Volkswagen T-Roc Bike Rack Buyers Guide

Do you need a Volkswagen T-Roc Bike Rack Buyers Guide 2021

If so welcome to this page, and look though this guide, its all you will really need

Do you need to hang your bikes on your garage wall for more space? IF so check out our guide here

So you are ready and fully packed, getting ready for your biking trip in your Volkswagen T-roc,  but stop you need more room. You can’t put your bike into the VW, you for sure need a bike rack to get you bikes where you need.

These guides are fully researched and up to date, with your specific car and bike rack needs.

Is there really one bike rack that you will fit your Volkswagen T-Roc ? 

Well of course not, there are so many different options that would fit your Volkswagen T-Roc, so keep reading and we will list out the best picks in 2021 for you.

As you may or may not be aware, there are three main types of racks that you could chose from 

  • The rear mounted
  • Roof mounted
  • And if you need it, the tow-bar mounted carrier.

But today, we are looking at the rear and tow bar carriers

Volkswagen T-Roc Bike Rack Buyers Guide

First on our list: Saris Bones EX Trunk Bike Rack Carrier, Mount 2 Bikes, Black




  • Compatible with your t-roc and other suv’s
  • Tried-and-tested design, very common design, easy to fit and start.


  • Some times it can restrict rear window visibility

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It is a best Fit Around compatible with the largest array of popular vehicles Unique dog leg fits over most spoilers including those on popular sedans hatchbacks and SUVs

This rack, is lightweight at 11 lbs Rack carries 2 bikes (35/bike)

Get ready for VIP Treatment premium bike hold downs that are easy to use and quick to load

It really has Arc–based design separates bikes on different levels Articulated rubber feet to protect paint

Totally Strong & Rust-Free injection-molded arms and legs keep the rack solid for years to come built with 100% recyclable materials

A top Best Volkswagen T-Roc Bike Rack 




Next we have Thule Gateway Pro Trunk Bike Carrier




  • One of the more affordable rear mounted bike carrier
  • This one Doesn’t restrict visibility or access to the boot
  • Very Easy to use
  • Lockable, if you guy the thule lock


  • It will only carry one bike
  • The carbon frame protector not included, and is an extra price



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Really strong and secure hanging-style trunk bike carrier for 1-2 bikes

Will be able to Secure fit to vehicle with 6-strap tightening system

Fantastic integrated anti-sway cradles and 7″ of spacing between bikes prevents contact

Thule designed compact cradle design accommodates a wide variety of bikes and frames

Comes with a quick and easy, tool-free installation

Strong Thule Lock bikes to the bike rack with integrated cable lock

We think its one of the Best Volkswagen T-Roc Bike Rack ‘s, and thule is a really good brand.



Number three is the  Saris Bones, EX, and Super Bike Rack Trunk or Hitch Carrier, Mount 2-4 Bicycles



  • It will be compatible with your t-roc, and it fits many different suvs
  • Tried-and-tested design, which is a solid pick for you.


  • May restrict your rear window view

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The Best fit around: compatible with the largest array of popular vehicles, including those with spoilers.

Get VIP Treatment: premium bike hold downs that are easy to use and quick to load.

Really nice Clean, Sleek Look: integrated strap management eliminates flapping straps. Built with 100% recyclable materials

Totally Strong & Rust-Free: injection-molded arms and legs keep the rack solid for years to come.

The Saris bones has Has the largest vehicle compatibility of any trunk rack on the market – consult the Saris Fit Guide for approved fits

IT is one of the Best Volkswagen T-Roc Bike Rack ‘s


Number four is the Thule 927002 Velocompact 3 bikes



  • Thule brand, very high quality
  • Lockable, thule patented lock
  • Tilting design provides access to boot


  • Only has capacity for two bikes–you will need a tow ball

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Comes with easy mounting and adjustment of the carrier before closing the tightening handle thanks to the tow bar coupling’s initial stability

Totally possible to increase the load capacity to four bikes by adding a 4TH bike adapter

