Best Bike Racks for Your Garage Picks

Having a bike rack for garage is the perfect way to save space and time since you’ll never have to move a lot of storage bins, tables, or other things while looking for your bikes again since these racks are going to be established in one spot of your garage forever! So, if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to dispose of while searching for your trustworthy transport in the morning, then you should invest in one of these bike racks and give another use to your garage.

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The reason why bike racks are becoming a rising tendency is for the fact that they help you to maintain your bike away from curious hands and also, you’ll remember the exact location of your bike once it’s inside your property, so it’s a win-win situation this time. However, there’s a problem, thanks to the great bike market, there are tons of these racks, so, which one should you select? Let’s discover that in the next list, stay tuned.

Best Bike Racks for Your Garage:

Swagman 3 Bike Stand:

This bike rack will be perfect for those owners of multiple bikes who are looking for a good stand to put their companions away from other places in which the bike could be damaged. It’s simple, useful and straightforward, you won’t be losing any time while installing this rack and thanks to its simple but stylish design, you don’t need to be a professional to get it right at the first attempt. In simple words, is like having one of those public bike parking racks that you may see around the cities, but this one is built with better quality and support.

You can fit the exact amount of 3 bikes in this rack, making it a very reliable and wonderful investment for those owners who count with a garage and lots of bikes. It’s made from heavy-duty steel tubing and it counts with the next measures 14 x 46 x 14″ and it weighs 8.5 pounds, it will be just for what you paid for, a stand to store your bikes easily and faster.

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BIKE HAND YC-96 Bike Floor Parking Rack:

Storing bikes should be always an easy task to do because most times you will be arriving for a long ride or a difficult workout session, and you want to relax and take a shower, not make more effort and work. For that reason, you should always aim for simpler, easy to install, and store bike racks like this one, the BIKE HAND YC-96, a floor parking rack that is made exclusively to reduce the amount of work that you’ll have to perform every time you want to store your bike. The good thing about it, is the fact that you can put every single on it without worrying about causing any damage to the bike since it holds on to your bike’s tires at three different points while providing stability and security, perfect for garages or porch.

It comes with a good, simple and stylish design that looks very professional in different types of garages, and also, something that makes it the ultimate floor bike rack is the fact that it comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box, you won’t need any tools or professional knowledge to start using it. The rack weighs 5.82 lbs, making it a very reliable option even for trips. It can hold a single bike with a range of tires size such as 20mm wide tire on 700C road wheels, and also 2.4″ wide with BMX tires in size 20″ to 28″ wheels, very affordable, reliable and compact, a proper investment to make as soon as possible.

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Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci Single Bike Storage Rack:

The previous bike racks were designed to people who want to avoid making any effort or wasting more money in tools or getting knowledge about installation and things like that, but this rack will require both effort and dedication to install it because it will be on the garage’s wall, which will make it a more comfortable and stylish addition to your boring garage. It will help you to save more space and also it will be a lot easier to store the bike and pulling it off before going to long rides or workout sessions, a magnificent investment.

Delta Cycle will give you enough installation tips and knowledge about the mounting procedure, in this way, you’re not going to suffer a lot of bad moments. After that, you can hang your bike by simply let it rest with the front wheel on the hook, the weight will be absorbed by the rim of the wheel, and that’s it, no more work, your bike is successfully saved and secured from curious hands. This rack is capable of holding a maximum of 40 lbs however, some customers tried t put more weight and they reported that the rack was holding everything like a champ, but always aim for the bike’s safety to avoid annoying situations in the future. It’s simple, elegant, minimalist, difficult to install, but easy to rely on, so what are you waiting to get one of these?

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Take into consideration…

It may be true that these aren’t the only options available on the market, but thanks to their features and installation process, these bike racks hold a good place into community’s heart, so they will be a good purchase to start saving time and effort by looking and remembering where you put your bike, it will be worth it and the best part of it, is that your garage will look as stylish as ever, go get them!