Bike Racks That Will Fit On Your Ceiling

Bike Racks That Will Fit On Your Ceiling 2021

So if you are looking to store your bike in your garage, and have no floor space then check out this list that will give you some answers.

These racks all will fit on your ceiling, and give you that extra floor space that you need.

So check out our hand picked list and reviews of the best way to store you bike on your ceiling.

Are you looking for some great accessories for your bike if so check out our guide here

Relaxdays Bicycle Garage Storage Rack, Bike Lifter, up to 20kg, Ceiling Holder, Black

Ceiling hanging bike rack

Storing your bicycle with this bike lift not only creates more storage space, but also protects your bike from scratches and protects the wheels. The bike lifter is easy to mount to the ceiling and includes a pulley, which allows you to hoist your bike up and down easily. All ceiling-mounting supplies come included, as does an instruction manual. The hooks are rubber-coated to protect the paint. 

So if you want no more standing flats then this rack could be for you.

  This rack come with 

• 2 base plates with pulleys with strong cable

• Assembly instruction manual included

• Two pulleys with hooks for hanging your bicycle

• Rubber-coated support plates protect your bicycle paint and provide a secure hold

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RAD Cycle products Unisex’s 83-DT5237 2007 Highest Rail Mount Heavy Duty Bike Ladder Lift-Quality Bicycle Hoist

Ceiling hanging bike rack

Introducing the premium “Rail Mount” bike hoist by RAD Cycle Products. This all new design makes installation easier, is more stylish, and allows more flexibility once the hoist has been mounted. The unique rail system allows you to mount the system either parallel or horizontal to the ceiling joists–something that cannot be done with standard hoists. In addition, the spacing (distance between hooks) is fully adjustable which allows the user to use the same hoist for different size bicycles. To top it off, it is made of heavy gauge aluminum that won’t rust and was designed to last for a lifetime.

We really believe there’s no such thing as not enough room for another bike. Store your bikes overhead and out of the way. The smooth pulleys and latches make lifting even heavy bikes super easy. The innovative rope locking mechanism and mounting system prevents unwanted release and can suspend one bike weighing up to 75 pounds.


  • Hooks are designed with a rubber coating to protect your bicycle from scratches.
  • For Ceilings up to 12ft.
  • Safe locking mechanism prevents accidental release.
  • Raise your bike to the ceiling with ease.
  • RAD Cycles exclusive rope is thicker and won’t fray.
  • Premium Bike and ladder lift for garage storage.
  • Mounts parallel or perpendicular to joists.
  • Innovating rope lock secures the rope with every pull.
  • Made of heavy gauge aluminium (Rust and chemical proof).
  • 75 pound weight limit.

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Bicycle Ceiling Holder,Bick Ceiling Mount,Bicycle Lift Storage Rack,50kg

Ceiling hanging bike rack

Next on our list is this great ceiling mounted rack, it comes with mounting materials plus pcs lanyards. Its maximum load is 50kg which is huge and you will have no worries that it will fit your bike.

It has well designed rubber coated hooks that protect your bike from nasty scratches. Its so easy to fit, and you can fit any kind of bike on this rack.

If for whatever reason you needed it this rack can fit many other things such as canoes ladders quilts etc, so its a multi purpose device that we really recommend.

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Gr8 Home Wall Mounted Folding 2 Bike Bicycle Cycle Storage Mount Rack Double Parking Hook Holder Hanger Garage Holding Foldable Stand

Ceiling hanging bike rack

This rack is designed to be scratch Proof –  it has vinyl coated steel with rubber sleeves will not scratch bike

This rack unlike some of the others on the list can store 2 bikes so may be more suitable for you if you have kids or need more than one bike hung up

It comes with a handy storage shelf this gives you added storage of additional items such as helmet and pads, a really helpful addition and saving you even more floor space.

It has completely adjustable arms, they fold against wall when not in use. Includes bicycle rack and mounting hardware. This is great if you are finished using it and saves even more space in your garage

Holds up to 100IB (45Kg), so it can hold really heavy bikes and you should have no worries that yours will fit it.

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