What to take on your Road Trip

Going on a family road trip can be the best of times, but as we all know sometimes we take to much and sometimes not enough things. The best thing is to find a good middle ground, so that you wont forget something, or bring so much that it takes ages to unpack and takes up so much space in the car and its hard to navigate through all the stuff on your trip. You want a smaller amount so you can be more speedy.

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Of course there are many items that you definitely need – which are essentials like water, paper towels and something to snack on. But there are also things you shouldn’t take with you when you are getting ready for the holiday.

Everyone will want their road trips to be fun and to get things done, and not uncomfortable. So with that in mind, planning ahead is needed to help you solve this, and will make your next trip more enjoyable. 

These are things like ideas for food and snacks that may be a pain, below are a few items that you need to avoid going on a trip with.

1. Certain Snacks

granola bars

Of course you its a good idea to bring along snacks with you on your journey, but with that in mind you need to make sure you are not eating more than you usually would. You can quickly go through bags of junk food and end up feeling terrible by the end of your journey. So you could balance out the unhealthy options with some healthy ones, bring fruit, granola bars, bagged nuts etc.

I’d avoid food that you need to cook, because you won’t have the kitchen tools that you need use to make it.

In addition, bringing drinks like carbonated drinks are a risk. These drinks will get shaken up as you journey and there is a chance it will burst while you try to open them in the car, spilling all over the place.

2. Hair Products for Styling

shampoo and conditioner

Obviously you will need the hair to look good as you are traveling, but try not to bring to many products. 

It can take up loads of space in your bags and there is always more risk that it will spill all over the place. And its very likely you will use hundreds of shampoos in a week anyway, less can sometimes be more.

So try to stick to basic, shampoo and conditioner combination. No need to bring much more than that really.

If you think about it, hotels have hair dryers already there, and they also have lots of extras you can use for free!

Its all about managing space and to many hair products can be a pain and quickly weigh down your bags.

3. Magazines, Books, and Other Reading Material


And on the subject of managing your space, books and mags will quickly take up room in your cars and suitcases. Especially once you bring start bringing quite a few, they are heavy and can be big. 

So we would recommend a type of e-reader or an Amazon Kindle. They will be great for reading and have all the books you could need in one place, they are light and small, taking up no space at all. Compared to a big clunky hard back book.

4. A Different Outfit for Each Day


This is a most common cause for packing headaches, to many clothes! You don’n in our opinion need a brand new outfit for every single day of your holiday. This is because you have the option to use the hotel laundry room to wash your clothes so you can re wear them on holiday!

Even your huge suitcases will fill up so fast if you bring hundreds of clothes with you, if you hotel does not have a laundry then look for a launderette nearby which is affordable and convenient. This means you can re-use your clothes and saving you so much space in your car and suitcases.  

Another tip would be to mix and match your clothes and tops and bottoms, so you are not wearing the same stuff, so its still different. 

5. Too Many Clothes Made of Denim


Denim is always a great choice to bring on your trip, hard wearing, tough and fashionable. But the issue starts when each family member brings three or four pairs of jeans jean shorts, skirts etc. This is because they are bulky and heavy, and take up loads of room. 

So the advice is just take two pairs, and instead bring lighter options like leggings and shorts made of other materials like cotton and linen. 

One other issue is that if you do take many denim items, hotel drying will take much longer to dry so the option to use their launderette becomes less effective. So with that in mind, try to bring less denim if you can bear it!.

6. Shoes That Are Uncomfortable or Impractical


Another important thing to think about are your shoes!

When travelling don’t bring shoes like the heels and new pairs that you just bought, and have not worn in. 

This is because when travelling you want to be comfortable, this is less likely with new shoes as they have not been worn in. Shoes are also heavy and bulky especially if you bring to many, they take up room in your car and in your caravan or place of stay. There’s no need to bring more than what you really need. 

In our opinion some smart sneakers and a nice pair of sandals will sort you out fine. That way you will have plenty of space and room in your vehicle.  

So in our opinion comfort first fashion second 

7. Nice Clothes or Jewelry

gold ring

This is something to think about and really is dependent on your own choice of risk. But no matter how safe you think you are and how its never happened before, when travelling its always a risk that your expensive luxury items could be stolen away. And in certain countries this is a larger risk than others which is something you need to bear in mind. 

So we would say leave the flashy jewelry and watches at home instead bring a cheaper reliable watch that you would not be as worried about going missing.  Because that expensive bracelet or Rolex watch will stand out in certain parts of the world and not in a good way, and could be a target for gangs or a thief who sees an opportunity.


8. Items You’ll Need “Just in Case”


When thinking about a road trip, its tempting to go around your home throwing extra things in the suitcase saying oh i might need this ‘just in case’ this thing happens. So before you know it you can have skiis, boots for snow, three raincoats etc. If you are realistic about your vacation spot and check the weather and that way you don’t need to panic about the possible 1/1000 chance of it snowing in spain!

Because these things really add up and take up space and time, slowing you down in the mornings getting through all the extras. Just bear in mind these things hardly ever happen, so don’t panic and pack what you need.



9. More Than Two Electronic Devices

Tablets for Kids

We all are attached to the hip with our cell phones, but really think about it, along with you phone do you need that extra laptop? 

I understand you may need to bring a kindle for your children to keep them occupied, but other than that keep your extra laptops computers more phones and to many electronic devices at home.

In our opinion limit it, firstly for a security reason, if you have lots of expensive electronic equipment left at your hotel when you are out its a risk no matter how much you trust the staff. Or if you are leaving the laptop in your car and its seen by someone again its a risk that a thief may break in. If you are travelling you will not know the area well and the crime rates.

Along with that its just an added distraction for you, you don’t want to be spending more time than you need on devices since we all do that at home, keep the devices at home and enjoy your holiday because you may miss out on fun and memories by being distracted.