The Best Mounted Bike Racks: Reviewed

When looking for a bike rack you need one that is high quality, if you want it to last. And you need one in the first place if you want to go travelling with your bike. If you like to travel around in races or going into the woods for some dirt bike cross country biking then you need a good rack to keep you safe on your travels.

Good for you there are many different bike racks in various sizes and shapes so you’ll be sure to find one on this site that fits your car or van securely.

So, we’ve put a guide together to help you choose the perfect way, to get your bike to where you need it to be along with you. 

So if you’re looking for details on choosing a great bike rack then you have come to the right place.

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Best Overall

YAKIMA - Forklift Fork Mount Bike Carrier for Roof Racks, 1 Bike Capacity
Swagman STANDARD Fork Mount Rooftop Bike Carrier

Best On A Budget

CyclingDeal 1 Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack Bicycle Racks with Lock
Thule 594XT Sidearm Rooftop Upright Bike Carrier,Black
Yakima FrontLoader Rooftop Bike Rack
Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Rooftop Bike Rack
Swagman Standard Roof Rack
CyclingDeal Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack with Lock
Thule Side Arm Universal Bike Mount
Mount Type
Front Loader
Fork mounted
Fork mounted
Clamp-on to the roof bar
Upright (Tire Clamping)
Bike Quantity
1 bike
1 bike
1 bike
1 bike
1 bike
Bike Size
Virtually any type of bike
Virtually any type of bike
Virtually any type of bike
Virtually any type of bike
Fits 20″ to 29″ wheel diameter bicycles
Price not available
Price not available
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What to Look for in a Bike Rack

 When you are looking to find your bike rack, there are lots of things you need to consider so you get the best fit for you in the end.So we have gone through tips to help you ensure that you get the best bike rack that suits your needs. Starting with: 

1. Consider the style of bike rack you need


The two main styles that you will need to consider are firstly the tray type, which sits on the roof of your vehicle and its great at holding your bike in place as you travel. 

The other is the hanging type, which is found in hitch or spare tire-mounted racks, and its easier to use when you have a mountain bike or road bike.

2. How many bikes do you need to carry around?

When you are looking for your rack, the next important thing you need to think about is how many bikes that you need. Because various bike racks will have different limits on the amount of racks they can hold.


Lets be real, you never want to do a DIY tape job or a similar attachment technique because you want more bikes to fit on your rack, and you didn’t consider how many bikes you needed to hold. 

3. Decide whether or not you need a lock


So you need to consider whether you need a lock, and you need to consider your own local area, and the need you personally need to have locks on your racks and bikes. But they can be very expensive so when you invest so much into equipment, we would recommend getting a lock. 

Some racks have an integrated lock, other you can purchase lock cores separately 


4. What is the type of bike and vehicle you have?


You really need to consider what kind of frame your bike has and of course your vehicle, you need to know if your vehicle is suited to the tray style or the roof styled rack. And when purchasing your rack you need to make sure that your bike will fit, things to consider are female bikes and children’s bikes. which have different frames and may not fit certain bike racks.

So overall, make sure everything you get is compatible, and do research before purchasing your racks.

All carriers can be very different, and there is not a one size/design fits all or a standard design. This makes it even more important that you need to do your research, before. So that you can get a hold of a nice high-quality, durable product that can keep your bike safe and sound where ever it is on your van/car,





The Best Roof Racks and Carriers for Bicycles: Look for the One That Is Right for You

So when you need a rack, you obviously need one that is high quality and will last you years. And one that is reliable and easy to use. So with that in mind below are some of the best bike racks that you can find today in our opinion.  

Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Rooftop Bike Rack

YAKIMA Fork Lift Bike Carrier

The top thing that makes this roof rack so valuable is that is is very lightweight, meaning its easy to install and uninstall. It only weighs just under 10 pounds. Which anyone can lift up and put it on the back of your car of SUV with ease. Its sleek design that makes it simple and effective to hook your bike up to it.

Its constructed of a sturdy steel that allows it hold bikes of many sizes, weights and designs. It is made to clamp on the bikes fork (the front one) this bike rack is very easy to use.

If your crossbars are square, round or even flat, it makes no difference and the rack can be installed quickly and easily regardless. It doesn’t need any tools to install, all you need is to follow the instructions and it will done in no time at all. It comes with a lock to keep your bike nice and secure, saving you money so you do not need to go and buy a separate one. 

The clamp for the Yakima ForkLift accompanies three distinct settings. They incorporate two lower settings that suit factory crossbars and a top setting that works very well for round and square bars.

Also included are T-bolts and hand-tightened knobs that can fit snug only using the hand. Though installing and removing the bike can be done quickly the manufacturer guidelines recommends that you do not take it off everyday.

YAKIMA Fork Lift Bike Carrier

The Yakima is useful because you can adjustable length that can allow a variety of bike lengths and it can carry one bike. With a maximum capacity weight of 35 pounds 

Because it can be put on on nearly any vehicle and any type of bike. This is a real universal styled bike rack and you can’t really go wrong this starting with this yakima. 

Overall its a strong bike carrier that will last you years, and will weather the elements.

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Yakima FrontLoader Rooftop Bike Rack


This quality rack is easy to put together, its one of those that as soon as you get it out of the box its almost ready to go. You can easily install it on your any vehicle that you throw it at, without using any tools, which makes it a very good choice when considering your bike rack.

