Best Mountain Bike Storage Racks

Why kind of bike storage is appropriate for you?

When picking out a storage system for the space of yours, make an effort to understand just how much room you’ve to handle and what space type it’s. Could it be floor space or even wall space? Do you’ve space to hang bicycles from a ceiling or even rafter? Then, the number of bikes do you have to store and just how accessible would you love them to be?

Many choices for bike storage will get into among the below categories:

Bike storage The Hornit Clug is recognized for it is little, easy design.

Wall mounts: These racks mount to pre-existing wall studs in the room of yours and typically will hang bikes parallel to the wall of yours. Bike attachment points for these racks consist of hanging by rear or front wheel, hanging through the bike’s frame, or maybe sometimes by the saddle or maybe seatpost of the motorcycle.



Vertical Floor Racks: These racks offer up vertical bike storage and can generally accommodate even more than a single bike on one rack. The may be either wall mounted, freestanding, or perhaps have an extender type support system. These racks offer up easy bike access, maintain the bikes from the floor, as well as create a room an bike centric aesthetic. Motorcycle storage

Floor Display stands: If you’ve the floor space, these stands are a bike remedy for keeping your two wheeled rigs upright & accessible. These stands might often help support the bicycle by its tires or perhaps by the crank spindle. These’re probably the most flexible support system in the group because they could conveniently be moved around your room based on the requirements of yours.

Regardless of what you decide to help organize the bikes of yours, some crucial specifics about the bikes you are hoping to store could save you a great deal of headaches. What bike type can it be? Exactly how heavy can it be? Are you able to hang the bike by its frame? Exactly how broad are the tires? Do you’ve hollow spindle cranks? Many of the racks & stands below connect on the motorcycle at areas that are various , and so take time and understand you

Bike Wall Mount – Horizontal Indoor Storage Rack for 1 Bicycle in Garage or Home – Cycling Hanger – Safe and Secure Holder, Hook for Bicycles – Hang Your Road, Mountain or Hybrid Bikes

If you are looking for a wall mount to put your mountain bike on that this could be a great option for you.

Save Space & Conveniently Store Your Bike – Free up your floor space – Keep your garage or indoor space tidy and clutter-free. Our high-quality future-proof wall hanging solution to bike storage is great for apartments, homes, garages, and sheds. The storage system fits most bike types: road, cyclocross, hybrid, and MTB. Can hold bikes up to 22kg / 48.5 lbs weight load. Note: Not suitable for bicycles with wide handlebars (31 inches / 78 cm), long wheelbase, or fat bikes.

Safe & Secure – Store your bike in a horizontal position, allowing for convenient storage and removal. Wall mount made from strong steel with scratch-proof coating. The bike arm locking mechanism uses a ‘reliable’ ratchet gear system to securely hold bikes. The Wall hanger’s angle (up to 88°) can be adjusted to keep your bike level, catering to different bike frame angles, shapes, and sizes.


Easy To Install & Adjust – Detailed installation instructions and mounting screws included. Adjustable cradle arms ensure that all size and shape bicycle frames can be accommodated, with a push-button lock system to secure your ride. Hanger beam can be adjusted to fit all environments and widths of bicycles, extendable from 8.7 inches up to 12.6 inches – secured using a secure push-button mechanism.

Scuff-Free Storage – Arm ‘cradles’ made from super-soft TPR rubber material that will not scratch your bike, whether aluminum, titanium, carbon, or steel. Cradles protect frame finish and hold complex tube shapes with no concern for marking or movement. Supplied with ultra-strong elasticity rope to loop around the front wheel and bike frame, to prevent the front wheel from knocking against your wall.

Highly adjustable arms and hanger beam allow for different bike frame geometry, bike sizes, and handlebar widths (up to 31 inches / 78 cm) so a bike can be stored and displayed in a horizontal position for convenient and safe storage.

Arm cradles are made from soft rubber material for scratch and scuff-free storage. Cradles feature an innovative ‘spacing channel’ ensuring top tube cables are not crushed or displaced.

Great indoor bike storage solution saving you valuable space – for use in garages, homes, apartments, and sheds. Includes detailed and straightforward instructions.

