What are the Best Thule Bike Racks

In a hurry?
In a hurry?
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As we know cycling is fun and great exercise for both your mind and body. But finding the correct bike rack for your bike can sometimes be a struggle. So here today we can through what we believe on the most reliable brand names on the market in Thule. 

They are a high quality company who have made a name for themselves delivering quality long lasting products. 

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Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack

This option is a premium hanging hitch styled bike rack.  This bike rack offers superior bike stability and they are fit with high quality anti-sway cradles. With both of these it really gives your bike safety and peace of mind against bouncing around in transit. While with a cheaper option this may happen.

It also has a very useful integrated cable lock keeping the bike safe a secure, this locks the bike safely to your vehicle.

With this Thule Apex Bike Hitch you can quickly secure and its very simple because of the ratcheting cradle strap. 

When not in use the bike arms fold down, so you do keep taking it on and off when not used, which is useful! The Rack tilts down, like many thule brands so theres easy access to the rear of the vehicle.

This bike rack is suitable for many different types of bike and will take any bike you try on it!

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Thule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike Rack

This smart looking Thule bike rack is a strong secure and easy to use bike rack. Its a premium hanging style, and you can load 2 bikes on this.

This Thule has a  Patented FitDial, which gives and guarantees a perfect fit on your vehicle.

The narrow cradle arms mean this will hold a variety of bike frames, including smaller childrens bikes, so this bike rack is a good choice for families. And this bike rack also has soft cradles which secure bikes in place and absorb shock during transit. 

This trendy quality looking bike rack has a lockable cable secure bike to carrier and carrier locks to vehicle. And with this you have locks included. 

The Rack is easy to install and a quick tool-free installation, along with that the molded rubber pads provide great vehicle protection 

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Thule Camber Hitch Bike Rack


This thule camber is hanging hitch mount bike carrier again suits 2 bikes. And it has a useful rack tilts down and for the rear of vehicle access. 

This bike rack is suited to fit a 1.25 inch or 2 inch hitch receivers. As with all thule bike racks it offers superior bike stability and fit, and this one offers an integrated anti sway cradles, which prevents bike to bike contact which could cause damage to your bike. 

The straps mean it easy and quick to attach, and secure.  Including a nice compact design which means it fits  avariety of sized bikes and frame sizes. So if you want a simple effective bike rack that carries the quality that thule hold, then this one is a perfect choice we believe. 


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Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier

This is entry level thule strap rack, featuring thules Stay-Put anti-sway cages, it also includes the patended Fitdial hub. Which gives it a precise fit, with fold down arms meaning its not taking up space when not in use. 

Its Thule passage Bike Trunk Mount Carrier is a very simple to install rack, and use carrier. With some great added features which really add value to what you are paying for. Which really is a good option for an up and coming family who love the great outdoors, going out for bike rides and being active.

This can be used to rack up two or three bikes at the rear exterior of the vehicle, and it has strong rubber cradles that completely protect the bikes frame, while also holding it secure with the patented FitDial hub. And it also includes an anti sway feature to prevent bike to bike contact again this one has narrow cradle arms that can be useful for smaller childs bike as well of adult sized bikes, so it fits everything you could need.

Thule 910XT Passage 2-Bike Trunk Mount Carrier mounted on a car trunk


Quality Multi-Bike Trunk Carrying Capacity

This Rack has 2-bike and 3-Bike carrying bicyle carrying capacity. They use Thules easy patended FitDial system, that all Thules have. Which means a perfect fit onto your vehicle and a quick installation. This also includes an exclusive push-button feature for attaching carrier arms. And twisting them to the side when they are not used to save space and make it look smart when not being used.The Thule Rack also provides you with a stable fit, to your vehicle because has six straps, and a smart black straps, that looks so good on any vehicle.  

The interior hub of the Thule Passage 2-Bike Trunk Mount Carrier showing the FitDial adjustment feature

The FitDial adjustment feature means a fast, perfect fit to every vehicle.


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Final thoughts 

 We chose only Trunk racks in general on this website because they do not require a roof rack. And they are so easy to install. 

This makes them the most common and popular types of racks, but this to many makes being poorer, and not stable. Sometimes leading to bike on bike damage. So we recommend Thule as the go to brand for trunk racks. They don’t have these issues with its no sway no hassle usability. 

They all have the FitDial patent, along with its quality design and materials makes them a good choice for anyone. The FitDial stops the trial and error and worry about if the rack will fit your car, as the FitDial takes away that worry about how the rack will lay against your vehicle.  They come with a one-button feature for carrier arms, which gives instant installation, removal and moving the arms out of the way for when you need to park the car.

And very impressive is the no-sway cage feature that many Thule come with. Attaching and extending down below the rubber cradles that hold up the bike frame, to the carrier arms. This massively reduces frame movement front to back and side to side