What Kind Of Bike Should I Get

Going to work, going for a walk with the family, visiting a region, playing a sport or starting a regular physical activity. we all have a good reason to get on a bicycle! Depending on the use you want to make of it, which bike to choose? All the information you need to choose a frame adapted to your practice.

For the city: an urban bike

Do you want to make your daily trips by bike?

Go to the office or do small errands?

You might opt for a Dutch bike. Simple, robust and comfortable, it has only one speed and braking is done by backpedaling. Like all urban bikes, the user’s position is upright.

As comfortable as the previous one, but with a more contemporary design, the city bike can accommodate several types of frames, although the most common model is the aluminum gooseneck. If you also have to use public transport, the folding bike is ultra-practical! And if you plan to take your kids to school, consider investing in a special scooter or cargo bike.

The fat-bike is a mountain bike with very wide tires, with excellent grip on difficult terrain such as snow, sand or mud. Versatile, the gravel is a cross between the racing bike, the mountain bike and the travel bike.

To ride fast and far: the racing bike

Also called a road bike, the racing bike involves sport. As the name implies, it is made for those who want to go fast and far. Equipped with a light frame and numerous speeds, it allows you to pedal at your own pace whatever the terrain. Its thin tires limit friction on the asphalt.

What better way to discover landscapes and meet their inhabitants than by traveling by bicycle?

Depending on the time available, the bike ride can last from a day to several days, even several months for the more enthusiastic. Designed to withstand heavy loads, the Touring Bike is a sturdy travel bike equipped with mudguards and plenty of luggage racks. It allows you to make the longest journeys. The hiker is ideal for short to medium stays, on paved roads and with light luggage. Properly equipped, the VTC or all-terrain bike can be sufficient for a week of cycling holidays, without excess luggage.

To do a bit of everything: gravel

Riding in town by jumping the sidewalks, pedaling on the road for long hikes, practicing the trails in the undergrowth, off-roading gravel allows multiple cycling. It is indeed a mix between road cycling, mountain biking and cyclo-cross. A real bike built for adventure.

Choose between several pedal assistance settings depending on the effort you want to provide. Ideal when you want to get back to sports. With great autonomy, the VAE has become the preferred means of transportation for seniors.

For longer, inter-urban journeys, the choice of a VTC is particularly interesting: robust and versatile, it will allow you to make medium-distance journeys. The suspension fork fitted to this type of model provides additional comfort. You can easily attach accessories such as baskets or baby carriers.

The fixie is particularly popular with young city dwellers to get to work: it has the qualities of an urban bike (light, easily manoeuvrable, short handlebars) but remains reserved for those who are more comfortable on the bike.

Others will prefer the folding bike: practical in the metro or to take it to the office, it may be suitable for shorter distances.

For cycling and hiking

Pedaling on the paths of France and Navarre is not done on just any bike! The most important point: choose a reliable and robust bike.

Cycling to lose weight is easy!

An endurance sport accessible to all, cycling can fully participate in weight loss and help to “rebuild your physique” How?

Which one to choose: mountain bike, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, recumbent bike, electric bike?

You will choose your bike according to the practice.

Mountain biking

This Mountain Bike is ideal for venturing off the beaten track. It is recommended for those who appreciate the joys of sport in the forest.

Elliptical trainer. The elliptical trainers have the advantage of making you work the whole body because, in addition to activating the legs, thighs and buttocks, it puts a lot of stress on the arms, shoulders and abs. 80% of the muscles are in motion. “It has the advantage of not being traumatic and of having no contraindication”, remarks our expert.

Training bike

It allows multiple uses: it is an ally to reconnect with sporting practice, talk between two workouts, refine your silhouette, muscles your lower limbs all without risk for your joints.

Semi-recumbent bike

Due to the horizontal position, the comfort is increased, the back much better supported. The interest? To be able to carry out longer workouts and thus burn more calories, target work on strengthening the muscles of the legs and improving your endurance and your breathing capacities.

How long to do it?

Ideally, the recommended practice is once or twice a week, at a moderate pace, for a minimum of 30 min.

How to adjust your saddle?

Place your pedals level and place a plumb bob next to your knee. This must pass through the axis of the pedal. If it goes in front you will have to move your saddle back, if it is behind you have to move it forward.