Best Bike Helmets with Lights and Turn Signals In 2022

Biking is excellent fun and one of the greatest methods to burn up calories and slim down, but would you realize the most crucial bit of biking gear you’ll actually purchase?

Bike helmets bring down head injury possibility by eighty-five percent. Getting the proper helmet is the initial step of bike safety and may very literally save the life of yours.

When cycling in very low light levels such as early morning, evening, or even at night, not just will you have to ensure you have got a great helmet, though you would like to be as visible as is possible.

Some cycling helmets have LED lighting designed into them, that may be switched on at the touch of a button. Today the helmet of yours not only protects the head of yours in case you have got a crash, though it makes you a lot more visible, so you are a great deal less apt to be involved in a crash in the very first place.

Allow me to share several of the most crucial characteristics to watch out for when selecting a motorcycle helmet with pre-made LED light:

Smart helmets are the brand-new essential security item for biking. They’re frequently geared up with Bluetooth functions, left/right sign LEDs on the back as exposure is vital to bicyclist security, in addition to the capability to interact hands-free on your phone.

The vast array of helmets in the market can be a little bit puzzling. We’ve rounded up the finest helmets to make the most out of your trip.

LUMOS Street Smart Helmet (Charcoal Black, MIPS) | Urban | Skateboard, Scooter, Bike Accessories | Adult: Men, Women | Front and Rear LED Lights | Turn Signals | Brake Lights | Bluetooth Connected

With intense white LEDs in the front and strong red LEDs in the back, the Lumos Helmet keeps you noticeable, day or night. Both the helmet and remote can be charged with the consisted of magnetic charging cable television that lasts 2 hours.

Traditional cycling helmets are only useful if you get into a crash. Lumos helmets incorporate bright lights so that you’ve seen them on the road and smart features to make you predictable to the traffic around you. Time to say goodbye to antiquated cycling gear and embrace the future of urban commuting.

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LUMOS Kickstart Bicycle Helmet, Unisex

Here we have another Lumos helmet, we have put this other design because of its great features, plus the brand is one of the best and innovative in the production of bike helmets with lights and turns signals.

Visibility is of utmost importance for the safety of cyclists. The Lumos helmet is equipped with super bright white LEDs on the front and strong red LEDs on the back to ensure you stand out on the road. The triangular shape of the taillights helps others to better estimate their distance from you.


The Lumos kickstart has bright left and right indicators that you can activate via wireless remote control. With the Apple Watch, you can control the indicators by hand movement.

Lumos Helmet Companion App available for iOS and Android. Update helmet settings, check battery level, and track your activities on your phone.

Whether in rain or snow, when you are out on your bike, you can be sure that your Lumos helmet will keep up with it.

The Lumos kickstart senses when you slow down and all the lights on the back of your helmet shine in a bright red (Current: Beta version). Give the cars behind them an additional warning.


About this item

  • Fall on the road: with 10 white LEDs at the front, 16 red LEDs at the back, and 11 LEDs in orange for each turn signal – you will be seen better by motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists.
  • Tap to blink: When you turn it on, simply tap the appropriate button on the remote control on the handlebar.
  • FULL Braking: When the function to display a full brake (currently beta) is turned on, 16 LEDs on the backlight as a brake light in bright red.
  • Safe, durable, and comfortable: our cycling helmets for men and women meet both safety standards, CPSC and CE, and can withstand all weather conditions.
  • The battery lasts about 6 hours in flashing mode and 3 hours when the LEDs burn continuously


The Lumos Kickstart is the first intelligent bicycle helmet in the world that combines front and rear light, brake light, an indicator in a helmet. With a total of 48 LEDs, the Lumos kickstart ensures visibility on the road. Be seen, be safe! Features: 10 white LEDs at the front, 16 red LEDs at the back, and 2 x 11 orange LEDs for the turn signal remote control for the handlebars. The 38 LEDs on the back are used as a brake light (Beta) CE EN 1078, CPSC and ASTM certified rechargeable batteries with a running time of approx. 6 hours in flashing light mode and 3 hours in continuous lighting. One size fits most: 54-61 cm. Compatible smartphone app for viewing the battery level and adjusting the settings.

