Bike Floor Stands Indoor Review

This definitive guide to the very best indoor bike racks for the home of yours or maybe apartment covers everything you have to know before storing your bike inside. In it, we compare different indoor bike racks based on size, installation, sturdiness, price and capacity. With these will be able to store your bikes inside your home or garage with no fuss, keeping your mind at ease and saving space!

So lets begin.

BIKEHAND Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand – for Mountain and Road Bike Indoor Outdoor Nook Garage Storage

First on our list is this simple and effective bike back floor stand, it’s one of the more budget options but it does the job well, its sleek design will look good in any household.


  • Quick & Easy effortless push-in system. Unlike other bike stands, which you need to lift the bike and put it into. Our stand’s front holder will tilt when you push the bike into the rack. This patented great design will be PERFECT for heavy bikes such as downhill, mountain, and beach bikes.
  • Three points are holding on the tires, much better than other stands which have only one or two points holding on the frame, rim, disc rotor, and derailleur. The bike’s front or rear wheel sitting in the holder is much deeper than others, so it stays firmly in the holder. Plus a stylish dynamic stand base makes the bike impossible to be tilted if you do not push extremely hard onto the bike.
  •  A simple one-pull-knob will allow to fold the stand into a flat shape within a second, saving storage when not in use or carrying it into the car when going riding. Your bikes will never be lying on the ground or leaning against buildings or trees anymore.
  • Heat-treated high-quality steel with a fantastic powder-coated finish. This stand will last forever if used appropriately. FITS NEARLY ALL BIKES: The bike stand will fit almost all bikes range from Kids Bikes, 26″ to 29″ Mountain Bikes, 650c -700c Road Bikes, EXCEPT those bikes with tires more than 2.5″ in width.

Fit All Bikes Up to 2.4″ Tire Width

The floor stand is compatible with all size bikes: road bikes with skinny tires, mountain bikes 26″, 27.5″ and 29″, heavy downhill bikes, kids bikes with small 20″ and 24″ wheels, beach cruisers and e bikes.

Please make sure your tire width is less than 2.4″. If it is over 2.4″, please look at our another model YC-96FB.

SUPERB DURABLE QUALITY & STUNNING FINISH TO MATCH YOUR BIKE – Heat treated high quality steel with a fantastic powder coated finish. This stand will last forever if used appropriately. FITS NEARLY ALL BIKES: The bike stand will fit almost all bikes range from 20″ – 24″ Kids Bikes, 26″ to 29″ Mountain Bikes, 650c -700c Road Bikes, EXCEPT those bikes with the tires more than 2.4″ in width.

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COSTWAY Bicycle Stand with Portable & Foldable Design, Suitable for Parking 16”- 29” Bike, Iron Material, Space Saving, Freestanding Rack | Holder | Bracket in Floor, Outdoor, Indoor, Black

This is another great option for you, the bike sits nicely on the back or front wheel it is your choice.

It held within four points to the wheel, giving your bike a secure position.

This bicycle stand has a special spring locking arm. With the spring locking arm, you can easily fold the stand into suitable angles for your bicycle. Our bike holder is also suited for both front and rear wheel according to your own needs. Such scientific design enables it to be used flexibly in various places, even in small spaces.

With the stable steel construction, our bicycle stand has a certain ability to resist the impact. The widened chassis enable your bicycle can put on its stand steadily and maintain a stable balance. And weight and pressure are spread to all four feet. The anti-skid foot is designed to increase friction while avoiding scratching the floor at the same time.

The only touching points are on the bicycle tire. The special touching points make the contact area between the bicycle and the stand very small. And in other words, it avoids scratches to bicycles’ frame to the greatest extent. Our bicycle stand is also suitable for parking 16”- 29” bikes with such special touching points to design.

 The high-quality product is our consistent requirements, high-quality service is our unremitting pursuit. We use high-quality iron materials for the main construction which makes it available for long-time daily use. With the special spray paint surface, our bicycle stand is also easy to clean and maintain after use.

Our stand has good workmanship makes it durable and wear-resisting. It also can be used in different places. The flat foldable and portable design enables it to make better use of the small space. It is the best choice for home using and bicycle shop displaying. Our bicycle Bracket can also be used for different types of tires.

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VOUNOT 3 Bike Stand Floor or Wall mounted bike rack for garage Bicycle Parking rack Cycle Storage Locking Stand

This is a slightly different option for you, it can hold up to three bikes for you. So something that may be suited if you own a couple of bikes and need the space, or if you have a family with kids bikes that need to store away, and save you needed space.

