Rear bike seats for toddlers and small children 2021

A back bicycle seat is an incredible method to get cycling with your small kid as they’re intended to carry little children from around a year to 3 years or over. There are three fundamental cost and quality bandings for kids’ back bicycle seats – your financial plan and what you need the seat for will help figure out which one you go for – look at our article about what to consider before buying a back bicycle seat in case you don’t know what you need.

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A word about fixing a back kid seat to a bicycle

There are two primary methods of fitting a back youngster seat to your bicycle – either utilizing a baggage rack or by a fitting on your seat post. A significant number of the seats accessible have various models for various fixing techniques, so ensure you’re purchasing the right one for your requirements.

Here we investigate probably the best back bicycle seats accessible, and where to get them.

The best ‘top-end’ back bicycle seats

These back bicycle seats are at the excellent finish of the bicycle seat run, which means they’re made to be extra agreeable for your kid to sit (and rest!) in, and simple for you to fit. They’re worked for regular use, so perfect for day by day driving or long experience trips.

1) Thule Yepp Maxi Easyfit Rear Bike Seat (RRP £110) available at Amazon

Yepp Maxi turqoise

The Thule Yepp Maxi is an honor winning youngsters’ back bicycle seat that is presently generally accessible in the UK. The scope of hues and extras settle on the Yepp Maxi a famous decision for the two guardians and kids.

Yepp Maxi turquoise

The Yepp Maxi bicycle seat is produced using a similar elastic-like material (EVA) that is utilized to make Crocs shoes, which is antibacterial, stun permeable, water-safe, and extremely simple to clean, which implies they are intended for day by day use, all year. There are no seat pads to stress over keeping dry from the components.

The 5-point wellbeing saddle has a childproof clasp and delicate shoulder braces to help abstain from scouring. There are two tallness levels for the shoulder lashes which permit the seat to develop with your youngster.

There are two models of Yepp Maxi accessible. One is the Easyfit and makes sure about to a baggage rack on the rear of the bicycle.

The subsequent kind is mounted on your bicycle’s seat post utilizing the Yepp Maxi seat post connector (fits 95% of bicycle models). The seat is speedy and easy to fit properly and isolate. Extra Yepp Maxi seat post connectors can be purchased to permit use on more than one bicycle.

Yepp Maxi Rear Bike Seat

The Yepp Maxi Standard can be connected to bikes with a casing size of 21 inches or bigger and a seat post distance across of 1 1.8 inches (28-45mm). Be that as it may, there are a few bicycles with a casing littler than 21 inches, which can likewise be utilized with the seat. If it’s not too much trouble counsel your bicycle shop or Yepp to check whether your bicycle is appropriate for use with the Yepp Maxi back seat.

An indispensable enemy of burglary lock helps give genuine feelings of serenity when leaving your bicycle unattended, making it perfect for both gutsy cycling days out or the everyday drive. There are additionally three back reflectors for evening time and low light levels when street cycling.

As should be obvious from this image, Yepp additionally does a front bicycle seat, called the Yepp Mini on the off chance that you have to convey more than one youngster simultaneously.

Yepp Mini and Maxi on a similar bicycle

2) Bobike Exclusive Tour (RRP £99)

Bobike Exclusive Tour Rear Bike Seat

Bobike makes a huge scope of various bicycle seats, and on the off chance that you ever adventure over to Holland, you’ll see that they rival Yepp for fame. The Exclusive Tour is their top-notch model, which has been structured with longer bicycle rides and cycle visiting at the top of the priority list. This is appeared in highlights, for example, a customizable headrest and a formed belt that is intended to keep your child upstanding, regardless of whether they nod off.

Bobike Exclusive Tour Rear Bike Seat

The “Snap and Go” mounting framework permits you to switch the seat effectively between bikes, which is valuable on long bicycle rides or in case you’re sharing the nursery drop off and pickups, and the safety belt is intended to be attached with only one hand. There is a glimmering LED light on the back for wellbeing throughout the winter months.

A waterproof padded seat (and we know once in a while it’s more than downpour that gets a seat wet!), talked defenders, movable foot bolster plate and cap break all consolidate to make this an exceptional children bicycle seat, which is reflected in the cost.

The Bobike Exclusive range has two diverse mounting frameworks accessible – one that fits onto a back pannier rack (called the “bearer mount”), and another than mounts straightforwardly onto the edge, which can be indicated at the hour of procurement.

Purchase NOW: The Bobike Exclusive Tour is accessible from Halfords or you can some of the time discover them on Amazon.

3) Bobike Exclusive Maxi (RRP £80)

The marginally more affordable Bobike Maxi Exclusive is fundamentally the same as in plan to the Tour appeared above however doesn’t have the headrests and head pad support. This will be increasingly reasonable for more seasoned youngsters who don’t rest such a great amount of, or for the shorter day by day drives where your kid needs to perceive what’s happening and is probably not going to nod off.