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Bike Wall Rack – 3 or 6 Bikes Versions – Adjustable Indoor Bicycle Storage Mount for Garage or Home – Vertical Cycling Hanger – Secure Hook – Holder for Road or Mountain Bicycles

With this wall mounted rack, you can hook up to three mountain bikes on it. 

The adjustable track system allows for the hooks to be spaced as needed to fit different handlebar widths. Includes high quality and durable hooks which are rubber drip coated for extra grip and angled to gently hold wheels without scratching the rim. Our innovative design ensures there’s no damage to the wheels, rims or spokes.

Great indoor bike storage solution saving you valuable space – for use in garages, homes, apartments and storage sheds. Includes detailed and straightforward instructions, along with durable hardware – mounting screws and bolts.

  • Save Space & Conveniently Store Your Bikes – Free-up your floor space – keep your garage or indoor space tidy and clutter-free. Our high-quality & future proof wall bike storage unit is great for garages, storage sheds, homes and apartments. Bike rack is 33” inches (83.9cm) wide, making it the widest 3 bike wall rack in the market. Can hold bikes up to 30kg / 66.2 lbs weight load per bike. Not compatible with heavy E-Bikes!
  • Strong, Safe & Secure Bike Wall Storage – Store your bikes in a vertical position, allowing for convenient storage and removal. The heavy-duty bike wall rack features a high strength aluminium extrusion rail for supporting heavy loads. We’re also sure you agree, that it’s the best-looking bicycle wall rack in the market!
  • Fits Different Wheel Sizes – Wide oversized hooks fit wheels / tires up to 5″ vs competition under 3”. Storage system fits most bike types: road, cyclocross, hybrid, kids, MTB and even Fat Bikes. High quality ‘dip coated’ hooks offer wheels great protection when hung. Hook design is ‘angled’ making it easy to mount bikes and takes the pressure off the wheels and spokes.

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Leeppyton Bicycle Storage Rack Holders,Set of 3pcs Bike Hook Stand,Heavy Duty Vertical Bicycle Storage Hanging Hooks

This rack will hold your mountain bike on your wall easily, it’s a lightweight and budget option.

If you love cycling – but don’t have the room to accommodate your bikes without cluttering up your home, this wall-mounted bike rack stand is perfect for your garage, basement, balcony, utility room or corridor and also can be used to display bikes in your bike stores.

 The bicycle wall rack can be installed on any sturdy wall, with a load-bearing capacity of 30kg. The bicycle retainer coating has anti-rust properties, and the sponge cover on the hook prevents the wheel from scratching.

Comes with fixing accessories (each hook with 4 metal screws and 4 expansion screws) about260x 130x70mm/10.2 x 5.12 x 2.76″. The hook comes with screws and wall plugs, so you only need a drill to install.

The wall-mounted bicycle hook is designed to hang the front wheel of the bicycle vertically on the wall, thus saving your room space. This bike rack stand is perfect for your garage, basement, balcony, utility room or corridor, and can also be used to display bikes in your bike shop.

 The non-slip stripes at the bottom of the rack help prevent the bicycle tire from slipping and provide stable support for the bicycle. Four installation points and special design make the bicycle storage rack more sturdy and durable.

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Koova Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack Garage Hanger for 6 Bicycles + Helmets | Fits All Bikes Even Large Cruisers / Big Tire Mountain Bikes | Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel | Made In USA (6 Bike Rack)

This koova bike rack can hold a large number of bikes on it. Up to six bikes will be able to fit on it no problem at all.

This rack will hold mountain bikes and all other types of bikes so maybe more suitable for larger biking families, who may have female bikes, kids bikes, or BMXs. Unlike other systems that try to cram your bikes on a tiny holder, the Koova Bike Rack was designed to easily store your largest cruisers and mountain bikes. When we say your bikes will easily fit this rack, we mean it.

Installs in minutes with common tools. Includes all hardware. The unique mounting system means you can place bike holders anywhere on the channel you want and they will not come off or move with use. Includes smaller bonus hooks to hang your helmets and other accessories. No other wall mount bike rack system gives you as much flexibility.

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Bike Hoist Bicycle Lift for Garage Ceiling Storage, Heavy Duty Mountain Bicycle Hanging Rack with 3 Pulley and 45 ft Adjustable Rope | 45 KGCapacity

A slightly different option that you may want to consider, this ceiling hoist rack may be an option for you.  This will be able to fit one mountain bike on it no problem, so may be suited if your floor space in limited and you need your bike up in the air.