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Sena X1 Unisex Adult Cycling Helmet, unisex_adult, X1

About this item

  • Intercom full-duplex on 900 m to chat between 4 people
  • Bluetooth connection of 2 devices e.g. Smartphone + GPS
  • Hands-free phone and music listening kit + FM radio
  • Listen to musk safely without cutting off from the surrounding world
  • Compatible with health apps

The X1 wise helmet mixes elegance and innovation to give you the first-ever Bluetooth incorporated biking helmet. Safe and streamlined, these helmets from Sena are breaking brand-new premises in the city hi-tech sphere. The helmets permit smooth Smartphone connection through Bluetooth 4.1 to listen to music, GPS navigation, respond to and make the telephone call.Check it out on Amazon today

Livall Unisex’s BH60SEPLUS 2018 Smart Bike Bluetooth Helmet with Wireless Handlebar Remote Control, Black, Medium


BH60SE Features:

  • Smart lighting – flush LED lights and turn signals on the helmet, controlled by the jet handlebar remote, let your fellow cyclists and commuters know where you’re headed
  • Sos alert sensor will notify up to three contacts of your location if no movement is detected 30 sec after an impact (after 30 sec the app will countdown 90 sec before sending out your location)
  • Inbuilt speakers that sit above the ears allowing the ambient traffic noise to still be heard over the music, podcasts, or phone calls via the Bluetooth connection to your phone
  • Hands-free phone calls – make and receive calls while riding with the built-in windbreaker microphone & 2X0.5W speakers, both connected to your IOS/Android smartphone via the Laval riding app.
  • Livall app – the free updated app will record the mileage, time, speed, and average speed (requires GPS). your accumulated statistics are all available on the app. IOS & Android Compatible
  • UK based customer support via e-mail or phone with a knowledge desk to help with any query or product Feature to ensure you get the most out of your purchase
  • department name: Unisex

LIVALL BH60SE Smart Cycle Helmet

The LIVALL BH60SE pairs a protective shell for your head with all the modern features you would ever need while cycling. Taillights and turn signals at its rear let your fellow cyclists and commuters know where you’re headed and weigh only 280g. The built-in Bluetooth mic and speakers allow for taking/making phone calls and listening to your favorite tunes while riding.

LED Smart Lighting

The well-positioned bright LED warning lights warn traffic to give you enough space. The turn lights indicate left or right turns more clearly and are controlled by the included handlebar unit.

Fall Detection with SOS Alert

In the event of an accident, the SOS alert function sends the rider’s Google map location to their pre-selected emergency contacts. The helmet senses that the rider has fallen off their bike and a 90-second countdown is triggered, that if not canceled will send the alert. Keeping family, friends, and loved ones connected at a time of need. This feature requires the user’s smartphone to have GPS and 4G data enabled.

Stereo Speakers
The two Bluetooth stereo speakers and windproof hands-free microphone allow you to listen to music on the go, respond to telephone calls from another location, and hear GPS sat nav instructions while knowing your environments. The speakers are developed into the helmet above the and enable ambient noises (i.e. traffic) to be heard whilst listening to your podcast, call, or music.

Make use of the wireless handlebar controls to make use of the features of the helmet. Press whether right or left to make use of the sign signals and down and up to go through music. Make use of the white center button to answer telephone calls and press the lower button to make use of the walkie-talkie functionality.

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Torch T2 Bike Helmet With Integrated Lights

The T2 cycle helmet functions incorporated rechargeable LED bike lighting with 2 flash modes. It’s a big light panel providing 360 ° visibility. As much as six hours of rechargeable batteries and battery life. The shatterproof polycarbonate lenses provide additional longevity. The helmets fit 54-61cm and therefore are obtainable in 8 styles that are different.

The Torch T2 bike helmet is a first for the cycling industry. It is the only helmet available to have 10 integrated LED lights and rechargeable batteries.

The lights project onto shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses which make the white front and red rear lights visible from 360 degrees.

This allows the rider to be visible to motorists from all angles and because the lights are higher than traditional bike lights, the rider is also visible over other objects on the road.

The in-mold construction makes the helmet light (13oz.) and durable and the dial-adjust fit system and two sets of pads keep it comfortable for sizes 54-61cm.

The batteries in the helmet offer up to 6 hours on high or up to 36 hours on flash and recharge using the included USB cable in just under 2 hours.