Every single other part of the Bobike Exclusive Maxi back seat is equivalent to the Tour form, and the seat is accessible from Amazon.

4) Hamax Siesta Rear Bike Seat (RRP £90)

Hamax Siesta Rear Bike seat

Hamax’s top of the range kids bicycle rearward sitting arrangement, the Siesta, as the name recommends, is extraordinary for babies who like a nap while you accomplish the difficult work. The seat can be leaned back by 20 degrees without affecting on the focal point of gravity, permitting your kid to make the most of their rest in comfort.

Hamax Siesta Rear Bike seat

The standard Siesta model uses the Hamax Safety System which is rapidly and effectively fitted to most kinds of bicycles utilizing just 4 screws. You can expel the bicycle from the fixing point, however it will at present have the metal transporter bars appended to the seat. The Siesta has a bent head region to permit space for the rear of the protective cap (bringing about a progressively ergonomic ride, as your kid’s head isn’t pushed forward by the rear of the seat).

The Hamax Siesta accompanies a twofold clasp framework, which just requires one hand to attach and keep the youngster safely in the seat, leaving your other hand allowed to help the bicycle. It can likewise be secured without going over the youngster’s head (or protective cap).

Hamax likewise produces a wide scope of embellishments, including a neck bolster cushion and waterproofs, in addition to extra fixing focuses so you can continue more than one bicycle.

Purchase NOW: The Hamax Siesta Rear Bike Seat is accessible at Evans Cycles

Cycle Sprog peruser Andy has given us the accompanying subtleties of the Hamax: “I have utilized the Hamax Siesta on a full-suspension Specialized Bicycles Stumpjumper 2010 without issue for quite a long while. The seat is awesome, and even though you can discharge the clasps with one hand it is truly hardened and isn’t simple. A lot simpler to utilize two hands.”

The best mid-extend back bicycle seats

These back bicycle seats are marginally less expensive than the top-notch ranges included above, which means there are slight contrasts regarding quality, convenience, and solace. Nonetheless, they’re all great back bicycle situates that would be ideal for getting making the rounds with your Cycle Sprog, particularly on the off chance that they don’t have to rest during your rides.

5) Hamax Smiley Rear Bike Seat (RRP £70)

Hamax Smiley back bike childseat for carrying toddlers on a bike

Hamax Smiley back bicycle child seat for conveying little children on a bike billed as Hamax’s “Solace” model, the Smiley accompanies worked in suspension, to ensure your youngster’s spine.

The Hamax Smiley (like the more costly Siesta) accompanies Hamax’s twofold clasp framework, which just requires one hand to affix and keep the kid safely in the seat, leaving your other hand allowed to help the bicycle. Ventilation in the backrest is likewise given, to keep your youngster cool on a mid year’s day.

Similarly, as with the Siesta, there are two adaptations of the seat, with various methods of fixing a bicycle.

This variant uses the Hamax Safety System which is rapidly and effectively fitted to most sorts of bicycles utilizing just 4 screws. You can expel the bicycle from the fixing point, yet it will in any case have the metal bearer bars joined to the seat.

Purchase NOW: The Hamax Smiley Rear bicycle seat is accessible online from Tredz

6) Yepp Junior bicycle seat (RRP £70)

Yepp Junior rear bike seats are suitable for older children

All the back seats we’ve taken a gander at so far have been intended for littler youngsters, however, once your kid becomes out of their first back seat you can keep on conveying them utilizing the Yepp Junior seat – for the most part between the ages of 5 and around 9.

Yepp Junior back bicycle seats are appropriate for more established youngsters

This sort of seat is amazingly mainstream in Holland, where you see loads of grade school matured youngsters being conveyed along these lines. Yepp complete two models – the more powerful junior seat appeared here (RRP £85) is intended for everyday use. It has strong collapsing hassocks to guarantee feet and spokes don’t blend, and the backrest is intended to be agreeable and somewhat “cooler” for more established children who would prefer essentially not to look as though they’re being contained excessively.

They additionally do a spending adaptation, which is £12 less expensive and has an over the head clasp framework and marginally extraordinary styling. The two forms are accessible at Amazon.

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Essential Models of back bicycle seat

In case you’re utilizing your back kid seat regularly, and have a few more youthful kin going along to utilize it, at that point it can bode well to put resources into an increasingly costly form. Nonetheless, we as a whole realize kids develop so rapidly so in case you’re just going to utilize the seat for a couple of ends of the week and holiday

Basic Models of rear bike seat

If you’re using your rear child seat daily, and have several younger siblings coming along to use it, then it can make sense to invest in a more expensive version. However, we all know kids grow so quickly so if you’re only going to use the seat for a few weekends and holiday rides you can get a perfectly good rear bike seat and still have change from £50. Don’t expect to have all the fancy features, but do expect to have a fun ride!

As you can see, each manufacturer has a wide range of bike seats to suit different ages, bike types and riding requirements. Most retailers will stock a wider range than shown here, so have a look at each model in the range to see which suits you and your child best.