This stable rack is actually ideal for outdoor use and home and does a good job keeping bikes neatly organized in your yard or storage area. No longer a big mess of bicycles placed all over the place.

The bike stand could often be installed on the floor or perhaps mounted on the wall because of the gaps and screws provided. All bikes are going to stay upright stably and snap together nicely on the rack. No more bikes leaning against the automobile, lawnmower, or even falling over which help save a great deal of room in the garage while still permitting the kids quick access to the bikes theirs.

You can put several racks side by side based on the requirements of yours. It is going to allow you to set the number of bicycles you wish to stick at a specific location.

Resistant and lightweight – Our rack fits a variety of bicycles from commuter bikes to mountain bikes. It’s composed of coating steel to resist any kind of weather and support the bikes of yours easily. Additionally, it’s quite little for quick move around.

It’s super easy to set up in several minutes with detailed directions provided and with a fixation package included.

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COSTWAY Bike Stand, Floor Bicycle Storage Rack with Adjustable Height, Space Saving Cycling Holder for Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes

This is a really quality floor stand bike rack for you, what’s great about this one is you can rotate the bike to fit your garage perfectly either horizontally or vertically.

Are you in need of a tool that lets you have your bicycles organized and create a neat space? In that case, our bicycle stand might be just the thing you’ve been looking for. This stand is perfect for apartments, dormitories, garages and places with limited space.

It’s constructed from premium carbon steel materials which introduces it as resistant to stains and corrosion. Have your bikes parked in any orientation, its multifunctional design certainly meets your needs. Next, the brackets form a stable triangular structure. Whereas, 4 rubber covers at its bottom is for its enhanced stability against the ground. This works as the ideal space saving bike rack for you.

If you’re living in an apartment with limited space, our bike floor stands is-able-to free up 4 feet of floor space for you. Being a multi-functional bike parking rack, you can have your bicycles parked in a different orientation. More, it boasts an excellent load-bearing capacity of up to 27 kg.

This bike stand can accommodate almost all bikes ranging from kid’s bike, mountain bikes, 650c -700c road bikes. Additionally, also it can fit bikes with wheelbases of 1140mm. However, it’s unable to accommodate bikes of 2.4’’ wide tires or above.

Our bike floor stand uses heat-treated premium steel with the powder-coated finish as its contest ruction material. Such material gives this stand a good strength while keeping its surface smooth and rust-proof.

Our spacing-saving bike rack consists of a bracket that forms a stable triangular structure on the ground. Therefore, it protects bikes from tilting or even falling. Use the full potential of its design to let the bikes get placed independently at any given flat surface. Additionally, 4 rubber covers on the bottom protect floors from being scratched.

No drilling is required for this bike floor stand. Hence, you easily avoid any holes or scratches on your walls especially. The included detailed assembly manual guides you through to use all included hardware. You can install it in just several minutes.

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Femor Floor Mount Bicycle Rack for 2 Bikes Stand Double Bicycle Holder Storage Rack Garage Outdoors

Femor Bicycle Rack – unique design & special quality.

Femor bicycle racks exclusively made of tubular steel.

Femor bike racks are quality particularly durable and robust.

You can attach it to the ground and it provides a secure hold for 2 bicycles.

Ideal in front of your own door or your shop.

Its exact dimensions are: 58 x 55 x 56 cm. In addition, it is suitable for almost every bike and offers a high level of stability.

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TekBox Komodo Bike Floor Stand – Folding Bicycle Rack Storage (Heavy Duty Bike Stand)

Check out this great bike rack, it folds away for storage or if you need to take it with you somewhere.

With the weight evenly distributed across the 4 rubber gripped feet the stand remains firmly in place. These bike stands are also made from a tough steel to help it endure the elements for plenty of use.

 These impressive Bike Floor Stands are a reliable solution for keeping your bicycle safely upright without having to be on it yourself!

These Bike Stands are made from tough steel to endure the elements and plenty of use

These Bicycle Stands are ideal for storing your bikes in sheds and garages, or for keeping in the boot for when you’re out and about with the bike

The stand consists of 2 parts, making it easy to put together and dismantle at will. Simply click together and you are ready to go

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So in conclusion when looking for a floor bike rack you need to consider the weight of your bike how many bikes you need to store and if you want the rack to be able to fold away after use.

And there are other considerations to take, including which wheel you want the bike to be stored on and how easy the rack is to set up.

I hope you enjoyed our guide on bike floor stands that are for indoor your home, and we hope you find what you are looking for in our review.