Can you go through a carwash with a bike rack?

Can I undergo a carwash with a bicycle rack?

Welcome to our Can I undergo a carwash and have a bicycle rack? Bike Rack Beginners Guide

Even though we recommend cleaning the bike rack of yours for maintenance, Please DO NOT get your bike rack via an instant automobile wash.

This kind of automobile wash will certainly damage the bike rack of yours and in many instances your car. Many producers of bike racks don’t include coverage for this in warranties.

It may be appealing after a very long day of Mountain Biking to just easily run through the automobile wash with bicycles as well as a bike rack attached, but this fast technique will quickly turn into some disaster as opposed to a shortcut.


How to wash your bike rack


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The best way to wash your bike rack.
  • Bike cleaner offers “squirt on, hose off” Ease of use; non-corrosive, biodegradable compound quickly cleans dirt, clay, road grime, and chain soils
  • Five unique cleaning agents create high-speed cleaning effect; two rust and oxidation inhibitors protect metal surfaces and prevent flash rusting
  • Complex bio-cleaning material does not contain any chlorinated solvents, phosphates, Benzenes, or napthas, which can damage bicycle components and the environment
  • Biodegradable Formulation means more than 60% of PRODUCT’S base oils will degrade within 28 days once exposed to contact with common soil-borne bacteria
  • Free of carcinogenic elements and hazardous air pollutants (haps), and is 100% California air regulatory board (carbon) compliant

We highly recommend just using soap and water to keep your bike rack clean, although a specialist solution like Super Bike Wash will also work well. Recommended also is each time you use your bike rack, you should wipe it down salt and grit are hard on your car and hard on your bike rack, so just give a quick rinse down will suffice.

Every few months, a full bike rack wash is maybe in order. Remember, wash your rack by hand – never take your bike rack through the automatic car wash. 

Use Super Bike Wash to quickly clean dirt, clay, road grime, chain soils, nutritional residues, and winter storage grime off all surfaces of your bike with little to no scrubbing. Super Bike Wash uses state-of-the-art cleaning agents that work together to create a high-speed cleaning system. Super Bike Wash is non-toxic and meets the highest readily biodegradable standards. It can be safely used indoors or outdoors.

Super Bike Wash can be used in two ways: spray on and wipe off, or spray on and hose off. It is strong enough to remove surface grime off the drivetrain and safe enough to remove all the grime that builds upon the frame, saddle, brakes, and handlebar tape. Safe for carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, steel, and clear coat.

Recommendation: Use Super Bike Wash every second or third ride to keep your bicycle looking new and to remove the contaminants that slowly but surely starts to degrade the look and performance of a bicycle.

About Finish Line

Finish Line, founded in 1988 by Hank Krause, is now recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty bicycle lubricants and related maintenance products. The company enjoys a leading market position in over 50 countries with its products are produced in 15 languages. Finish Line products are used by many of the world’s leading mountain bike and WorldTour teams. Finish Line continues to invest heavily in R&D initiatives directed towards its core bicycle business and believes that the quest to optimize the mechanical functioning and drive train efficiency of a bicycle is multi-dimensional, requiring a commitment to research and development, a feedback loop that includes both professional and recreational riders, and a keen sensitivity to health, safety, and environmental concerns.

Bike washing kit

8 Pieces Precision Bicycle Cleaning Brush Tool, includes:

  • Professional Bike Chain Scrubber
  • Chain Cleaning Brush
  • Tire Scrubber
  • Tapered Detail Brush
  • Wheel Brush
  • Sprocket Scraper
  • Sprocket Brush
  • Bike clean mitt

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  • 8 Pieces Precision Bicycle Cleaning Brush Tool, include Professional Bike Chain Scrubber+ Chain Cleaning Brush+Tire Scrubber+Tarpered Detail Brush+Wheel Brush+Sprocket Scraper+Sprocket Brush+Bike clean mitt
  • Apply to all bicycles, For free wheel designs, simply attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn the chain. For bikes with coaster brakes, the bicycle must be elevated or flipped over to work
  • The different brush fits for different parts of the bike, this can efficiently and easily remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas.
  • The chain cleaning process is very easy. Just mount the chain scrubber under the bike chain, and then put some degreaser into the scrubber, hold the chain scrubber with your left hand and turn the pedal with your right hand in the counterclockwise direction for cleaning.
  • The cleaning kit can do basic maintenance work when not ride, even can be used as daily household cleaning tools.

Bike rack Maintenance


  • Keep it clean
  • Keep it moving freely
  • Put the rack away when not in use




Therefore simply summarize Can I undergo a carwash with a bicycle rack? short solution NO not an instant automobile wash since this is going to result in damages to the bike rack of your and your car.


So please consider alternative methods to clean the automobile of yours, bikes and bike rack maybe:

Jet washer
Hands washing

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