Jeep Wrangler Best Bike Rack Guide In 2022

A trip out on your bike can be one that takes up you day. And there is no chance everything you need will fit in the car with your bikes.

And believe me i have tried to do this, and it was a pain.

But a bike rack can change all of that.

So in this guide here, i will go over the best bike rack for your Jeep Wrangler.

If you just want my top pick, and be on your way, well i got you. 

Check out the Thule 963 Pro Spare Me 2 Spare Tire Carrier on Amazon today, for its latest price. 

Biking trips are all day adventures. Ain’t no way you can pack all your stuff in the trunk with your bikes.

Trust me I’ve tried and it wasn’t working. A bike rack makes life so much easier.


I spent 90 hours researching for the perfect bike rack for a Jeep Wrangler….

…if you’re in a rush the best bike rack for Jeep Wrangler is the Thule 963 Pro Spare Me 2 Spare Tire Carrier.

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The reason is that its a top rack that will perfects fit your Jeep Wrangler. 

It will last years and years as its a tough and durable bike rack.

It can handle anything that you throw at it.

And that’s not your only choice. 

If you want to keep reading  we will go over some more bike racks that i have personally reviewed so you don’t have to.

Do you need to hang your bikes on your garage wall for more space? IF so check out our guide here



Best Bike Racks For Jeep Wranglers 2020

A quick run down of some of the racks i review are below.

  1. Thule 963PRO Spare Me 2 Spare Tire Carrier
  2. Kuat Transfer 2 Bike Rack
  3. Yakima Spare Tire Bike Rack
  4. Hollywood SR1 Spare Tire Rack
  5. Rhino-Rack Spare Tire Bike Carrier
  6. Allen Sports Deluxe Two Bike Spare Tire Mounted Rack

Thule 963PRO Spare Me 2 Spare Tire Carrier

Thule 963PRO Spare Me 2 Spare Tire Carrier

My guy instinct was to first show you and review this Thule 963pro. Its perfect for your jeep wrangler. It fits and is designed to go on a jeep wrangler. It will fit nicely on the spare tire, and its extremly secure once you put it there.

The best bit is that it will fit any tire size that you try to fit it on. 

This is because as usually Thule have thought ahead and there is an universal adapter that makes it possible for it to fit any size wheel. 

It may be that you have an oversized wheel, if so that this would be a great choice for you jeep.

A few issues you should consider is that the rubber straps will wear down over time. So after a while, you will also have to buy replacements.


  • It will hold 2 bikes and comes with a universal adapter for different sizes
  • Includes a world class locking system, great security 
  • When not in use, you can fold the arms down for a sleek look, as is standard for Thule
  • Thule provides a Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Really Easy Installation


Kuat Transfer 2 Bike Rack

Kuat Transfer 2 Bike Rack

This Bike rack is a fantastic choice for your Jeep Wrangler. As with all on this list its a hitch bike rack.

What’s great that unlike other jeep wrangler bike racks, this one lets you pack three bikes on.

It holds the bike by the wheel, which is one of the safest methods, and will prevent damage.

And also this bike rack will fit kids bikes, female bikes etc. 

So no worries there this rack will hold it on your trip.

And this kuat bike rack will keep your Jeep wrangler safe from damage as there is no contact with the frame, its very secure.

The Pros

  • It can hold up to 3 bikes
  • This will hold any style of bike frame
  • The bike racks arms tuck in when not used
  • It is low to the ground allowing easy loading
  • The Cons
  • To get a Lock, its an extra cost, 
  • Because of the length added to the back of the vehicle, not recommended for extensive off-road use

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon


Yakima Spare Tire Bike Rack

Next up is another titan of the bike rack and outdoor industry the Yakima brand. 

I really believe this is a great choice for your Jeep Wrangler, the Yakima spare tire bike back is a strong good value option.

They have released this which will fit you Jeep well, it has a design which is a simple installation, and 100% pre assembled with no tools needed.

If you are feeling thirsty, well it has a built in bottle opener! What more could you ask for.

They have quality patented safety design which stopa damage to your bike.

Plus that as Yakima is a huge brand there are always a number of accessories that will get you exactly what you need. 

Who doesn’t like an ice-cold beverage after a long ride with friends?

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a stock spare tire you should consider another bike rack on this list.


  • Hold up to 2 bikes
  • Easy installation
  • Yakima has included a bottle opener on this model


  • Does not fit all spare tire sizes

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Hollywood SR1 Spare Tire Rack

Hollywood SR1 Spare Tire Rack

This bike rack will fit your jeep wrangler and will look sleek and tidy looking. The smart bike rack design has arms that fold away. 