Very easy mounting of bikes through detachable bike arms with lockable knobs

Thule Bike Rack, carries bikes with large wheelbases thanks to single action extendable wheel holders

This rack has very easy trunk access even with bikes mounted, thanks to Smart foot pedal tilt

It is One of the Best Volkswagen T-Roc Bike Rack ‘s on the market



And number five we have Allen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Carrier



  • Innovative design, with Allen sports its a patented fitting 
  • Quick to install and remove, really simple
  • light weight and easy to use 


  • More pricey compared to others

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A top class patent pending design fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and SUV’s consult manufacturer web site for specific vehicle fit information

Another Patented quick snap set up design allow for super quick set up right out of the box

Comes with 12 inch Long Carry Arms easily accommodate up to 2 bicycles (70 LB Max capacity)

Strong Individual Dual Compound tie down cradles secure and protect bicycles; 2 patented sure strap lower straps keeps bottom hooks in place during use

We think One of the Best Rear Mounted Bike Carrier

Comes with Extra large car pads help to distribute bicycles load and protect vehicle finish

We recommend this Allen rack as One of the Best Volkswagen T-Roc Bike Rack ‘s


Six is the Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Trunk Mounted Bike Rack



  • Quick to install and remove, the holly wood is a great choice because of this


  • Can restrict rear window visibility, so keep that in mind



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It will feature high rise adjustable frame designed for SUV’s, Hatchbacks and cars with spoilers. Includes 3 different types of attachment straps to ensure the right fit for your vehicle

The holly wood rack has Rubber anti-sway bike cradles and EPDM rubber straps hold up to 3 bikes firmly in place; Comes fully pre-assembled; Folds flat for easy storage in your trunk or garage

Don’t worry because kids bikes, ladies frame bikes and some mountain bikes may require a top tube adapter to fit on the rack

Make sure to Check vehicle Fitguide to ensure the rack will work for your vehicle


And last at seven we have the Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Black 1-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier



  • Simplistic design, nice a easy to fit
  • Quick to install and remove
  • Compact and light


  • It Can restrict rear window visibility



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The rack is 100% assembled. and will fit your Volkswagen t-roc. Fits most Sedans/Hatchbacks/Minivans and SUV’s. (Not recommended for vehicles equipped with rear spoilers.)

It has One bike capacity with sturdy and handy construction. Padded lower frame keeps bicycles away from vehicle. (Safety strap included.) SO make sure you know this

Really nice individual soft cradles made to protect your bike frame and secure your bike with ratchet buckles. OE standard black E-Coating for rust resistance. Foldable carry arms when not in use.

Very Easy installation in minutes. (DIY instruction included in package.)

This has TYGER No-Hassle Limited Lifetime Warranty!


The very Best Bike Rack for a Volkswagen T-Roc – Buyers Guide 2021


Are you looking for a lock for your T-roc?

If so check out some of these locks below. they are tough and incredibly durable. Making your travels so much more secure and giving you peace of mind when you visit new places.

Look below as we have hand picks these locks

Think about buying a good quality lock as it could save you the cost of a bike.


A quick guide: how to get started locking your bike 

So if you want to learn how to secure your bike to car bike rack, this will save you so much potential money and heart break if your prized bike was stolen. 
If you are unsure on how to get started then check out our little guide here. 

Make sure you know that what you are locking your bike on to is strong, and stable

 Don’t leave anything that can be taken off your bike, and accessories! a thief may be attracted if they see a smart device on your bike

 Make sure you ese a U–lock to lock your back tire and the frame on to the pole. then you to lace the cable through the front tire. 

If you have a different styled bike then below you need to-

 Remove your front wheel and place it next to your rear wheel if  you need to



In conclusion

A bike rack is a great thing to have on your Volkswagen T-roc, which will be the thing that allows you and your friends and family to get outside! and explore with your bike, its really something you have to have if you enjoy bike riding.

So choosing a good bike rack is one that you need to think about, you need to consider how many bikes, your budget, what vehicle you have etc 

So I hope you enjoyed our list we hand picked some racks that will fit your Volkswagen T-roc and let the wold be your oyster 

Happy riding!