Full Face mountain bike helmets reviewed

New full face lids are definitely more complicated than ever in terms of safety features, devlivering enough ventilation to help keep you comfy and the proper defense for one day at the bike park

Want additional protection without getting hot headed? You will need one of the current enduro lids. Read the guide of ours to mountain bike complete face and convertible helmets. Lightweight full face – and convertible – helmets have existed for ages, though the rise of the do-it-all riding discipline called enduro has created them way much more commonplace. One extra advantage being safety conscious riders are able to enjoy fewer weird looks rocking a complete face lid at trail centres or even local trails nowadays.

Mountain bike helmet design has been on a crash course in technology in the last several years. By uniting disciplines, enduro has transformed bike kit by blending features optimised for cross country efforts with those for downhill speed. Like a number of other bike components bitten by the enduro bug, the items here mirror this by merging additional safety, full face, all downhill helmets with better ventilated, open face, XC or maybe trail lids. And, whereas downhill helmets used to be way too hot, heavy and sweaty for pedalling around in all day, this brand new helmet breed is actually aimed at precisely that with additional protection over a trail lid.

Bike Helmet Men Fox V3 Flight Helmet

– The V3 is the helmet, with the most races in the AMA MX history obtained and thus a helmet for true winners. Manufacturer Description:
– Powerful and at the same time easy Construction Carbon-fiber, Aramid and Fibreglass
– the outer shell incorporated dual Ventilation system
– Complete removable out and washable Coolmax lining and Cheek pads
– Ventilation system with 10 Air inlets and 4 Air outlets


You are able to pedal in it with no feeling like you are on a turbo trainer in a sauna, it is lightweight enough you do not really feel limited in the movement of yours and it provides much better defense than an open face trail helmet. For days or weeks in the bike park or maybe trips to the alps it is the perfect foil. For full face protection with open face ventilation, we would not wait to take the Fox Racing ProFrame.

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Troy Lee Stage MIPS Helmet 2019

Being quite a close-fitting helps with the amazing looks and is actually attained by using much less material, which clearly means protection amounts are actually lowered compared to a heavier proper’ DH’ full face. There are also big ventilation holes branches or maybe stones might much more easily penetrate whether you get unlucky, therefore (like all lids here) people can determine what compromises to make regarding protection.

Rock-solid when delivering and shredding comfort and airflow good, the Stage is completely dialed, but also expensive. You can now find it for substantially less than the full retail price tag, nonetheless, making it a lot more enticing as a fixed, lightweight full face in case you do not require a sports convertible option.

The 2021 Stage helmet redefines mountain bike safety, style, comfort, and ventilation. The lightest full-face helmet in its class combines EPP (for slow speed impacts) and EPS (for high-speed impacts) in one sleek package, that will set a new benchmark for mountain bike enduro helmets.

MIPS protection – MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, it is a revolutionary technology that lets the helmet slide relative to the head, adding more protection against rotational violence to the brain caused by angled impacts.


Polylite Shell construction with fiber reinforcement
Dual-density EPS co-molded with EPP combine to safely manage high and low-speed impact energy (PATENT PENDING)
Polyacrylate injected chinbar with EXOskeleton reinforcement
11 High Flow air intakes and 14 Open Core exhaust ports with deep max air flow internal channeling
Fidlock magnetic buckle system
MIPS brain protection system reduces rotational forces to the brain in certain crash scenarios
X-static pure silver comfort liner delivers high-performance odor protection and quick-dry moisture wicking (*Helmet includes 2 liners – 13/10mm and 2 neck rolls 25/15mm)
Jawad / lo-profile cheek pads use Xstatic fabric and super soft interior surface for maximum comfort and breathability (*includes 3 sizes – 35/25/15mm)
Integrated anodized aluminum / plastic breakaway hardware (Extra set included)
Wide range / adjustable visor +- 40mm
EPP lined chinbar for multi-impact performance
Aaluminum/rivet / rivet washer

Drawstring bag with breathable mesh paneling
Exceed certifications: CPSC 1203, CE EN1078, ASTM F1952, ASTM F2032, and AS/NZS 2063-2008
690 grams (1.5 lbs) size M/L
3 Year Limited Warranty


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Leatt DBX 4.0 V19.1 Adult Off-Road BMX Cycling Helmet

You will find twenty two vents to channel air and there is no padding around the ears of yours, letting the air be drawn through efficiently. It does result in a less safe feeling that a regular gravity helmet, maybe since you are able to really feel and hear the wind, but the trade off is it is a much cooler place to be.