The bike lift is designed to ceiling mounted for bike storage in garage or other place when it’s not used, which can save a lot of space for your garage.

This bike lift hanging rack can not only kid’s cycle or your mountain bicycle, but also kayaks, extension ladders, and other gears as well.

The ceiling bike hoist for garage uses heavy duty iron and strong nylon ropes for maximum durability and toughness. The bike hanging system allows lifting up mountain bike or road up to 45 kg. Our bike hoist auctually holds 45 kg, but we used old box which writes 20 kg. we will update box next month.

The bike hoist is easy to install and ceiling mount it on your garage. With 3 pulley hooks and 45 ft rope, It’s easy to hang your bicycle/ladder up from the ground.

It is coated and solidly welded hooks greatly protect your bikes from scratches. Say goodbye to all your worries about bike damage or potential collapses.

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COSTWAY Foldable Bike Stand, Adjustable Floor Bicycle Holder, Universal Cycle Parking Rack for Mountain and Road Bikes Indoor Outdoor Storage

This is a bike rack that will fit your mountain bike in but is on the floor rather than the wall, this one folds away after use which is always a great option for space-saving.

So different from the traditional bike rake that you need to lift the bike and push into, this one comes with an easy push-in system. The wheel holder will naturally tilt when you push the bike into the rack, which offers an effortless and smooth way for heavy bikes and saves your strength.

Foldable design offers many conveniences for storage and transport. When not in use, the bike stand can be folded into a compact size for convenient storage. Besides, such a portable design also makes it a convenient way to take it anywhere. And the one-pull-knob helps you to fold the stand easily within seconds.

Crafted with high-strength steel material, the bike stand features great toughness and hardness. The premium steel frame can firmly hold heavy bikes without shaking and deformation. Besides, with a powder finish, the bike stand is rust-resistant for long-term use.

To offer all-around protection for your bike, the stand is designed with delicate coating and special plastics to protect your bike from scratches. Meanwhile, four points firmly support your bike, proving a more stable and reliable environment for bikes.

The advanced bike stand can be widely used to fit bikes of different specifications. Tire slot well accommodates from kids bikes, 26″ to 29″ mountain bikes, 650c -700c Road Bikes. Besides, you can easily park your bike with this bicycle stand on various occasions, such as home, office, garage, etc.


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Charles Daily Wall Mount Bike Rack – Space Saving Bike Storage – Foldable Bike Hanger with Frame Protection – Core Black

This is a more simple and effective option that you could go for, it’s nice looking and strong. It will hold heavy mountain bikes easily with little fuss, and it’s simple to set up.


  • Wall-mounted bike rack with an extra strong protective coating
  • Bike Wall bracket creates storage space thanks to space-saving, foldable design
  •  Easy mounting bicycle holders in garage or flats – front-wheel tape & screws included
  • Durable bike wall rack with a min. 20kg(44lbs) load capacity – Fits all standard models

The Charles Daily wall mount is the new favorite accessory for your beloved bike. The holder stows your bike safely in wind and weather, protects the paint gently from scratches, and is even space-saving when folded. The bike holder for the wall creates order in the cellar and garage or puts a spotlight on your bike in the living room & hallway. Our particularly sturdy drop-in anchors for mounting usually even hold most e-bikes securely to the wall.

Assembly instructions


Charles Daily uses two anchor bolts to fasten the bicycle holder. These are characterised by a particularly high load capacity and greater stability than conventional anchors.



  • Mark the wall at your favoured drilling locations
  • Drill holes in size of the drop-in anchor
  • Press the drop-in anchor with slit sides and screw head ahead into the drill hole
  • Place bicycle holder eyelets on the screws
  • Tighten screw nuts and washers (drop-in anchor spreads)

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Final Thoughts

With the influx of choices that are free , our bike collections of present times typically teeter between conscious bike enthusiast and irrational two wheeled hoarder, though however packed your storage area is with bikes, organization is crucial. 

Like lots of things these days, there’s a never-ending list of ways and choices to keep the bikes of yours at home. These may be divided into a wide variety of types from easy hook solutions to floor stands plus wall stands. Deciding on a program that is going to work well for the needs of yours while complementing the space of yours is able to take some research.