Bike Racks for Garages Buyers Guide

Biking is one of the most popular activities and sports in the world which consists of using bikes to move from point A to point B while giving some pressure to different parts of your body like the legs and chest. 

The reason why biking is so important is because you can train and develop a lot of skills such as improving your overall strength, giving your mind a better capacity of being focused on something in particular, which this time will be getting a good sight on the road or environment since it’s easy to fall from your bike and let’s not forget about the most important skill that you can develop: endurance.

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Benefits of Storing your Bikes in a Garage:

Bikes are truly wonderful, and since there are lots of variants and types of them, you can find a model of bike that suits your requirements and needs on the road or while you are on a biking experience, however, all of that might sound wonderful, but there is a single big problem, storing a bike is not easy at all, remember that they consume a lot of space and they require a safe spot as they could be fragile when they fall under hard ground, for that reason it’s always recommended to store them in racks.

If you count with a good garage, and also you count with one or more bikes then you should be proud of your luck, as there are some good bike rack garage out there that are exclusively manufactured to provide comfort and stability to your home or property while giving a safe spot to your bike on your garage, it will be the best for everyone around your environment.

Some of the most important benefits that bike rack garage offers to enthusiast are the next ones:

  • First of all, security, as you might know, storing your bike in public spaces or in the outside will not be safe at all since it can be robbed when you less expect it, and also it can cause some major problems to the bike due to strong wind or other natural factors like animals and so many others that could be dangerous for the safety of the bike.

  • It will give you a lot of comforts since you will be able to find a good space to install the bike rack in your garage and then proceed to store the bikes whenever you want without losing valuable time or making others lose their patience.

  • Preparing your bike consumes a lot of time, especially when you don’t have a rack s you might need to move some other things to get to the bike, however, with garage racks your time will be less wasted as you just have to make some minor movements and everything will be settled up for your ride, it will be worth it.

Top 3 Bike Racks for Garages:

The good thing about garage bike racks is the fact that there hundreds of models out there in physical stores or in the internet, however, not every single one of them counts with good quality materials in their manufacturing process, for that reason, they tend to be bad and useless for customers and enthusiasts, and sadly, in this modern society is very easy to get scammed or robbed in sales, but you don’t have to worry about anything! Since you can check this top 3 list of bike racks for garages! Stay tuned to finally discover your most desired garage rack.

Option #1: BIKEHAND Bike Floor Parking Rack.

The first option of this list is by far the simplest one on the list, and is a fact that every single bike ride will take out the best of your energies, so, when you arrive at your home or property you won’t have enough strength to store your bike in overbuilt or complicated racks, for that reason, if the rack is simple, the experience will be better. BIKEHAND’s YC-96 Bike Floor Parking Rack, it’s simple but at the same time effective since you just have to roll the bike on the spot and then the rack will do the rest, everything will work thanks to the front holder that will put the bike on top of the down wheel, so it will be more stable and secure.

It comes already assembled out of the box, so you just have to look for an empty space in your garage, and then everything will be ready for usage, the whole rack weights 5.82lbs and it supports tires of 20mm wide on-road wheels and 20″ to 29″ in the case of BMX tires, so you to plenty of room for usage, but be careful with the bikes as you could damage the whole thing if you don’t follow the instructions or recommendations, overall, it’s a good investment. Here is the link to Amazon

Option #2: Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand:

It might sound crazy, but this garage rack works completely under the force of gravity, and since that is a whole impressive concept, it’s possible to store more than one bike in this rack, however, it’s a little more complex than the previous option but it will be completely worth it as you can ave lot of time and space on your garage thanks to this Delta Cycle Michelangelo rack.

The first feature comes with the functionality, it doesn’t require to be installed on the wall since it works with the force of gravity and the weight of the bikes, however, there are some gadgets included with the rack in case that you want to add some support to the rack, but it’s not required, and since you have to deal with the installation of the rack (it doesn’t come pre-assembled sadly) You have to focus on building the thing, but with the instructions and the materials and tools that come included, everything will be easier than you might expect and after that, everything will be ready for work.

It supports two bikes of 80 lbs and is 83″ tall and it will support tons of bikes without worrying too much about the tire size, however, you need to be extremely careful with your movements as you need to be focused on what you are doing when handling the bikes, nothing bad will happen but it can be a nuisance and time could be lost, and no one wants to lose valuable time and patience before going for a ride.

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Option #3: Swagman 3 Bike Stand.

In this top, we already have a good individual garage rack, and the other one is a solid option for walls and stylish enthusiasts, but there is a missing model that is made for those that just wants to hold as most bikes as possible, and it’s a pleasure to say that the Swagman 3 Bike Stand counts with the features. It’s the simplest and yet effective garage rack that you can find out there since it comes with enough space to support 3 bikes and let’s not forget about the fact that almost no installation is needed, you just have to tighten some bolts and everything will be ready for the job.

It’s made from heavy steel so you don’t have to worry about the grip and strength of the rack, also, it comes with some good specs in terms of size and weight 14 x 46 x 14″ on the scale of W x L x H, so you won’t face any problem on storing bikes, however, this one goes on the ground, so you need to watch to your steps and movements as you could cause a messy situation when you less expected it.

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