Best Rear mounted bike rack that are lightweight

Are you looking for the best bike rack to safely transport your bike to your destination? You are at the right place. You can find countless bike racks on the market that serve the same purpose with the same idea. Some bike racks attach with the car just like a semi-permanent extension, and some are even more portable.

Among hundreds of different kinds of bike racks available in different price ranges, this guide aims to help you choose the one bike rack that best meets your needs.

Best Rear mounted bike rack that are lightweight

Factors to consider before purchasing any bike rack

While purchasing any bike carrier, you need to consider some factors like

● How frequently are you interested in using a bike rack?

● How many bikes do you want to carry?

● Where do you want to carry your bike, on the top or at the back?

● Ease of use

● Security

● Storage space

Thule T2 Pro Bike rack

Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike (2") Black: Sports & Outdoors

The Thule T2 pro bike rack is very easy to install. You can easily connect it through the dedicated handle to the receiver and tighten it.

When it comes to discussing its build quality, it is amazingly sturdy, even beating it with a sledgehammer cannot do more harm than a few scratches at the surface.

This Thule bike rack allows you to carry 2 bikes at a time securely. You can adjust your bikes with the help of ratchet straps and cradles to avoid contact between bikes.

It features U-shaped arms that exert downward pressure for the security of your bikes.

This bike rack also comes with an amazing security feature that protects your bike rack and your bikes from theft.

When you are not using the bike rack, you can squeeze the handle and lower it when you need to access the back of your vehicle.


● It can carry 2 bikes.

● The weight capacity is 120 lbs, 20 for each bike.

● It comes with an anti-theft feature.

● It is easy to install.

● It is compact in size and sturdy.


● It is a somewhat heavy rack.

Final verdict

This Thule bike is worth purchasing and is cost-effective. It is amazing in terms of its design and strength.

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Overdrive sport bike rack

The overdrive bike rack is hitch-mounted. It carries up to 2 bikes at maximum and has a weight carrying capacity of almost 120 lbs. It is very simple to mount the rack over the hitch.

It features a hitch attachment that provides security to your bikes and racks. It is anti-theft due to its ability to lock the swing arms on bikes.

It only takes a few minutes to get used to using the bike racks and hence is a practical option because it is user-friendly.

The cradles of the overdrive sport bike rack are adjustable, and hence you can flexibly position your bikes.

It features padded arms that lock the bikes to prevent them from banging into each other.

It provides a wobble-free experience to the bikes even while hitting the potholes or going through bumps.

Its display features an innovation that makes it an even more suitable option than Thule T2.


● Innovative display feature.

● Wobble-free experience.

● Provides anti-theft security.

● Comes with padded arms.


This is a little expensive.

Final verdict

You may find some cheaper bike racks on the market; however, it is cost-effective because it comes with amazing features.

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Kuat Sherpa Hitch bike rack

This is an amazing hitch mount bike rack that does not skimp on performance, though it keeps things to a minimum.

This bike rack attaches with just a single bolt easily to 2-inch and 1.25-inch receivers.

It can carry 2 bikes and can accommodate the weight of 40 lbs of each bike.

Moreover, you can access your trunk by tilting it outwards through a well-designed foot lever. Moreover, when not in use, you can simply press the lever down the rack to tuck away the rack.

It features three different settings to accommodates bike tires ranging from thick tires to skinny ones. Its wheelbase can accommodate from child bikes to a wheelbase of 47 inches.

Its perfect fitting securely keeps the bikes. Moreover, it comes with security cables.

It is a bit expensive; however, it provides the best value to the price.


● This bike rack comes with security cables.

● Adjustable wheelbase range.

● Tightly and firmly fits the bikes.


● It is a bit expensive.

● You cannot rely on security cables for overnight stays.

● The weight capacity is 40 lbs for each bike.

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Final verdict

Kuat Sherpa hitch bike rack features a unique adjustment system. With simple and innovative design, it provides a good value to money.


If you want to buy any bike rack, this article has provided you with some features you must look for in any bike rack. Moreover, we have selected some top bike racks that you may choose to buy.