How To Clean your Bike Rack Guide

Cleaning your Bike Rack

For the majority of us, we really give little thought to putting our bikes on our bike racks.

And mostly thats the way it should be, no problem here it’s the way our racks are designed.

But if you want your rack to last longer its going to need a little love and attention now and again.

It’s not difficult, but it has to be done!. Like folding away your clothes or giving your hair a comb through, so good rack maintenance routine will give your bike rack a longer and happier life.

And like most things of this nature if you just put in a little bit of work every now and again it becomes so quick and easy

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A few tips for you

Here are our main three suggestions to save your rack fit as a fiddle for a long time to come. 

Keep It Clean

The top tip is really this simple, keep your bike rack nice a clean, and really this needs to be done by hand.

We would say use a simple basic cleanser and water to keep your rack clean. 

Each time you utilize your rack, you should wipe it down – street “schmush” (the specialized term for sand, salt, stones, coarseness) will be stuck in your bike rack, so getting rid of this is needed. And your bike rack will thank you for it.

At regular intervals, a full rack wash has to be done. Keep in mind, wash your rack by hand – never take your bicycle rack through the vehicle wash. Thats really going to hurt your bike rack in the long run 

Use some good old fashioned elbow grease

The key here is to use a little bit of oil, like a good old simple bike lubricant available on amazon

Using this will keep away rust, and keep your bike rack running smoothly

One last tip,

This way seem really obvious but keep everything together when you have it stored away, so when you need it its ready to go straight away. Also keep it in a nice cool dry space in your garage.