The Hollywood rack will fit up to 2 bikes which is useful if you not a solo ride, with a maximum weight of 35 pounds so bear that in mind.

The Hollywood bike rack is a more mid budget option for you and your jeep wrangler. 

Its strong and secure meaning if you want to drive off road and bump around. no problems this bike rack will keep your bike safe from any damage.


  • Fits up to 2 35lb bikes
  • It Comes fully assembled
  • The Arms adjust for side mounted tires
  • Foldable arms when not in use


Rhino-Rack Spare Tire Bike Carrier

Rhino-Rack Spare Tire Bike Carrier

Next up on our list the Rhino-Rack

This rack is fully adjustable no matter where you place the spare tire on the back of your car, so it will fit a jeep wrangler plus any other brand of car which has a spare on the back.

This rack is really quick to strap on the wheel and will take up to two bikes at a time.

Its fully assembled and no tools will be needed to fit it.

And along with those great points its coated in 100% anti rust paint, which will last you years of use.

Bear in mind: 

Because of the quick strap on technology they recommend not to be do heavy off road use, compared to some of the other bike racks.

Do keep in mind, Rhino-Rack does not recommend heavy off-road use. This is because strap-on technology tends to be less secure than bolting the rack secure.

The Pros

  • Clever strap-on technology allows for quick and easy installation
  • This rack allows for 2 bikes to be carried
  • You have the ability to fold down if it is not being used
  • Has a weather proof coating, saving you from rust.
  • Mid-range price point

The Cons

Allen Sports Deluxe Two Bike Spare Tire Mounted Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe Two Bike Spare Tire Mounted Rack

Next up we have this, the Allen sports deluxe spare tire rack, which is a solid option to fit your jeep wrangler, it has a patented carry design which allows it to fit on nearly all tire sized.

This is a good option if you want it to fit your jeep wrangler plus you other vehicles you may have, making it a great multipurpose bike rack.

Its solid design and stability will keep your bike rack safe

All that considered its also the cheapest out of all of the options, so making it a great all round option for a bike rack.


  • The durable design meant to last for years of use
  • Cheapest on the list



  • Arms will not collapse
  • You Will need to provide own locking systems

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Things To Consider Before You Buy

So before you go out and buy one and you are still reading i have thought of some questions you may have before you go any further. 

So keep reading and together we will get the best bike rack for you today

Keep reading so you can choose the best bike rack for you!

What Sets a Bike Rack Apart?

There are some important factors that you need to consider before you go ahead and buy a rack for your jeep wrangler.

Its important that you really figure out what makes a good bike rack for you and i hope we have been helpful in doing that for you.

So with that said what makes a good bike rack?

Recent studies have found that a bike rack can decrease your MPG and you need to think about the weight of the bike rack and where you place it and the affects this will have on your cars fuel consumption.

How many bikes you take all have an affect on MPG.

Mounting Styles for Jeep Wrangler

As you may know the four styles of a bike rack are listed below

The four styles are:

  • Roof Rack
  • Spare Tire Rack
  • Hitch Mount Rack
  • Trunk Rack

Each rack has its pluses and minuses, and all are good in there own way.

But when it comes to buying and what you need i have thought about this and our list have only put on spare tire mounted racks and hitch racks.

As these we believe are the most suitable for you.

Spare Tire Mounted Racks

So here we go and the most common on our review page today is the spare tire mounted rack for the Jeep Wrangler.

It fits straight onto the spare tire with little fuss, and you get access to the back of your jeep with no issues at all.

The only strong negative that you need to consider is that mounting bikes to this styled bike rack will only allow a maximum of two bikes. Which may or may not suit your needs.

Hitch Mount Bike Racks

The other style that we picked in this guide was the hitch mounted bike rack, a great option.

This is because it can firstly allow you t mount sometimes up to four bikes on it.

And along with that it lets you go off-road and really test your jeep wrangler without the worry of it coming off. 

This is because hitch mounted racks are usually built to withstand more instability.

They can be more expensive because of this so please bear that in mind.

But it could be the perfect fit you.

Final thoughts

So like i said when i started if i had to pick my number one choice that would be the Thule pro bike rack.

It is a fantastic option for your jeep wrangler and the points I went over in the review really set it apart from the others, but that is my personally preference the others on the list you can believe me are great too.

So no matter where you go you can really count on Thule as a brand to deliver for bike racks they are in my opinion the premium option in the market and will not let you down.

I hope you found my guide useful and you find the best bike rack for your Jeep Wrangler as soon as possible