Yakima FrontLoader Rooftop Bike Rack

The Yakima FrontLoader is a bike roof carrier that holds your bike upright, it secures the front and back tires.

Its a great option if you have a delicate bike with carbon fiber or perhaps custom paint design. This is because you can install the bike without it touching the frame. This vastly reduces the chances that your bike will get damaged in transit when driving.

Another great aspect of this carrier is that nearly every kind of bike can be put on it. Whether you have traditional male bikes, female or your kids.

If you want to give your bike that extra bit of protection it comes with an integrated lock. You can use this lock to your bike to the mount and visa versa.  

In addition, the rack’s aerodynamic design makes it very attractive and eye-catching so it is an item that you’ll be proud to show off to family and friends.

Added to this is that the the rack is aerodynamic and attractive to look at, saving you fuel if you are driving a long distance. And being smart to look at it will look great on your car as you travel. It has a lovely mirror black finish that makes it fantastic to look at.

As it can be installed so quickly and will take many different types of bikes on it, from road bikes to mountain bikes. You have nothing to worry about when buying this rack, and it will surely fit your bike at home.

So with all that considered with the many benefits of this rack, you will see why its so popular. We would highly recommend it.

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CyclingDeal Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack with Lock

CyclingDeal Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack with Lock


Now for one of the budget options around, at $45 the Cycling Deal roof carrier offers you a well made solid steel frame which will last years, along with that it clamps so easy onto the bars that are up to 2″ think and 3″wide.

This also comes with a lock that you can use to keep your bike secured. And theres no need to take off wheels with this rack, as the rack takes both the front and back wheel together.

It comes with a steel powder coating meaning its surface that is much tougher against being damaged, it also come with a very impressive one-year warranty so there is not worry if anything goes wrong.

To add to that it comes with tie down straps which offer you a lot more security so there is no worry about seeing your bike fly away as you drive down the road. So really this bike rack is both reliable and does what it says it does, along with being simple to use on a budget.

Along with that there it is very lightweight, only 7 pounds. So with that in mind its very easy to install no matter whos putting it up.

Best of all, when you are not using the rack, you can have it lay out flat on the top of your car, out of the way and not resistant to wind slowing down your car and increasing your mpg of your vehciles fuel

If a hitch or spare wheel bike racks, the Cyclingdeal bike carrier is for you. It holds a large a large variety of bike type and provides you your moneys worth. 

It of course if a budget option as may not have the finish of the more expensive options on the market, but with that in mind its a long lasting rack is certain to provide you with many years of use.

Square and aero crossbars are great for this type of bike rack, with that in mind if you have crossbars made by Rhino, Thule, ProRack, or Rola, you will have no issues using this rack. 

The rack doesn’t allow the bike to touch the frame or the vehicle, meaning there is low rick to your bike being damaged while you travel.

So the only difficult part of the installation process is getting the thing installed which should be simple to do for you, just follow the instructions and it will only take minutes.

Its a stable safe and well made bike rack, keeping your bike secure on transit, and because it comes with a lock, it keeps it secure.

In conclusion the CyclingDeal bike rack is a good choice, and will last you many years. 

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Thule Side Arm Universal Bike Mount


Thule Side Arm Universal Bike MountThis is a made by Thule, a company with a good reputation for making high quality products, and high quality durable strong bike racks. They have a range of options but the one we look at here the Thule side arm universal bike mount is a great option.

With this bike rack the back and the front wheel are secured firmly, so with that in mind there is never a need to take apart your bike because the rack will only work if you do so. Added to that the securing hook stays out of contact with its the bike and frame, so that leads the bike to never get damaged, so no need to worry about to paint damage which you may get with cheaper options.

Its well designed aluminum tray means that the carrier is robust and strong but without being heavy. And being 13 pounds being a little heavier than a few of the other options but at 13 pounds it would be easy for anyone to take on and off your vehicle. 

 Its easy to take off your bike, so if you are regaularly using the bike going from place to place every week, uploading and loading the bike can take no time at all. The ratcheting wheel strap allows you to secure the bike well in place, meaning there is no chance of it flying off, and with that it keeps the bike stable and still during transit.

It is easy to remove the bike as well so even if you go biking in a different location every day, loading and unloading your bike is never time-consuming.There is a ratcheting wheel strap that allows you to secure the back tire firmly in place as well as an optional one-key lock system that will keep your bike even more secure.

So with that in mind if you are traveling to lots of different areas, this bike rack will really give you peace of mind. With it being secured with the one-key system, because you would not want to travel to an unknown area and it be stolen because the area may have a high crime rate.

The material of this Thule rack is out of a corrosion resistant aluminium for extra strength and longevity. It will fit nearly every kind of bike with the measurements between 20 – 29 inches in diameter and tires that are 3″ wide.

So if your vehicle comes with installed racks on the top of it, then this could be a great choice for you. The rack would fit great and would be a quality and simple method to make sure that when traveling that your bike stays safe and secure.

Thule side arm bike rack, is great for any kind of bike, including women’s, kids bikes, and bikes with large full front suspension. Its easy to install even for people who can sometimes struggle with these kinds of things. The instructions that come with the Thule rack are easy to use, and comprehend. And with its step by step process will have you up and going very quickly and effectively.

The company Thule that makes this rack are high quality and a well known reliable brand, we go over some of their products here, not just this one. In case you are a fan of this brand and would like to see a few other options that you could purchase.

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