5 Best Bike Racks For 4 Bikes Family Friendly Racks

5 best bike rack for 4 bikes – Family-friendly Racks

4 bike rack

There are many different types of bike racks on the market today, all with the same goal: to safely carry your bike to your destination without having to distort it to fit inside your vehicle.

Some racks are designed to attach to your car and become semi-permanent additions (think hitch and roof), while others are designed to be more movable (trunk or tailgate pad).

Others, like the Saris Bones 2-Bike, attach to the trunk and can be removed for storage when not in use-they usually attach to crossbars on a roof, such as the Thule ProRide XT.

Racks vary in quality based on various factors: the type of mount (you might not have a hitch on your car), the kind of bike (all racks contain weight limits), tire size (if you’re hauling a fat bike,

That will help you narrow the list down), the number of bikes you want to carry (most racks accommodate two), the favorite, and the budget (racks in this list range from $150 to $1,395). You should first decide what type of rack you need, then narrow it down within that category to find the perfect fit.

Keep reading to learn about how to buy these and other great racks, then browse our in-depth reviews of each one.

5 best bike rack Review

1 # Thule T2 Pro XT

Thule T2 Pro XT

Our favorite Thule bike rack hitch is the T2 Pro XT, which is cleverly built to hold everything from 20′′ road bikes to 29ers and fat bikes. The T2 Pro XT has enough in the Inroom between each tray, with 12 inches between them, to prevent bikes from colliding.

Although if your handlebars collide when loading, the tire trays can be changed left to right up to 4′′ with your toolkit to help offset the bikes. The only thing you’ll need your toolkit for is almost anything else with this rack. Even the installation doesn’t require any tools!

The Thule T2 Pro XT’s extremely simple and even cheaper and quicker foldable handle is our favorite feature. The rack, which is located at the back end of the rack, is easy to fold up when not in use and tilt down to provide hatch access while fully loaded. We’ve had this rack for years and have no intention of getting rid of it!

It can switch easily from 2 to 4 capacity with the add-on kitA heavy load
(Even with the extension kit) the lever for folding the rack is located at the edge.Fat bikes with 27.5″ wheels will not fit
No adapters required for bikes up to 20 inches 
Adapters are not required for up to 5′′ wide bike tires 

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2 # RockyMounts SplitRail LS

Rocky Mounts Hitch Rack Review

The RockyMounts are incredibly adaptable and flexible to fit a wide range of bikes. It’s clean, sleek, and simple to use. This slightly elevated rack (same quality level as the Thule T2) comes basic with two trays and may be expanded to three or four trays.

In fact, it’s the only tray racking on our list that can accommodate three bikes.

It’s also simple to switch between 2, 3, or 4 trays, so there’s no need to keep extra trays on hand if you’re not going to use them frequently.

The boxes on the RockyMounts can also be adjusted from left to right, allowing for plenty of offset between the handlebars. The handlebars can be a pain if you’ve never used a bike rack before, but the SplitRail allows you to place each tray independently of the others. We found the trays to be easy to change, so there were no issues there!

This bike rack can accommodate up to 4 bikesHolds tires up to 3 inches wide
There should be plenty of space between bikesThis rack is not compatible with 1.25′′ hitches (including 2-tray racks).
You can offset the tray from left to right so the handlebars do not rub against each other 
When folded, it has a low and sleek profile 

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3 # Thule Apex XT

Thule Apex XT

Hanging racks are the greatest option for families that don’t want to deal with the weight or cost of a platform rack. Hanging racks are far lighter weight and less expensive, making them easier to get on and off the car as well as on the wallet.

The Thule Apex XT stands out among hanging bike racks because of its elegant design and wide bike spacing. Compared to platform racks, hanging racks bring bikes much closer together. This produces interference between the bikes, making it more difficult to load a full rack while also putting the bikes at risk of harm.

With 7′′ of space between bikes, the Apex outperforms the competition, which often has only 5′′ to 6′′ of space between bikes. This is the rack of choice for one of our parent testers, who especially appreciate areshepherd’stire in rearview bike-sharinghitch-mounted in how quickly she can get it on and off her van — no help required!

Hangs bikes wider than other brandsContact and damage to bikes are possible
Simple to use ratcheting straps and anti-sway cradles for ratchetingAdapters for top tubes are necessary for most women’s and kid’s bikes, so the rack costs more
Easily removed from the car – lightweight 
Secure your bikes on the go with the integrated locking cable 

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4# Saris SuperClamp EX 4

Saris SuperClamp

We’ve been transporting our bikes on the Saris SuperClamp EX for years, and we’re still talking about how much we love it! Loading and unloading are as simple as it gets with SuperClamp’s easy-to-adjust shepherd’s hooks and tire trays — even our 8-year-old can do it!

The SuperClamp is less bulky and unobtrusive than typical hitch racks, with a shorter profile than conventional hitch racks. (That’s a four-bike rack in the photo above that doesn’t block our back window!)

We’ve discovered that if we already have the rack set up, we’re far more inclined to go on spontaneous rides. We keep it in our car for the entire summer because it doesn’t hinder our rearview!

The SuperClamp can easily fit any number of 24′′ bikes. A 20-inch bike, on the other hand, can only be loaded if it is alone on the rail. Because the wheels of one bike must line up with the wheels of the other bike-sharing the shepherd’s hooks, a 20-inch bike is too little and short to match up with another bike.

The back window doesn’t show it when folded up without bikesCan only carry three bicycles on each rail when there are two bikes on each rail
Extra-secure riding thanks to the dual shepherd’s hooksRack for 4 bikes only, not a 2-bike rack (unless two bikes are purchased separately).
When loaded or unloaded, the rack has a low profile since it supports two bikes on each bar 
It is a breeze to fold and unfold 

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FAQ-best bike rack for 4 bikes

What is the best 4-bike rack for SUV?

The Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack is our top pick for SUV hitch-mounted bike racks. In addition to the quick-folding, carry arms, quick-securing straps, and dual compound cradles, this model offers some additional features.

Can you carry 4 bikes on a roof rack?

In general, most modern vehicles are capable of fitting up to four bikes on the roof (sometimes more). To see how many Thule Bike Carriers can be mounted on your vehicle, use our Roof Mounted Bike Carrier Guide.

Do bike racks damage your car?

Bicycle racks attached to your car’s trunk pose the greatest risk of damage. Bike racks of this type are strapped to the edges of the trunk and slide against the paint of the car. The rack can cause scratches on your car since it is in constant contact with your vehicle.