Perfect Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy on Road Trips

The Perfect Car Gadgets That Can Keep Your Kids Happy on Those Long Road Trips 2020

Mum, Dad! How much longer? Are we near yet? We have all heard these kinds of questions when travelling with families. Lets be honest children have short attention spans, and need something to keep them occupied. Are you looking for some great accessories for your bike if so check out our guide here

But due to lovely inventions and gadgets it can make your life a little easier.

So if you are wondering what is available then keep reading, every year there is more and more technology with better options are variations.

It can be alot to keep track of them all so we hope we can help you with our list of products which is updated to keep track of the latest on offer, to keep your kids occupied on those long journeys.

That will hopefully give you peace and quiet so you can concentrate on the driving!

1. Tablets

Tablets for KidsThe first choice and number one on the list is a tablet, but did you know that there are tablets designed just for kids? This offering from amazon is the kids kindle.

Its completely kid safe and all the apps are age appropriate, and it able to be used offline as long as you have downloaded the apps needed

They are very robust and i have personally experience with this as my child owns one,  it can take drops and not break. They are very tough and  if somehow your child does break it, well it come with a warranty, that if it gets damaged in any way they will replace it no question asked.

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2. Headphones

Headphones for KidsLike the tablet above owning a pair of headphones can really be a great choice to bring along with you. Kid headphones are usually smaller and along with that can be cheaper

They can come in a variety of designs and colors, from your kids favorite color to their top TV characters.

We would recommend going for a good brand and not a cheap pair that may break quickly or have poor sound quality.

You can use them for audiobooks or of course music.

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3. Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras for KidsCameras are fun for all of us, and that includes kids, and very small kids. They can be designed by having large buttons and being very colorful.

Don’t be mistaken these cameras may look like toys, but they can take some very good photos and can be enhanced to come out very well if you have the software on your computer.

Lots of these cameras come with activity books , and sticker books to help keep them entertained, and build up their portfolio of pictures!

A great fun way to learn how to take photos and will keep your children busy

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4. Interactive Puzzles

Interactive Puzzles for KidsWhile you are thinking of your next gadget to keep your kids occupied, don’t forget the interactive puzzle. Puzzles can come in a variety of different ways, from mind teasers, to animals to globe puzzle etc.

There is a puzzle that fits every need and you ill find what you are looking for online.

A lot of fun as well as working you kids brains out while they are travelling

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5. Apps Made for Road Trips

Apps Made for Road TripsSo another thing to think about are apps! There are thousands available for travelling and having fun on journeys. They ranged from scavengers hunts to other outdoors games like Pokemon go.

It doesn’t matter your child’s interest because there will be something to fit you. Because of the vast amount of choice on the app marketplace you will for sure find what you are looking for.

They can work on Ios and Andriod phones so whatever your device you can rest assured it will work.

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6. Kids’ Audiobooks

Who Was Dr SeussSome kids love to read, and while you can read in a moving car it can prove to be harder to keep concentrated while moving in  a vehicle.An audio book can help fill that void by making it easy for children to absorb a book while relaxing and looking out the window.

Audio books are available for nearly every single popular book out there, so rest assured harry potter will be one available for your kids on the journey. And they are usually very long so they will keep them entertained for hours!

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7. National Geographic Road Maps/Activities

National Geographic Road MapsCompanies make road maps designed for children that can hep them and you learn about the places you are visiting, but along with that they also include fun games and activities related to your destination

They are usually easy to read and fun to go through , as well is being very informative at the same time.

The usually have some great places to visit and perhaps some places you had not thought about as a possible destination for your family.

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8. Paint by Sticker Books

Paint by Sticker KidsSticker book are a great choice to keep your kids busy, they can be designed for all different ages, from their favorite animals or city buildings and landmarks.

The books can be very colorful and arty, and perfect if your child has an artistic streak

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9. Travel Car Seat Trays

US Kids Travel Car Seat TrayDepending on how your children decide to do to occupy time in the car, a great car seat tray will make your task a lot easier. The trays sit on the child laps, ad are designed to carry many different thinngs from crayons to puzzles tablts and books.

It gives the kids a place to draw and it can keep everything ncice and organsied  at the same time.

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10. Backseat Organizers for Kids

ULEEKA Car Backseat Organizer

When traveling with kids at all, one of these and become quite essential to be honest, it can hold drinks snacks books tablets everything!.

