What do you need to Pack for a Family Trip? 2021 Guide

So you have thought the time is right to take the family in the car and go off for a trip. But now what? The first thing you need to do is plan, because you have to be prepared for it all when you are going away with kids. 

It doesn’t matter the age, its a guaranteed that there will be surprises along the way, so with that in mind you ned to be prepared for this, and make like for all of you as stress free as possible.

The depending factors are how long you have to drive, and how many children you have. You need to think about bringing items to keep your car clean, and also your kids occupied as possible, the space in your car can be little, there are some must haves that will be helpful to you on the journey.

Bringing these can make a big difference in your trip, so if you want to make your trip that much easier take a look at our list below.

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Plastic Garbage Bag for Each Child

You are most likely thinking why these bags are needed, and the answer is. Kids can take these bags and put their own rubbish in it, so when you need to do a quick stop it takes no time at all to empty it in a bin and will quickly and effectively keep your car much cleaner.

With no bags in your car, your kids could be tempted to chuck the rubbish on the floor of your car, on purpose or accidentally. Or stuff them all into one bag which could overflow. By them each having their own bag it gives them responsibility to keep there own rubbish tidy. And will keep your car tidy at the same time

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2. Plenty of Water


Now days, bringing water is as easy as ever, there are hundreds of options. But we would recommend bringing quite a bit (at least 2 gallons) with you as it very useful not only for drinking.

You can use it for cleaning dirty fingers when your kids have been eating messy foods, and also when the adults have eaten messy foods too!

Just get the water on a damp cloth and wipe faces hands and necks. 

And of course a lot of water is always needed for refilling your kids water bottles, if its a hot day you will need more water, and bringing some spare water jugs you will reduce the rate of hydration 

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3. Wet Wipes


No matter what age your kids are, wet wipes can be used in so many ways on a long trip. Uses like wiping your face, hands, cleaning seats, clothes and windows. Wet wipes really are a great general purpose.

Its perfect for cleaning up messes in your car when a drink is spilled and can be used to make sure the smallest hands in the car are clean. 

Really if you haven’t used them bring a pack on your next trip and you will see for yourself just how useful they are.

You will likely find uses for them, that you never thought about until it happens, and things we have not listed here.

And of course the most popular use, changing the baby’s diaper, there are also options to make your own wet wipes with good quality kitchen roll, and getting an eco friendly brand if you are concerned about the affect of wet wipes on the environment 

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4. Flashlights 


As we know travelling with children they can get bored rather quickly. If you’re driving in  the night giving them fun things to do. Giving each child a flashlight to play with which can be used to help reading if its to dark. 

It can be challenging at night when the kids can’t see much so you will find they will find many ways to use the flashlights to play, and flashlights come with lots of fun colors designed and shapes which can make them fun to use and practical at the same time.

And of course being stocked up on flashlights are very useful for the adults in the car, if something has been dropped, perhaps money or something of value then when its dark a flashlight is so useful. And you will be glad that you brought it along.

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5. A Headphone Splitter

Headphone Splitter

Do you have a vehicle that had the ability to show movies with an in built system. If so then a headphone splitter is needed. As headphones are a must, and a splitter can allow two to use it at the same time letting them hear the movie without distracting the rest of the vehicle passengers.

The best thing is that these spiltters are very cheap, and you can get one starting at 5 dollars. 

And to add to that splitters are also able to accommodate up to 5 head phones at one time.

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6. Paper products


When you are getting ready for the trip, don’t forget to bring paper products.Such as paper towels, toilet roll and tissues. Each one of these are good in there own right and are very co

st effective.

They don’t take up a big amount of space in your car and will stay useful because they have many uses. Just like wet wipes you will always find a use for paper goods.

Paper good are great for kids for cleaning and wiping their faces. They are good if your children have sensitive skin for the wet wipes, which may have a fragrance. So all you need is paper and water and it will do a good job. of course if anyone needs a sneeze or one of the kids has a running nose than tissues are a must have.

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7. Glow Sticks

Kids love to play with these, and not only are they a fun and will keep your child occupied in the car. On a night journey they can be fun for kids to make games with the glow sticks. They can also make kids a little more secure at night in a new environment as a toy night light. It may help them sleep for the night.

Another good point is that they are very cost effective and you can buy them in bulk with all the different colors at a low price. These can be a good surprise to pop out if the kids start to get restless on the trip.

If you couldn’t buy one online then the other good point is that they are available all over, in most tourist shop you visit these will be there.

They are simple to use for the kids, all they need to do is give them a snap and gently massage them and away we go. 

One thing to add is that they do only last a few hours at  a time with strong light before getting dimmer and dimmer, so bring a good amount of stock for the trip. They take up no room at all and weigh next to nothing, so this should be no problem

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8. Dust pan with brush


A broom or hand held dust pan and brush, just a small one can be fine, but bringing on of these have many uses. So if you have all been the beach and don’t get all the sand off you all, then a small brush can be a lifesaver. Just use one and the sand can be dealt with in no time at all. Getting rid of that uncomfortable sand which can be a nightmare.

A little broom will quickly get rid of all that, and anything else that occurs on the trip, before it all builds up.

It can keep your vehicle very well maintained, you can get the kids to help out clean their own mess.  A small broom will take up no room at all and the benefits will make yo

u glad you brought this simple cleaning tool with you.

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9. Pillows and Blankets

 Last of all, even on those smaller trips there is always need to travel in comfort. Whether that is you need to have a nap of just lay back and rest your eyes, things will be easier if you have a travel pillow with you. 

Bringing a few pillow with you on a journey can help the kids relax and maybe fall asleep whenever they want. its a great option to have.

If you plan on driving during the night then the helpfulness of this pillow increases as the kids will need a nice nap during the night drive giving you the adults a peaceful journey. And during the cold winter drives a blanket will keep the cosy and warm.

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10. Small Plastic Bags 


Little plastic reusable bags can have many uses. From sealing away snacks, like nuts dried fruit and other food products. Added to that you can use them for the kids toys and accessories. Things like pens, small toys, puzzles  etc.

Small reusable plastic bagsKeeping them in these little bags means they will not spill out onto the floor when going in and out of the bags on you trip. The idea of a puzzle falling on the floor in the middle of a night drive is not an ideal one!

You can get these bags in all sort of sizes to fit your own personal needs.

You can double bag them, you can put 3 smaller ones inside a larger bag and many other useful things to help keep your stuff organised and tidy

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