About this item

  • 360° turbine technology: reduces the impact of the head by 30% / reduces the acceleration in rotation of the head by 40%
  • Reduced outer shell volume
  • An EPS and EPO shell that makes the helmet robust
  • Maximum ventilation with 22 vents
  • Optimised for driving and efficient even at low speeds

The DBX 4.0 helmet is a highly ventilated model specially designed for BMX and downhill riding. It is a full-face helmet with a sturdy EPS and EPO structure. The DBX 4.0 has an integral design with removable mouthpiece that provides excellent ventilation. A helmet with 360° turbine technology.

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Giro Switchblade Mips Dirt/Mtb Cycling Helmet

Switchblade quality and finish are actually top-notch and Giro’s lids keep working a great deal of time before getting wrecked in daily use. We like the appearance of the open Switchblade, but this’s significantly chunkier, hotter, and heavier than several of the newer model convertibles and lightweight full faces here. As a typical trail lid mode, it looks great and also has a great halfway house in the terminology of protection next, though it is a lot more expensive, considerably less well ventilated, and bulkier than a’ standard’ extended rear coverage open face helmet.

The Switchblade MIPS is our new ASTM downhill certified full-face helmet with a removable chinar. Everything about the Switchblade is optimized for the descent, and that’s why it’s certified to CPSC, EN-1078, and ASTM-1952-DH with and without the chinar. The chinar is easy to remove-just push the buttons under the chinar, rotate up, and remove and it’s just as easy to reinstall. The Switchblade MIPS features the new Roc Lock Air DH fit system, which has a bumper around the dial to prevent accidental adjustments if your helmet contacts your backpack or neck brace-all while keeping you cool. When the chinar comes off, Wind Tunnel cheek pad ventilation adds even more cooling power as you start to climb. Plus, the full-cut style gives this helmet an aggressive look and provides ASTM-certified coverage even when the chinar is removed. When your ride is all about descending, your helmet should be too, and the Switchblade MIPS is the only removable chinar helmet that is truly built for the down.

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MET MTB Helmet 2021 Parachute MCR MIPS Orange Large – 58-61cm

The MET Parachute MCR is the convertible integral helmet from MET developed for enduro, all-mountain, and e-MTB. MCR stands for Magnetic Chinbar Release and instantly converts from a full-face helmet to an open helmet and back. MCR is the revolutionary MET system created in collaboration with Fidlock.

 At £300, Met’s newest do-it-all helmet surely is not cheap, though quality and finish are actually top-notch and it feels well constructed, with or perhaps without the chin bar. It is probably the best working and looking Parachute, however, as well as feels Alpine-ready and sturdy properly in full-face mode. Combine this with a good-looking, unobtrusive open face choice, and it is a really flexible combination. Check it out on Amazon

BELL Men’s Super Air R Mips Mountain Bike Helmet, Matte Finish red/Grey, L | 58-62cm


  • Construction: Fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell
  • Ventilation: 18 vents, 4 forehead vents, overbrow ventilation, 8 vents in the chin bar
  • Weight: 640 g (size M)
  • MIPS safety system
  • Sizes: S 52-56 cm, M 55-59 cm, L 58-62 cm

Bell’s brand new helmet is lightweight, comfortable, versatile, and stylish. Being nowhere near as warm or maybe restricting as a good DH full-face, it’s nailed function and form for a trail bike or perhaps e-bike lid with additional safety, though several riders will demand more security for the hassle of lugging a chinbar round. It has a really hefty price tag as well.

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Bell Unisex’s Super DH MIPS MTB Helmet, Matt/Gloss Sand/Black, S 52-56cm

THE HARD CHARGER In addition to the protection offered by MIPS Spherical, the Super DH is loaded with features; including a 360-degree wraparound, tool-free removable chin bar beefy enough to satisfy the rigors of ASTM 1952 testing, huge eyeglass- and goggle-friendly eye-port, adjustable-height visor, snap-in camera mount, Overbrow Ventilation, and X-Static padding, and a quality fit that is second to none. The result is uncompromising protection and performance, and unparalleled versatility. The Super DH is ready to take World Cup DH runs on the chin, bang out bike park laps until the chairlifts stop running, or settle into hours of backcountry uphill grinding in search of that perfect ribbon of high-consequence singletrack.