Best of all there is a huge amount of choice in sizes shapes and colors to choose from that can fit the style of your car.

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11. Dry Erase Travel Pack

Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Travel Pack

The is another item on the list that involves drawing, and the best thing about this is that it can be used over and over again, because you can simply wipe it after you the kids have finished. As we know kids can be creative and will go through many sheet of paper if left alone, so with this you can limit the space used and save paper at the same time
This model in the picture is available on amazon comes with four markers, two drawing surfaces, and a cloth to erase all of the drawings they do not want to keep!

This is a great budget option only costing around 10 dollars meaning you can get a alot of bang for your buck.

Check the Dry Erase Travel Pack for Kids on Amazon


12. Spirograph Travel Set

Spirograph Travel SetThis is another option of your kid lvoes to be creative and has an artistic spark, then this could be a great option.
Like the normal spirograph game, this is a mini versnio allowing kids to make some very creative drawings, and at the same time being more practical for traveling. Its an easy option too, so even those who may not be that creative can have a try and come out with some lovely art work.
The spirograph is a classic that has been around for a long time, and its easy to know why. Its simple and effective.
And added to that its very affordable

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13. Travel Bingo Game

Regal Games Original Travel BingoThis is bingo as we all know it, but with a simple twist its made for travelling on vehicles and flying. it comes with four stock boards that are simple to change.
This also comes with not only bingo but also an interstate side, which lets you shut one window every time you spot something specific when looking outside.
its a simple and fun classic set, and the card games that come with it are also available in four colors. Its a good way to keep your mind sharp and for the kids to spend time, it will pass quite quickly believe us.

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14. Busy Board Cube for Toddlers

Travel Busy Board Toy for ToddlersThese are made just for babies and small toddlers, so if you have big kids then this will not suit you! The cube board comes with many games that are perfectly suited for babies.
Toddlers can use it to push pull squeeze and even ring the bell. Its a fun toy with many different ways you can play it. Its a great activity set which in all in one toy.

The best thing we believe is that along with being something to spend tie and keep them occupied its something that improves their fine motor skills, memory and coordination. Making it a learning toy! Perfect.

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15. Magnetic Pattern Book for All Ages

Coogam Travel Tangram PuzzleThis is an inexpensive, but very unique and fun game that consists of a magnetic board and magnetic pieces that come in various shapes and sizes. The object is to place the pieces together on the board to make artwork, and it’s a lot of fun to boot!

Made for both kids and adults, the toy tests your imagination and allows you to create works of art that come straight from your mind, making for some rather interesting and unique artwork in the end.

The kit comes with more than 350 patterns you can use to guide you, but you can make up your own patterns as well. In fact, regardless of how creative you are, you’ll be able to create the artwork you’ll love whenever you use this toy. You can easily design hundreds of your own works of art, and you’ll never get bored doing it.

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16. 3-Piece Miniature Road Game

Gamie Travel Road Trip GamesComing with three different mini games, this is another easy to get going toy to play with. The kids can set this up in no time in the back seat, and because of the nature of the games you can play each one many times without getting bored.

It comes with tic tac toe, a fishing one, and a game which is based on triangles.

The tic tac toe and triangle games have pieces that fit into the small holes on the board. The fishing game even comes with mini rods, so you can fish the pieces out as they move on the board. Very fun and will keep the kids occupied we are sure!

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17. Secret Decoder Activity Book

Melissa & Doug On the Go Secret DecoderAs we know many kids just love to play as spys, well if that the case then this could be a great choice, it allows them to really feel what its like to be a spy.

Going from the different activities in the book and breaking the codes.
Its for kids aged seven and up so bear that in mind, its something to pas the time and really get their brains going.

And its one of those that the adults in the family will most likely get involved as us adults really want to be spies too!

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18. Road Trip Travel Games Kit

Road Trip Travel Games Activities

Lastly this one is made for children of every age, its jammed full of lots of different games  that there will be something that will interest your child.

It comes with battleships, hangman, connect 5 and many other.
Its a big kit that is full of so many games that whatever your child likes to play with its likely that this kit will have just what we need.

Along with that the kit comes with a money back guarantee, so even if you are for some reason that you are not happy with it. Giving you peace of mind in this purchase.
your busy time and time again.

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