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LIVALL Smart Helmet, Adult Bike Helmet with Auto Sensor LED, Rear LED Lights, Turn Signals, Cycling Helmet for Urban Commuter Adjustable Size for Men and Women

Features Smart LED Safety Light This smart helmet has 7 automatic light-sensitive LED warning lights, which can be automatically turned on or standby according to the ambient light intensity. One button to switch 3 lighting Modes – flashing light/fast flashing light/tidal light, it will warn cars and help other riders behind you clearly recognized your direction. Riding at night is safer and more reliable. Adjustable System Adult bike helmet equipped with the easy-use dial system and adjustable chin straps, they enable you to wear the helmet in the correct position for a feeling of reassuring comfort. Adjustable Size: M-21.26-22.83 inch (54-58cm)/L-22-24 inch (57- 61 cm).

Integral Molding for Better Protection The outer shell of the bicycle helmet employs PC (polycarbonate) material while the inner shell uses imported PSI-205T high-density EPS (polystyrene foam). An integral molding of external and internal layers, dramatically strengthens the helmet impact resistance for safer daily journeys on the road. Ventilation & Waterproof The helmet has a good ventilate function with 12 air holes, reduces head temperature and resistance, always keep you breathable and cool when riding. And good water repellent effect, IPX4 all-round water repellent design, you can ride in the rain. For your safety, please do not expose to the rain for a long time while wearing it.

Fall Detection in the event of an accident, the emergency system will kick in automatically and send your GPS location to your emergency contacts. If you want to activate functions like Fall Detection, you need to connect the helmet with livall riding app.

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LIVALL BH62 Tail Spinners, Navigation, Support Calling and SOS System Music Light Bicycle Helmet, Unisex, BH62 Musik, Rücklicht, Blinker, Navigation, Anruffunktion und SOS-System

The round helmet for sensible heads.

For all those who like sporty, the Livall BH62 is just the right helmet. The BH62 is characterized not only by its sporty design but also by its very low weight of only 290 grams and its 25 ventilation openings.

The built-in headset not just enables you to make calls in quality that is high or even receive navigation prompts. Because of the speaker and mic, the BH62 additionally functions as being a walkie-talkie. What this means is that free communication with no interference is possible between 2 Livall helmets in big groups.

Perhaps even in the terminology of design, our contemporary highway bike helmet sets trends: The uniquely created design is extremely aerodynamic as well as fashionable. Naturally, an intelligent helmet additionally calls for sensible security, so the incorporated autumn sensor detects shocks and directs an SOS message in an urgent situation. Playfully, the BH62 combines security, look as well as engineering for the very best quality.

The bike helmet for clever heads Good Design and an extra lightweight design makes this Smart Helmet the perfect companion Aufihren Road Touring. If your day & night safely on-the-go to be – well before all to see. If bright backlight or useful turn lights, change with just a push of a button to the setting of the LEDs in this 300 g/m² lightweight helmet. The integrated headset allows you not only in high quality to make or navigation prompts to make & take calls. Thanks to the speaker and microphone the BH62 also functions as a walkie-talkie. This between two Livall helmets also possible free communication without interference in large groups. Even when it comes to design puts the focus on our modern bike helmet trends: the specially developed shape is strong aerodynamic and stylish. Of course, need a smart helmet also clever safety, which detects the integrated fall sensor shock and Entsendet in an emergency SOS message. In playing way combines the BH62 safety, technology, and design best quality

 15 LEDs provide more visibility in road traffic and thus at the same time for more safety. The advantage is the integrated indicators that are controlled with the remote control, which is included.

SOS alarm system.

The impact sensor built into the helmet detects drops and sends an SOS message with the GPS position data in an emergency. For this purpose, contact must be stored in the Livall Riding app. The SMS will be sent to the stored contact after 90 seconds. Thus, there is enough time to deactivate the alarm if the fall has not to lead to any serious injuries. These extra features ensure a special plus of safety.

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Final thoughts

Please take these things into consideration when buying a helmet that has lights and turn signals

Helmet Fit– A great fitting helmet is crucial to security, if it does not fit properly it may fall off at the very minute you require it
If you’re purchasing a helmet with lights and turn signals make sure it is bright enough for you, and you are happy with it.
Budget: How much can you afford for a helmet?
Air ventilation– Biking is hot work, you wish to get great deals of air flowing around your head to keep you cool, get one that doesn’t overheat your head.
Inner cushioning– can it be gotten rid of for cleaning, is it comfortable?
Style options– Something you really like to look at and will be happy to wear.
Weight– This thing is going to be resting on your head, you do not desire something too heavy.

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