Best Bike Racks For Winter Weather Buyers Guide

A bicycle rack is a support structure designed to mount bicycles in the car without
disassembling them.


They are made of hardy materials such as steel and can be placed on the car’s roof, attached to the vehicle’s suitcase, or to the hitch. Bicycle racks allow you to transport your bike anywhere you go in your car in a safe and straightforward.

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Of The Best Bike Racks

Next, we leave you the most exciting details of the outstanding models of each price range. In this way, you can obtain an idea of  the features you can expect depending on the budget you spend on this accessory.

The best value for money

It is a tow ball mount with a rear platform that accommodates 4 bikes. It allows a load of up to 60 kg, and each bike can be locked individually. The platform swings down and allows easy access to the trunk.



The best high-end model

It is a compact and lightweight bicycle rack with a capacity for 2 bikes. The bikes are easily mounted thanks to the removable arms with lockable knobs. It is also simple to fold and store. It comes pre-assembled, so no tools are needed.



The best cheap model

It is a folding hatchback rear bike rack. It has straps and allows you to attach up to 3 bikes (2 large and 1 child), with a maximum total load of 40 kg. It is made of steel and aluminum and is easy to assemble.




Different Bike Rack Models

Bicycle racks can be classified according to where they are placed in the car and how they are attached. According to the above, three different models can be highlighted: roof, trunk, hitch, or ball. Next, the most remarkable characteristics of each one are mentioned so that you know them in detail.



Ceiling model

As its name suggests, this type of bicycle rack is placed on the car’s roof on a transverse luggage rack known as the car cow.


This way, you avoid obstructing the rear view of the vehicle driver. They are the most usual on the market and the most frequently used, as they can be permanently attached to the roof of the car without the need to remove them all the time.


There are two types: fork or frame bike rack. To install the first one, you need to remove the bicycle’s front wheel to fit it to the bars. The frame model doesn’t have to remove any wheels since they hold the bicycle’s frame. There are also models of suction cup bike racks, which are ideal for vehicles with glass on the roofs since these bases are attached by vacuum cups to the surface without damaging or puncturing it. These are very comfortable and easy to use.


However, you should know that roof bike racks have the disadvantage that they considerably reduce the car’s aerodynamics. You should also pay attention when exiting a parking lot or going through low places that can collide with bicycles and damage them.



Trunk model

This type of bicycle rack has an articulated system of bars that are fixed to the back of the car. They are generally equipped with hooks and tie-down straps to secure both the frame and the bikes.


The luggage compartment bike racks can accommodate up to three bicycles and are highly recommended, especially for occasional trips.


These mounts have the disadvantage that they obstruct the driver’s rearview and, in some cases, do not allow the boot lid to be opened without first removing them.



Hitch model

They are models that require the installation of a hitch system in the vehicle. They are also called ball bike racks. They are easy to assemble equipment and offer excellent stability.


They are usually bike racks for 3 bikes or even 4 bikes. In this type of model, it is essential to consider the vehicle hitch’s maximum vertical load. This type of support, like those for the trunk, has the disadvantage that they reduce visibility.



On the other hand, folding ball bike racks can be reclined to allow the trunk to be opened without disassembling it. In some cases, you can find models that incorporate additional taillights and the possibility of including a different license plate if the bike rack’s size does not allow you to see the lights or the vehicle license plate.

Best Bike Racks For Winter


1. Bicycle Carrier – Thule / Further Details

· Compact and lightweight

· Easy to fix

· Available in different versions

· The price depends on the version you choose



2. Bicycle Carrier – Feiyun / Further Details

· Maximum permissible load of 41 kg

· Folding and tilting design.

· Easy to install.

· Adaptability to a wide range of vehicles.

· The price, look at the details.


3. Bicycle Carrier – HOMCOM / Further Details

· Maximum permissible load of 40 kg

· For 3 bikes

· With 6 clamps

· Price: see the details


4. Bicycle Carrier – Autobike / Further Details

· With automatic head

· With a double anti-theft system

· Available in different versions


· The price depends on the version you choose

To Keep In Mind For Cycling In Winter

When buying a bicycle rack, choose one that is suitable and comfortable for your car. Ensure it helps you transport all the bikes you need and that they are also quality structures. If you compare models, you can make a better decision.

To Keep In Mind For Cycling In Winter


The right clothing, choose well what you are going to wear:

· Choose a coat that protects you from both the cold and the wind and rain. It must belong so that it covers you when you lean forward.

· Underneath, remember to choose stretchy clothing and dry fibers. Avoid cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers.

· Do not wear jeans as they are not comfortable at all. Wet will only make your walk hell, and when the wind blows, you will remember this advice. On our website, you have a beautiful solution.

· For your feet, use shoe covers to prevent them from getting wet.

· As for the hands, use waterproof gloves and avoid cotton ones.

· For your head, use a hat or a scarf. For this, you can change your helmet pads for thinner ones. And never forget the helmet! It is also essential to wear sunglasses to help you see when the entire landscape is snowy.



The winterized bike, check it out:

· Check the pressure of the wheels as well as the brakes.

· During winter, there are fewer hours of sunshine; take a look at the lights too. It is essential to see in the dark, but more important is to be seen.

· Use mudguards to avoid arrive dirty or wet at home or wherever you go.



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3. Gloves. Click here for details -3

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7. Chainguard. Click here for details -7

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  • Remember that at all times, both the bicycle rack and the bikes must remain stable.

  • We prefer online stores like Amazon because they tend to have many models and brands to choose from and affordable prices for all pockets, and speedy shipping.