Great Sheds To Keep Your Bike Start Here Buyers Guide

If you love your bike, then you need to invest in a bike shed. A storage shed will not only serve as a place to keep your bicycle but also a storage area to keep all your accessories. All equipment (helmets, spare tubes, and first aid kit) can be safe and well protected in the shed.

Bike sheds are conventional nowadays and can be located in different places. Having one gives you peace of mind that your bike would be safe, and still be there when you get back. Today, sheds are everywhere; even workplaces have designated sheds for public use. They vary in size and capacity.

Here is our guide to the best bike shed you should consider getting:

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· Sun cast bms4700 bike shed 

If you have limited space for your bike shed, then the Sun cast bms4700 should be your pick. This shed serves as bike storage and can also be used for garbage bins.

Key features

i) open lid design- this means that you can access your bike without bending to crawl in.

ii) Enhanced water resistance and UV protection.

iii) Versatile. It can be used for storing garden tools.

iv) All doors can be locked for enhanced security.

Its a winner in every angle. Its made of durable design materials that require no maintenance. This model is easy to assemble with simple instructions.

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·YardStash IV

The YardStash IV is a quick and cheap option to keep your ride. It is a good shed if you are looking for a basic solution that will withstand harsh weather conditions.

Key features

i) It’s easy to assemble, takes less than ten minutes.

ii) Space efficient (68 inches high by 74 inches wide and 32 inches deep)

iii) UV protection.

iv) Rubber tabbed top and bottom zippers for maximum protection against dust, water, and pests.

v) Easy to store when not in use.


i) it on only provides weather protection, i.e., no real security.

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· Bosmere Trimetals A303 Bicycle Shed

With a capacity of three, the Bosmere Trimetals A303 Bicycle Shed can accommodate all types of bikes(Racing, standard, or mountain bikes). Its recommended for people with various expensive rides that need to protect.

Key features

i) Secured with two lock positions, which can be bolted to the ground for additional security.

ii) designed to withstand corrosion for 15 years, making it a long term asset to dedicated bikers.

iii) Its fire-resistant.

iv) Spring-assisted doors.


i) It requires at least two people during installation.

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· KETER manor Storage Sheds

The Keter Manor storage shed is an excellent multipurpose shed. It’s Spacious enough to keep more than just your bikes.

Keter is a walk-in design so that you can have shelves on the wall for extra storage. The best part is, it doesn’t require any maintenance.

Key features

i) Weatherproof walls

ii) High enough for an adult to move around.

iii) well ventilated to provide natural light and additional safety.

iv) High storage capacity makes it suitable for keeping a wide range of items.

v) Quick installation as long as the ground is flat


i) Requires cleaning regularly

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· Bosmere WS1881H Rowlinson Wallstore Wooden Outdoor/Garden Lockable shed

These wooden sheds can store two bikes. It comes with two front doors that can be opened fully to access your bikes.

Key features

i) two lockable doors for enhanced security.

ii) Versatile, i.e., suitable for storing bikes, garden tools, accessories, and other toys.

iii) You only need basic tools to assemble it.

iv) Dimensions (height of 5ft 4in and a width of 6ft)


i) Require two people to put it together.

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Final Thoughts 

All sheds come with clear assembling instructions and even picture tutorials to guide you along. keep in mind that, large outdoor sheds require a stable foundation. Again its good to elevate the ground above the normal height to prevent water run off and frost.

If assembling your storage unit seems a little tricky, you can always check out tutorials on YouTube. It isn’t hard to assemble a bike shed, once you have an idea of how it works. Most of these units don’t require regular maintenance, so don’t worry much about it. However, preventing rust should be your priority.