Need to Carry 4 bikes? How Can You fit Four Bikes On Your Car?

So how can we carry four bikes on a car?

In this article we will look over the different biker racks and methods that you need to mount four bikes on your car.


Do you need to hang your bikes on your garage wall for more space? IF so check out our guide here

The first way is to get a roof mounted bike rack carrier check out our guide in the link for the best mounted bike racks.

To carry four bikes on your vehicle safety and securely, you will need a car with a quality roof rack bar. 

A good roof rack bar will not only allow you to fit roof boxed but ski carrier water sports carriers and roof baskets!

We have recommended a solid option below you may be interested in

Thule FreeRide 532 Four Pack Roof Mounted Bicycle Carrier


It will do the job of fitting four bikes on the top of your car, and along with that being a Thule bike rack you have all the extra benefits of buying such a quality brand. 

This rack will also fit kids bikes and female bikes, which is an added bonus for you.

Next Option

The next option going to be suitable only if you have a tow bar fitted on your car. 

You can transport four bikes with this bike rack below another great Thule bike rack

Thule 927 VeloCompact 4 Bike Cycle Carrier TowBar TowBall Mount Tiltable Locking

This rack will get you started straight away if you have a tow bar on your car and you will be able to loud four bikes on it.

  • Thule VeloCompact 927 & 9261 4th Bike Adapter
  • Holds 4 Bikes & Attaches to Any STD Towball- Swan Neck, Detachable, STD Flange TowBar
  • Lightweight, Compact Design, Easy Fitment for Every Day Use Simply Connect on to Vehicles Tow Ball and Press Down Handle
  • Fully Lockable- Locks Bikes to Carrier & Locks Carrier to Vehicle
  • Simple Tilting Mechanism- Allows Easy Access to Vehicles Boot

Third Option

The last main option for carrying four bikes is to get a rear mounted hitch bike rack.

This allows you to simply hitch the bike rack onto the back of your vehicle. It is usually the quickest to get started with and most are lightweight and easy to assemble.

But due to this most of them have a maximum of three bikes usually.

But we did find this great option for you.

ETC ERR027 Deluxe 4-Bike Car Rack – Silver


  • Lets you comfortably carry up to 4 bikes
  • Offers a huge time saver
  • Allows the top arm to fold down

Final thoughts

Its important that you check out all of the bike racks listed and to check if they are compatible for your vehicle, finding a bike rack that can fit four bikes can really be a fantastic buy, and make biking trips for large families so much easier than trying to cram all of your bikes into one car, because your bike rack can’t fit four bikes.