Bell was one of the first to market with a sports convertible helmet, therefore it is appropriate that the evolution of that unit provides even greater safety and earned a great ten rating. The helmet in question will be the Super DH MIPS, now certified to ASTM 1952 DH full-face standards. It uses a similar wrap-around chin bar and spring-loaded catches to the first Super 2R but beefs everything up to make a confidence-inspiring and super-sturdy lid. Weight has crept up as a result, though it is still well ventilated and little enough to drive without the face bar on long trail rides. Then clamp on the face bar for alpine descents or perhaps laps at the bike park. Effectively offering 2 helmets in one, the Super DH is actually the first convertible car helmet that does not compromise in either configuration. Features

  • MIPS Spherical enhances our ability to address high-speed and low-speed impacts, as well as rotational impacts.
  • Fusion In-Mold polycarbonate shell – A process pioneered by Bell bonds the helmet’s outer shell to the EPS foam liner to create a sturdier helmet.
  • 28 helmet vents, 2 brow ports, 4 chin bar vents
  • Integrated breakaway camera mount requiring no zip ties or tape, designed to “break away” upon impact to reduce the risk of injury
  • CE EN1078, ASTM F1952-00 (Downhill), ASTM F2032-06 (BMX) certified

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What to look out for in mountain bike complete face and convertible lids:

MTB peaks help keep both sunshine and crud and mud out of eyes and really should be adjustable for tilt, rattle-free, and stability. Any visor used better looks good also, though it is hopefully not actually apparent by the driver while actually riding. Flexible materials and breakaway fixtures improve safety by stopping visors from being a lever that can twist the neck of yours in a crash.

Internal cushioning is actually crucial to helmet stability and comfort, and to heat management. Pads soak up a great deal of sweat so must be removable for cleaning, as well as pay attention to supplies selected, as almost all clothing aren’t identical in the terminology of next to skin comfort. Some lids depend on pad densities to tune fit rather than heavier retention methods, and while thicker pads can be comfier, they also run hotter.

Ports or perhaps vents are actually vital to improve airflow to cool the head. Most helmets make use of a method of intake (front) and exhaust (rear) vents to channel air through internal channels or maybe grooves to regulate internal temperature. Used cleverly, vents also can save helmet fat and improve appearance.

Chinbar attachment (where applicable) Removable chinguards allow switching between uphill and downhill modes is selected helmets. Each system has its own special clamp mechanism, with the very best fitting easily and quickly with the helmet in position. Safety standards on chin bars range from trail riding to full DH certification.

Safety features Also as more challenging shells and multiple foam densities absorb impacts of various velocities, many lids also provide very rotational impact protection. The very best known is actually MIPS, which is a slippy plastic liner that slides independently of the outside shell to dissipate impact energy. Other own-brand variants are present too, all with similar aims.

Securing the helmet safely is crucial, but look for adjustability and comfort here and straps that are not very itchy, flappy, or maybe dig in ears or maybe the jawline. Many helmets use magnetic clasps to speed up installation, though simpler plastic clasps may often be lighter and less obtrusive.

Healthy adjustment
A common retention process takes the type of a compressible cradle that cinches down onto the scalp. The very best will tighten one-handed, exert pressure equally and be multi-adjustable in conditions of circumference and tilt to suit each head shape. Look for sturdy and solid adjusters too as little clear plastic parts are susceptible to damage over time.

Protection standards All mountain bike helmets have to pass’ minimum standard’ testing to be offered publically. Parameters include puncture resistance, handling impacts, and strap integrity of various velocities. DH-certified helmets can resist higher energy loads and also stresses but need much more material (and weight) to do this.

Goggle parking The capacity to park goggles under peaks is actually a necessity for some and calls for the space to do it. Rear goggle videos could be a bit of a gimmick, however, considering elasticated goggle straps do an adequate job anyway. Some helmets also offer eyewear stow points which will be helpful for glasses wearers.