The ALU garden sheds also feature strong metal roof truss and structure that can handle up to 18 lbs per square foot of snow, foundation kit to elevate the shed from the ground and a window kit.

These sheds are a solution for your garden or caravan parks where non- combustible storage sheds are compulsory and will provide a durable storage solution that lasts.

More reasons to buy?

  • Includes foundation kit and 1 window
  • Distinct front skylight window for natural daylight
  • Slotted air ventilation system on both sides
  • It comes with clear instructions for a hassle-free assembly
  • Wide and tall double doors, includes lock handle with keys
  • Reinforced metal structure and roof truss support that can handle 18 lbs/sq ft. of snow load
  • Built-in rain gutter with end drop
  • Side panels support for extra strength and durability

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Setting up a Plastic Bike Shed Plastic sheds would be the simplest of all the gardening buildings to put together. The pieces are light and also you will not need numerous tools. One individual can typically develop a plastic shed in 2 or maybe 3 hours. When you get help, it’ll clearly be even quicker.

Nevertheless, it is actually, truly critical you construct the shed on a totally level base. If it wasn’t, it is going to be hard to build (because the components will not line up) when it has finally constructed, it will not be structurally sound and so the door might not open ultimately and properly it might begin to break apart!

Additionally, even though plastic-made sheds are not prone to water harm in the exact same fashion as cork sheds, in case you set them on ground which will get wet, the moisture will permeate the environment within the shed as well as corrode the bicycle frame of yours as well as components.

For these reasons, it is advisable to use a good shed foundation, to place the shed after it is built.

Plastic-made Bike Shed Summary
A clear plastic bike shed will provide a sensible, maintenance-free place to keep the beloved bicycles of yours. What is more often, in case you are ready to invest some cash, you don’t have making sacrifices in security as well as aesthetics!

There are increasingly safe choices. There are increasingly appealing choices. And several of probably the newest plastic sheds actually allow a high level of customisation! You are able to try painting them, drill in them, install racks and other things.

But even in case you simply would like a regular plastic shed, advancements in technology mean that contemporary models appear lots of “classier” and are much less likely to fade in colour or even go brittle as well as break following contact with the sunlight.

Be sure you get one with ventilation grills (and ideally twin wall space too) to decrease the possibility of inner condensation. Plus in case you are able to get one with reinforced steel supports in the wall space as well as roof, it is going to withstand the weather conditions much better.

To be truthful in case you reside in an environment where shed is apt being subjected to extreme environmental conditions (whether it is immediate hot sun, very high winds or maybe quite heavy snow), I would suggest choosing a good wooden or maybe metallic shed.

But in case the weather of yours is pretty mild, then a plastic bike shed will surely supply all that you have to maintain the bicycles of yours secure!